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nobody circles the wagons...


Could there be a coordinated effort? Maybe one billionaire buys the team and another builds the stadium? Whatever does the job.


Who actually runs the Bills anyway?

I posted a comment in the Russ Brandon leadership dumpster fire article, but thought I’d expand it into a fanpost for the edification of my fellow Rumblers. If you're wondering if Russ will resolve...


Ryan Nassib

So, we've got our head coach. With this hire, I think there is a good argument to make that Ryan Nassib just shot up the Bills draft board. I started doing some of my annual Bills QB draft scouting...

The Growing Chorus about Head Injuries


"Many parents face a more practical question: Should our kid play football?" I am sure we are witnessing the Golden Age of professional football. I think the blossoming of the passing game is directly correlated to efforts to reduce the violence of the game - a preemptive effort against more and more parents, mothers in particular, who are going to start answering this question in the negative and discouraging dad from watching "that barbaric sport". When we see Mothers Against Head Injuries - it'll all be downhill. Enjoy while it lasts.

David Nelson like Aaron Hernandez


"The Aaron Hernandez deal for five years and $40 million just set the bar for the new, all-important hybrid, a player who isn't the starting tight end but a guy that can line up in multiple spots to include tight end, slot receiver, H-back, fullback and even running back...Keep an eye on the following players this season as they are given the opportunity to be Hernandez types: David Nelson (Bills)..." Reminded of Brian's article on Nelson's role a few weeks back. Arguably, the Bills roster has several players that can be described as hybrids - Brad Smith is obvious, but CJ is being used in a hybrid way. Chan seems to like these hybrid players and the options they allow. Something to think about.

Ninersnation sizes up the Bills FA


" I feel like if you got a good DM, a Monster Manual, four nerds, and a well-drawn map you could D&D the crap out of this team and come up with a playoff berth." heh


Too Soon?

Maybe it’s just way too early for this, but I stopped looking forward to Bills games a few weeks ago and my mind has turned to the usual off-season hobby - looking for our next franchise QB. I’ve...

LA to get Two Franchises?


So this article about fine tuning the LA stadium proposal had this little bit that made me sit up with concern buried down inside: "AEG's $1 billion-plus plan for a 72,000- to 76,000-seat stadium on part of the city's convention center campus is one of two competing proposals to bring professional football back to Los Angeles, 15 years after the Rams and Raiders left the nation's second-largest market. "Warehouse magnate Ed Roski has permits in place to build a separate 75,000-seat stadium about 15 miles east of Los Angeles, in the city of Industry, but also hasn't secured a team. "Both camps have said they hope to recruit a franchise - and possibly two - from among those in the league that need a new stadium but are unable to get one built in their current locations." Goes on to mention the usual suspect franchises, but not the Bills. Still, doesn't make me feel good that LA investors are targeting not just one, but two franchises.

Prisco gives the Bills a B+


Tell me, what would it have taken to get an A? Reach for Ponder? Ridiculous.

Texans want to trade up for Miller or Peterson


1, 3, 4 and Okoye to Denver? Could just be background noise.


The Fourth Dimension

I am reading "When Pride Mattered", a bio on Vince Lombardi, and I came across a passage that I thought applied to what we're starting to see with the Bills.  Just some food for thought. [...

O-Line Decline in the NFL


Prisco has a short article on the apparent decline in Offensive Line play in the NFL. The Bills O-Line is ranked dead last, by the way.

Does Knee Surgery Really Help?


Research is raising questions about the benefits of surgery to repair damaged knee ligaments.

Wang bred to PLAY


Write up by Tim Graham about Wang and how his parents have been training him to be a professional athlete since the cradle.

Life Imitating Madden


"It was only a matter of time before the generation that grew up playing Madden and games like it transformed the gridiron. For years, the sophisticated play of professional teams trickled down to their college and high school counterparts. Recently, that flow has been reversed. Now the way football is played in high school and college — a style dominated by the so-called spread offense, which involves a lot of passing and relies on quick reads by the quarterback to analyze the opposing team’s defense — is bubbling up to the NFL. The sport is being taken over by something you might call Maddenball — a sophisticated, high-scoring, pass-happy, youth-driven phenomenon." Thought people might find this interesting.

2009 NFL Lack-of-Power Rankings


The Bills make this dubious list. And here comes the pile-on. If this season really goes pear shaped early, expect the national media to do everything they can to play up the TO angle of this implosion.

Dr. Z with a sober ranking of the Bills


Many of us, though pleased with some of the really high rankings the Bills have gotten this week, might be a little nervous about expectations that are too high. Dr. Z gives us some perspective.

Prisco ranks Bills 3


Bills seem to be moving up everyone's rankings - but the fact that Prisco has grudgingly started to recognize what's going on in Buffalo, thought it might be of interest.

Peter King: Bills Doubter


Peter King picks the Rams for an upset win over Buffalo this weekend.

NFL Mascot Competition


This is corny, but the Bills mascot, Billy Buffalo, is in the quarterfinals in some mascot competition on He's up against Poe, the Ravens mascot. If you're bored, vote and vote often.

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