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Analysis: Jets are screwing up Sanchez


One of the best article read in a while. It's very true.


It's All on Rex.

Over the last several weeks, one thing I notice that teams are not respecting our top RB. The first game wasn't fluke because we was at full strength and being at full strength gave us more leeway...


Dominate the Bills in Week 1 or Gain No Respect

Week 1 is very important for us to win. The reason I say this is because of the media coverage it would bring if we lost that game. I can see it now: "Trouble in Paradise" or "Tebow Watch."...


Being Negative vs Postive as a NYJ fan.

Every year we have conversations about good we are going to for the season that is before us. We have debates about if we are good enough to make the leap to win the SB. All of of us are die hard...

Curtis Martin: Countdown to Canton


NYJets.com sit down with our greatest RB of all time. Good interview!!


My Life as a New York Jets Fan.

Since I became a fan I have loved the New York Jets more than any other sports team. Even though I follow the Miami Heat and Chicago Cubs fan also. The passion I have for this team is uncontested....


Why will Aaron Maybin get 10-20 sacks this season.

I'm presenting my case on why Aaron Maybin will be menacing offensive lines this upcoming season. He is my breakout candidate for this upcoming season. I'm predicting Aaron Maybin to have no...


Understanding Formations: 43 Defense

Last night I written about the 46 defense. I thought it would be a good idea to write about all different formations in a series of post over the next few days or weeks. I will be effectively...


Understanding the 46 Defense

The 4-6 defense can be used many ways but I’m going to try to break down the base 46 defense to the best way I know it. Hopefully, some of you will understand the formation better. Also correct me...


Did Everyone forgot about Braylon?

Something I noticed over the last couple of days since the draft. Everybody forgot about Braylon ever since we drafted Stephen Hill and Jordan White. Yes, he is still available. As fans we do have...


Introducing the New York Jets Draft Class of 2012

Here's a collection of video's of each one of our draft picks. Yes most of us may seen them already by doing a search on the net but I want to introduce them all in one post since I very excited...

Race to the bottom


At least we know that Miami will be picking a QB in the draft. This will enhance our chance of getting to non QB prospect!!!

D. Brick telling Mario and the Bills the obvious


via James Walker from the AFC East Blog: D.Brick was quoted from Twitter ""Congrats to Mario, now he has to face us twice a year. I like our odds. Go Jets!""


Open Letter to Everyone on GGN.

Over the last season we as fans let our favorite football team get our hopes up to a point where we thought the 2011-2012 season was going to be the year we end the drought and win the Super...


We might land Richardson at pick 16

The Redskins trading for the 2nd pick over just change the outlook of the draft. More after the jump.


Jets History: Our Coaches Win Loss Records

Did anyone sit down and think it may not be our players that are causing us not to win another SB. I was just thinking about how many wins some of our past coaches have. So I am going to let you...


Potential Sleeper Pick: Tommy Streeter, WR, U of Miami

[HD] Touchdown Tommy Streeter (via The305MiamiCanes) Tommy Streeter at 6'4 tall and 215 pounds is an good mid round pick that may surprise many teams. He reminds me of a young Plaxico Burress....

"Sparano is right fit for this team!"


This is a funny mocking of the Front Office half way through the article on why they pick Sanchez in the draft.


Season Over: My recommendations for next season.

Our season is officially over. It is time to go into off dropping and shopping mode in the off season. So i have many ideas that would allow us to get over the inconsistency that have plagued us...

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