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Australian guy who's dad has lived in Boulder since 1982. Talking about American sport is what we did so even as an 7 or 8 year old, i would always try to learn what i could of the Broncos.

Being a rabid rugby league fan meant i instantly knew how to transfer the fanaticism in a different direction!!

First saw Elway in 85 when we lost to the Raiders at Mile High. Unfortunately, if i recall correctly it was the game that knocked them out of the playoff hunt.

I've seen a few live games now. I can now say I've seen Tebow standing on the sidelines in real life!


A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • Cycling Brad McGee
  • General Manly Sea Eagles, Fremantle Dockers, Western Force
User Blog

Way to stop Manning???

So all I ever hear is that the way to stop Manning is to control the clock and win the possession game. This makes no sense to me. In any game of football, each team more or less has the same...

Why is everyone so intent on replacing this guy already?


I know most of you have probably seen this by now, but I haven't seen it as a Fanshot. He is our best running back since Portis and still is running fast and tough. He has 3 years left on his contract. I think the selction of Hillman to compliment Willis on third downs is a perfect choice.

5 or something hours of Tom Nalen goodness


You've heard about it - I haven't seen it linked anywhere. There are some great comments here from Tom. Eric Decker is in. And Tom Nalen is hilarious. Anyway, good times. Enjoy.



I'm going to try and be short and sweet and expect this to get pushed down the post-season FanPosts. Firstly, thank you Broncos for making this season much more than I thought it would be. You were...


Let's talk about something different

Take your pick:

Nice Broncos Preview


Haven't seen this one linked but they did a nice job on this I think.


Another idea... a little controversial

To we come up with these scenarios just so that there may be some remote chance that you may be right? I don't post too often but I thought this may be worth sharing. Okay, if we pick Tebow what...


Things that I don't understand

Well I've watched enough American football to be dangerous in my opinions. I don't pretend to have much insight into the gameplay but obviously love watching it. I do believe, however, that I'm...


A temporary lapse of reason

Hi all… my first fan post is prompted by a casual look at the NFL standings. Now this isn’t something I look at too often strangely enough. I’ve had it in my head most of middle of the season that...

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