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Cycling in the USA and Canada Part 2: In which I learn an important lesson about brakes

One of the things that appealed to me most about joining this camping and riding expedition was the opportunity to see a part of the US that I probably never would have encountered otherwise. With...


Cycling in the USA and Canada Part 1: In which I am assaulted by Mt Mitchell

So a couple of weeks ago I flew Stateside to work my way up to Montreal. I figured I'd watch some bike races. Before I was finished I'd racked up over 20,000 miles of travelling, one assault by Mt...

Won't Someone Please Think Of The Children?!!


So, we're into phase 2 of our make a colleague who doesn't like cyclists ride to work. We've hooked up with the LBS and put together a nifty prize package. If you're in Sydney on 12 October, then please feel free to join in and ride with us. Please also help spread the word, and if you're at all able to, all donations are welcome.


Sydney TdF Meetup (expressions of interest)

So, it's incredibly late notice, but LurkerMcLurkerson and I thought it was nigh time that the Sydney PdC members look at catching up. Being an impulsive sort, I said I'd be willing to host a get...


The Podium Cafe Lexicon: Redux

It's TdF time (duh!) and we tend to get an influx of newcomers around this time of year (hi everyone!!!! and welcome!) which is really cool. One of the challenges to being new to the cafe...


Converted by the sword

I need your help to convert a guy to cycling. I promise it won't be difficult or take much of your time. Here's the how and why of it. I recently started a new job and one of the things that has...

Totally Wooden Bike (including drivetrain)


With a nickname like "The Splinter", I don't know that I'd be keen to test ride it, let alone attempt a speed record.


Albertina can't pick a name to save her life

Clearly she's too busy telling med students stern things like: Be quiet! Stop fondling each other in the stacks! No you can't bring food in here! Shush! and; I'll let you eat your sandwich if you...


O/T Valentines Poetry for Cycling Lovers

So mostly I'm being an opportunistic bastard and abusing the work of Yeats (not even Romantic!) to suggest a clear link between the great poets and cycling. If this stanza isn't about bike racing,...


Worlds RR Photos

So I apologise if this is all too old and long ago - I'll avoid making excuses for not getting pics up earlier and get out of your way. I promise that there really are pictures of famous (and also...


Worlds TT Photos

Hey you guys! Do you remember when a week ago there was a time trial at the "arse end of the world"? Well I've finally got home, trawled through a bunch of really, really bad photos and managed to...


So you want to go to Worlds but you hate to drink alone...

So there are some people who live in Melbourne or Geelong anyway, and then there are those of us intending to travel there to watch our heroes get busy on their bikes. Either way, it's just another...

Well, I guess it's contextual advertising?


Well, I guess it's contextual advertising?


Yet more photos of cyclists in Belgium

So these are from the start of the Scheldeprijs in Antwerp (and then the podium in Schoten). We got lucky again with our spot selection at the start as my all time cycling hero Stuey pulled up...


More RvV photographic pr0n - sorry

So it's been a while since the Ronde and I'm wildly late, but too bad. I'm still excited by it all and so here is my entirely selfish post full of photos.


Putting out the vibe (may contain traces of Cancellara)

The King of Style (aka Ted King) has an exceptionally good post that includes advice on the fact that we do NOT cycle. Rather, we put out the vibe. Now I will readily admit that there are many days...

O/T Two Gentlemen of Lebowski


Adam Bertocci has taken everybody's favourite (non-cycling) movie and re-written as inspired by Shakespeare. A sample for your consideration (being the introduction spoken by Sam Elliot in the movie): In wayfarer’s worlds out west was once a man, A man I come not to bury, but to praise. His name was Geoffrey Lebowski called, yet Not called, excepting by his kin. That which we call a knave by any other name Might bowl just as sweet. Lebowski, then, Did call himself ‘the Knave’, a name that I, Your humble chorus, would not self-apply

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