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Uncle Jerry going into the global security biz


Reinsdorf and his four partners each have a 20 percent stake in a new limited liability company called SRB2K, according to articles of organization filed last month with the Arizona Corporation Commission. The company is using the name Global Security and Intelligence Strategies as a "placeholder," said Len Sanderson, a Washington-based spokesman for Reinsdorf.

Marvin Miller RIP


"Mr. Miller persuaded major league players to cast aside the paternalism of the owners. He never convinced the owners that they could prosper amid an upheaval of baseball’s economic order — something they would eventually discover — but he outmaneuvered them at every turn."


Best movies of the decade

I was thinking about the previous fanpost on music and was thinking along similar lines for music, regardless of format, language, popularity, year it was produced, etc, movies are far more...

Miller excluded from HoF (again)


For the idiots who say that the hall of fame is meant for those who played the game, well, it's not. Owners and execs can get in, like Bowie f'n Kuhn, so Marvin Miller should, it's as simple as that.

Damon to White Sox?


Am I da man? Isn't this guy like 40 something now?

Williams' head abused at facility


Good stuff: "Larry Johnson says in the book "Frozen: My Journey Into the World of Cryonics, Deception and Death" that he watched an Alcor official swing a monkey wrench at Williams' frozen severed head to try to remove a tuna can stuck to it. The first swing accidentally struck the head, Johnson contends, and the second knocked the tuna can loose."

2009 Prospect Duds: Dayan Viciedo


Viciedo’s .692 OPS versus right-handed pitchers is cause for concern, as are the scouting reports that focused more and more on his lack of conditioning, which no doubt hindered him at the plate, as well as in the field. He showed worse range than Oakland’s Brett Wallace, widely considered to be a first baseman playing third base (especially based on his range). Unfortunately for Viciedo, he has yet to display enough power to be an asset at first base, and he lacks the mobility for even left field. The Cuban also performed poorly in a small sample size as the designated hitter in double-A, which could be a result of his focus issues.


"I'm not much for cards but I think these .45's beat a full house" : We're playing Bmore yo, it's time for another Wire thread!

OM said some crazy shit the other day about Burrell being less intelligent than Rawls. The thread got shat on subsequently...well to prevent similar episodes this weekend, you can shit all you want...


OT music thread: indie rock, when it used to be the electric white boy blues

I experienced another whoosh when MM posted a Mountain Goats reference that slipped by me...I've fallen behind the indie rock times...I've become old and crotchety and everybody's an asshole in my...

Donald Fehr set to leave as union head


Joe Sheehan provides a well balanced write-up on Fehr in BP.


ozzie, that crazy guy

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick ranks his favorite Ozzie blow-ups. I agree with #1 and #2, but #5 shouldn't receive a rank to someone who can read between the fucking lines. Actually, this article as a whole...


Another wire thread yo - season 1

I moved to another apartment this month and I no longer have HBO on demand. It was through HBO on-demand that I met and loved "The Wire".  I didn't grow to love The Wire, it was love at first site...


Happy Birthday Frank

"[Ed's Note: It's Frank Thomas' birthday today, his 40th, which deserves 40 reminders of why he's the man. So here are some options for when you raise the glass to the Big Hurt.] -You've played so...

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