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I am the "old man" of the FTRS team. I saw GT lose to Johnny Majors in 1956 as a young boy. I almost never missed a home football game for the next 15 years. I eventually moved away from Atlanta for work reasons, then retired to eastern NC, where I sail and cycle when I am not watching sports on TV. I travel to the Triangle for games when Tech is playing Duke or UNC or NC State.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Atlanta Hawks
  • NFL Atlanta Falcons
  • NCAAF Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  • NCAAB Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  • Cycling Alberto Contador
  • Soccer Pamlico High School Girls
User Blog

Presbyterian - A Trap Game???

25 Days Til' Kickoff!! Joey asked me to post this preview of our Week 2 game against Presbyterian by calling it a "Trap Game." According to Yahoo Answers a "Trap Game" is a game that is played...


Is the NCAA death penalty legal under Sherman?

Here is an interesting post from the Sports-law blog. We all talked a good bit about the sanctions imposed on Penn State, but this writer says the death penalty in college football might be...

Friday Music - Flogging Molly


Not many people my age like punk music. Probably even fewer like the narrow Irish punk genre. But my love of this band is exhibited by the CD collection stacked in front of my CycleOps trainer. ...

Friday Music - Mumford & Sons

I know there are probably music fans who do not like Mumford & Sons (my wife among them), but this group is clearly one of the most popular folk rock bands ever. I was introduced to them by my...

Friday Music - The Allman Brothers Band

If you were ever a fan of Southern Rock, you have to like The Allman Brothers Band. After all, they invented the genre. This song is from what may be the best live album ever released, At...

Why recruiting star athletes is not always the best plan.

I do not think we should ever gloat over the misfortunes of UGA athletics, and that is not the purpose of this post. However, this column by Mark Bradley in today's online AJC is worth noting. It...

Friday Music - Downloads

If you are a fan of Coldplay, you probably have a playlist with their music on your iPod or PC. Did you buy all that music from iTunes or CDBaby or Amazon MP3? How many songs came from CDs where...

Friday Music - Norah Jones


There may be better singers, but I think Norah Jones may be in a league of her own when it comes to versatility. She is a pop diva, but also has a jazz band with a really wonderful sound. Here...

Friday Music - The Boss (updated to add another video)


I was working at Bell Labs in the 70's and a colleague invited me to use one of his tickets to a concert at the Jersey Shore. I had never seen Bruce Springsteen live. Born to Run had jumped to...

Friday Music - Mavis Staples & Bonnie Raitt


Summer is here and our attention is often focused elsewhere. I am asking our readers to let me know if you want the Friday Music feature to continue until football news picks up again in August. ...

Hey, the Gators are good!


I grew up in Atlanta listening on my transistor radio late at night to Yankee baseball games on the AM station from Rochester, NY. I thought Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris were wonderful. During...

Friday Music - Doc Watson


One of the most influential guitarists, Doc Watson died this week. He was an icon among musicians. He never had a hit record. None of his albums ever went gold. But he is widely imitated, even...

Friday Night Music - The Civil Wars


The Civil Wars played their first gig at Eddies Attic in Decatur. If they come back this year, they will probably play at the Fox Theater. In just over two years this group has gone from nowhere...

The future of football


This story is in today's AJC. It follows by a few days the story of the SEC and Big 12 signing a contract that ESPN said might be the end of the ACC. I have a question for FTRS readers. If you...

Friday Night Music - Bob Marley


Thirty-one years ago this week Bob Marley died of cancer. In spite of all that was written and reported, he did not die of a drug overdose. When you think of rock music, here was a totally new,...

Friday Night Music - Arcade Fire


I was watching videos of this band last week and thinking about why I like them so much. Finally the lights came on and I found an explanation that made sense. I first saw them at the Barack...

Friday Music - Grace Slick & Jefferson Airplane


I was a college student in 1969 and an avid music fan. This band evolved out the the folk scene in San Fransisco that included David Crosby, Paul Kantner, Jerry Garcia, and Janis Joplin. As the...

Iman Shumpert out 6-8 months with torn ACL


Iman Shumpert went down without contact in last night's game against the Heat with a torn ACL. The success rate for ACL repairs has improved a lot in recent years, but this is just about the worst...

Friday Music - Hiromi


On a Friday night two years ago this jazz musician played at our theater for two hours with no music and no set playlist. The sold out house gave her the longest standing ovation I have ever...

NFL Draft prediction video


How many of you will watch some or all of today's coverage? This video was from last week's Wall Street Journal online edition. Right at the beginning the guys talk about how the Lions turned...

Friday Night Music - Levon Helm tribute


I had already written and scheduled my post for this week's Friday Night Music when I heard Levon Helm died yesterday. That will have to wait. For those of you too young to remember him from his...

Friday night music


This is a new feature from FTRS to add enjoyment to the lives of FTRS readers. We are starting off nice and easy. There will be kickass rock and smooth jazz before the football season begins. ...

How much better will we be in 2012-13?


With the Final Four set for this weekend, I am thinking about how far we have to climb out of the hole in which we find ourselves after this dismal season. I say dismal because of the record, but...

An Essay


Do you ever start writing an email, blog comment, letter to a girl friend, and pause before touching the send/post button? I do. That's where I am tonight. I am finishing a glass of Booker's and...

Malcolm Mackey


Malcolm Mackey was named to the 2012 class of ACC Tournament Legends. Some of you may not remember him, but Bobby Hurley certainly does. This is one of my favorite GT basketball plays, as I was...

Did our new football players make a good choice?


The title reads like I think some of these guys should have committed to play somewhere else. That is not the case. Actually, I believe these are the smart ones. I am guilty at times of thinking...

Is National Signing Day FUBAR?


In every other endeavor of life, when you agree to terms in a contract, you sign a piece of paper and the deal is done. Not so with the NCAA, which I am beginning to believe is totally...

What the Hoop Bees need to do v. Maryland


The Jackets have played two pretty good games in a row. What have they done that's different from Fordham and Mercer? I don't know. I did not see those games. But, I did see the Alabama game. U...

Iman is a star in NYC


I was one of our fans who thought Iman made a huge mistake in leaving early. It turns out his new team, and its fans, are exceedingly happy with his decision. Check this link.

Just how good are we? And, how good is Utah? Who will win?


I decided to take a closer look at our season, and, at the same time, look at Utah. The bottom line is that we finished off the season losing four of our last six games, while the Utes were...

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