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Emma Pooley announces her retirement from cycling

She recently proved that she's the top climber in the women's peloton, so why is Emma Pooley retiring from pro cycling?


Aussie Road Nationals

It's January and the Northern Hemisphere is variously cold, soaking wet and/or frozen. While the USofA experiences for a couple of days what it's like to be Canadian, here in the southern summer...


Sydney TdF Meetup?

Alright, pretty much every year partway through the Tour I say something along the lines of "Dammit, we should've organised a Sydney get-together". This year I'm my most organised ever because...


FSA-DS Beer Helps with the Ladies Edition

Hi again friends, welcome to another instalment of the FSA-DS Beer Helps series. This edition is all about the ladies and involves yet more high-risk (to my liver) research and analysis. If I die,...


FSA-DS: Beer Helps Edition

Hello and welcome to the FSA-DS Beer Helps edition. Today we’re going to not be spinning the bottle, so much as tilting it back, consuming the beer and looking at how to select the perfect VDS team...

Merry Crossmas with Helen Wyman


Sarah and I got to speak with Helen Wyman today as she talked the state of women's cross, the differences between racing in Europe and the US and gave us a good preview of the Louisville worlds course, including why she thinks it should be "more American".

Sarah & Omne Ep16 - Nominations are open


On this week’s podcast we talk through the nomination process, then Sarah previews Toscana. I make a concerted effort to catch up on my swearing (I’m way below quota for August) and then we discuss Plouay conspiracy theories. We also talk Paralympics, MTB stuff and worlds. There’s a hell of a lot going on really! You can stream the show here (right-click and Save As to download it). And iTunes-ish-ness can be found here. (50:53 MIN / 48.86MB)


Social Media Jersey Thanks and Update

So just few days ago Sarah and I launched one of our crazy ideas to try and do something cool, fun and nice for women's cycling. We've been amazed and delighted by the response so far and I...


Video in which Omne doesn't swear for 10 whole minutes

It was really hard, but Sarah and I recorded a special announcement about this new prize we're giving away. It's the first ever Unofficial, Unsanctioned Social Media prize and it was important...

Sarah & Omne Ep14 - In which I pretend to be a bad man


This week I expound on how to make track much better. Sarah claims that Scotland is in London. I demonstrate once again that I’m terrible at accents. We also talk Euro Champs, the Route de France and the last World Cup races of the season. Oh and my crazy idea of the week is somewhat nebulous and maybe shimmery too. You can stream the audio by clicking here (or right click & save as to download). Or if you like us enough to listen more than once, you are always welcome to sell your soul in the iTunes podcast section Also gs, Albertina... I say some things about cross that you might not like. Also track. Also the internet. Also... well the title's appropriate - don't say you weren't warned. (38.17MIN / 36.76MB).

Sarah & Omne Ep13 - And The World Will Be Better


So this week we take a bit of a deep breath and reflect on how much has been going on with the Olympics. Sarah is possibly overdosing on Olympic goodness, while Dan expresses his abiding love of silver.Sarah announces that she is a Republican, Dan shares his knowledge of what it’s like to be a working mum and later sighs forlornly over the Route de France. Also we talk track, BMX, MTB and Olympicy stuff too. This week’s crazy idea extends so far into the crazy that Dan claims it will not only benefit cycling but will also make the world better. You can grab the episode from the link above. Or you can subscribe via the iTunes podcastery store thingo.

Sarah & Omne Ep12 - Olympic ITT & New Classic Greek Poetry


This one's a little bit early because the women's ITT is tomorrow (and Sarah's going to see it!). So we first review the Road Race from Sunday. Following that I give a very special shoutout to majope and then conduct our first ever poetry reading. Sarah and I exchange opening ceremony stories and I describe the worst moment of Olympic commentary I've ever experienced. Then Sarah gets into the details of the ITT, and it turns out that she's surprisingly ambivalent about whether or not Emma Pooley wins. It's possible that I called Emma a golddigger (do you spell that with 2 'd's?). (56:50MIN / 54.55MB) And of course you can find earlier episodes here or you can subscribe via iTunes

Sarah & Omne Ep11 - The Epic Olympic Spectacular


First up we run you through the words you're not allowed to use during the Olympics (surprise, none of the banned words are sweary). Then Sarah declares the Italians will win. Then Sarah declares the Germans will win. Then Sarah declares the New Zealanders will win. Then Sarah declares the Canadians will win. Then Sarah declares the Americans will win. Then Sarah declares the Dutch will win. Then Sarah... well you get the idea. Also, I reveal my sensitive, masculine side and later on I fix the Olympics in one simple move. (1:05:50MIN / 63.22MB) You can also subscribe in the extensive collection of sweary podcasts about women's cycling in the iTunes podcast section.

Sarah & Omne - Ep10 - The Product is Valuable


This week we kick things off in style with our most ebullient opening yet, before we launch into philosophical problem solving as we try to work out what exactly a sausage stand is. I discover a specific circumstance under which I’d be willing to consider gender reassignment surgery, although it’s probably not necessary and Sarah gives you more information on Thüringen Rundfahrt. Sarah and I see things differently on this article from Outside magazine. This also leads us to talk about Stef Wyman’s article for cyclismas which addresses some of the same issues from a different point of view. I accidentally do an impersonation of a "real Aussie" according to Sarah before working my way through a quick, sweary list of practical things we (the fans) can do to help women’s cycling. I get really, really fucking excited about Vyclone.com (and probably owe an apology to iPhone owners around the world). And then we wrap things up by reminding ourselves that the product is valuable. (53:27MIN / 42.47MB) We're also now available in iTunes.

Sarah & Omne Ep9 - Cycling Fairy Tales


Well this week Sarah rather alarmingly threatens to stop talking about the Giro Donne, but with a little bit of coaxing I manage to salvage the situation. That success goes to my head a little bit and I solicit calls in the name of crazy. We take a moment to contemplate the Richie Porte/Tiffany Cromwell reunion and who has the better bragging rights in the relationship. Sarah compares Frank Schleck with Emma Pooley. I manage to Farq up CJs name and I explain my philosophy of race design before taking Sarah to task for overstating things. Sarah manages to calm down and hints at why Evie Stevens is practically guaranteed to win the Olympic road race. She then rather cleverly manipulates me into promising to watch some track racing during the Olympics. We take a brief diversion into the current state of Mining Wars which sounds like a reality tv show. It's not, but it probably should be. We're brought back to reality with Chloe Hosking's night terrors which leads into my crazy idea of the week which has the added benefit of rather neatly fixing cycling for everyone. We wrap the show up with a brief discussion of some of the classic Grimm cycling fairy tales. (34:08Min / 31.26MB) *NOTE - I've moved podcast files to a new server (without the sexy popup ads this time, sorry). You may need to right-click the link and save as in order to grab the mp3 file. Clicking will allow you to stream it. Player's choice really. Previous episodes

Sarah & Omne Ep8A - Supplemental Crazy Idea


Episode 8A - The Supplemental Crazy Idea Ok, so the main show was a long and involved one because we were catching up on just how fucking awesome the Giro Donne is (Spoiler Alert: It's really fucking awesome). So we decided to break off the last part and serve it up separately. In this supplement, Sarah talks us through what is probably the world's best bike toss. After that I launch into an idea that's short on specifics but long on crazy and served up with a decent bit of optimism. I also reveal who my best friend is and tell Sarah about my very famous cycling relative. We end the episode with me not giving the Girl Guides Swearing/Promise sign thing, because of complicated legal reasons. Enjoy! (It's 16mins or so and 14.92MB) Here are links to the bits and pieces we mention along the way: Catharine Pendrel's blog on split-second decision making - and subsequent regret - at the Windham cross country World Cup. Rachel Atherton describing her crazy Downhill race at Windham. This video from Dirt includes clips of Tracey Hannah's jump and Emmeline Ragot chucking her bike across the line - and Atherton's podium celebrations (among lots of clips of breath-taking riding!). Lots more Downhill fun on Dirt: http://dirt.mpora.com/

Sarah & Omne Ep8 - The Giro Donne Epic Spectacular


Wow, well the Giro Donne is ongoing and it's already been a hell of a week of racing. As Sarah catches us up on the race so far, I run through a brief list of the injuries that Marianne Vos started the race with and very carefully avoid defining a "selfie". I do take some time to introduce Sarah to the important health concept of medicinal beer and then caution against drinking and riding. Sarah forces me to admit that some of my best friends are, in fact, Australians. Sarah introduces me to the notion of 'stealth hills' and melting roads before forgetting her own twitter name. It's a good one, so let's get on with it! (54:25min / 49.82MB) (as ever, it's a bit sweary so NSFW and all that) Here are some of the links from various things we reference as we go: The Giro Donne race twitter, which is live tweeting from the race and their website. Amber Pierce's twitter and she's doing her video chats on the Fuji Bike's facebook app. Sarah's twitter list of riders and teams in the Giro, and sources of information about them. And of course the Podium Café Giro Donne articles and the women's cycling section. Clara Hughes' blog on pain and suffering on the Specialized-lululemon website.

Sarah & Omne Ep7 - Now With Theme Music


Ok, so first up I reminisce about my former colleague & music producer Andy Sorenson. Interestingly his band that I steal music from is called the dwarfs, this is specifically interesting because in the not too distant future Sarah and I discuss the vindictiveness of cycling smurfs. We get there via some of the best and most entertaining stories to come out of the Women's National races during the week. Among other things Sharon Laws is mistaken for an U23 rider and she is so happy she won't give the jersey back (this may or may not be a true story). Sarah and I also discuss the etymology of Swedish swearing and generally isolate our entire Swedish audience. We also do a bit of a wrap up of various blog articles about women's cycling that have come out during the week. We discuss makeup tips for the pro women and the generally glamour filled life women cyclists lead. I reveal my detailed knowledge of what it's like to be a woman and Sarah claims to be "the least good makeup person ever". I take a bit of time to gush about Stef Wyman's blog on how to start fixing women's cycling and I uncover the secret that this year the Giro Donne is entirely downhill time trials while Sarah sticks with reality. Neither of us advocate piracy. I credit Stef Wyman with inspiring this week's crazy idea and Sarah accuses me of stalking Stef, then tells me how to stalk Stef successfully. Sarah also tells me that my idea isn't crazy enough. We end the show by apologising for me. You'll understand why in about (49.07min / 44.95MB) *for those who may be interested the dwarfs are a 2 piece band, keys and drums. Andy Sorenson and Jay McNeill, and the track used here (Circuit Breaker) was actually recorded as a live soundcheck before a gig one night in Sydney back in 96. **Update: Andy actually found this podcast and got in touch, so I'm now using the track with permission (thanks Andy!) and if you'd like to hear more of his music, you can! And, as ever, old episodes can be found here.

Sarah & Omne Ep6 - Hellmouths and Math


Holy shit it's been a busy week in the world of women's cycling! We've got heaps to cover and we manage to have a good amount of fun along the way. In fact if you don't laugh at least once while listening this week, I'll give you your money back! Let's see, we start with Sarah being touched (inappropriately?) by the sun before discussing the Raboster race and smiley, happy (Dutch) people. I suggest that we may soon encounter a Tasmanian separatist movement and we expose a plot by Australian convicts to steal all your races. I defend the honour of American brewing and Helen Wyman launches a surprise attack. We invent a new super-extreme triathlon and Emma Pooley makes a mountain out of rolling hills. I solve some complicated maths problems (Sarah owes me a beer). We talk about the apocalypse, NVGP and the location of the new hellmouth. I get kind of serious for almost a minute, then I do more maths and we hear a great story about the Italian national champs. Sarah starts a vicious rumour about my smoking. I pose the Zen koan riddle "Are bigger ovaries better?" and we bring the ass back to the women's peloton. And then we end the show with a surprising visual! This one's a long one, but I promise it's worth it. (51:56min / 47.55MB) And of course, you can find older episodes here.

Sarah & Omne Ep5 - The Definition of Professional


This week we discuss the value of ‘modesty panels’ on kits. Sarah makes the case for the superiority of women’s cycling over men’s. I lose my shit and we discuss the future of women’s race broadcasting. Sarah also risks the ire of the Murdoch empire (be wary if you intend to call her phone) and she "accidentally" ruins my crazy idea of the week. We work together on a definition of professional and I explain my stealth philosophy of riding. I also take a moment to address the issues as a deeply conflicted heterosexual man and we work out a plan that just might capture the elusive teen male audience. (32:31min / 29.7MB) Other episodes conveniently located here.

Sarah & Omne Talk More Women's Cycling


This week we catch up on the sexiest named race in cycling, Sarah laments her terrible style of fandom, I reveal not one but two new crazy ideas to unleash on the cycling world (Hint: One involves revenge on airlines). It's also possible that I owe Emma Pooley an apology for perhaps suggesting she could be compared to a (Terry Pratchett style) dwarf. Or maybe that's not what I said at all. At one point I do confess as to which cast member of The Breakfast Club I am and I also confess to not knowing much of sweet fuck all about the Australian olympic team. Links to previous editions: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 And lastly, the song about United that I mentioned.

Sarah & Omne Talk Women's Cycling


This week I explain some Australian political history to Sarah. We discover one of the reasons I am not a world-renowned cycling coach or DS. Sarah does all the hard work in figuring out the maths of the UCI rankings and how they'll impact the Olympics. I lose my citizenship and I introduce a plan to deliver one crazy idea that might help improve women's cycling every week. (it's about half an hour long). Episode 3 / 32:00 min / 29.3 MB / 128 kbps mp3 Episode 2 / 24:47 min / 22.7 MB / 128 kbps mp3 Episode 1 / 44:02 min / 40.3 MB / 128 kbps mp3

Talking about women's cycling


So I've asked Sarah to help me get to understand women's cycling a bit better by talking with me about it once a week. Mostly it's Sarah talking about cycling and me saying stupid shit to try and make her laugh. It's very, very rough and low-fi recording for now. It'll get better over time. The link above is our 2nd recording. It runs about 25 minutes. This is the first week which runs about 45minutes.

SMH TDU Writeup


The article asks and answers - "Is this Australia's perfect tourist event?"


Going to Church just to miss the Point - A play on bikes

When it comes to bikes, just like any religion, there are rules. Bikes are not Vietnam. We know the rules and we (mostly) observe the rules. The rules say many things but one of the most important...

The Gong Ride - an MS charity event


Um, so like many people here, I'm doing a ride for charity this upcoming weekend. It's fundraising for research and support into MS. If you'd care to donate, that would be awesome. Thanks.


How to win cyclists and influence drivers

So over the last couple of months you may have noticed that I have posted a few times regarding Australia's National Ride To Work Day. This event is run by the Bicycle Network of Australia and this...

We Ride2Work in the morning


As you know we've been fundraising at my work for a children's charity in order to get one of our colleagues to ride to work. Tomorrow is the day of the ride and we're sitting right on the brink of our fundraising target. We've got a strong group of riders on board for the group ride and are sure to have a great time. Thanks everyone for donations and support. I'll update with photos and things once it's done.


Ride To Work Day Sydney: Now with added punishment

A couple of months ago I mentioned that at our workplace we were putting together a bit of a special event for our National Ride To Work Day. Just to refresh your memory, we're raising money for...


Cycling in the USA and Canada Part 3: In which I have uncomfortably close encounters of the bike and border kind

To recap, Parts 1 and 2 are available if you want to catch earlier events. Camping in NC was an experience of a lifetime and I genuinely hope to make it back sometime in the future and do it...

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