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I am the "old man" of the FTRS team. I saw GT lose to Johnny Majors in 1956 as a young boy. I almost never missed a home football game for the next 15 years. I eventually moved away from Atlanta for work reasons, then retired to eastern NC, where I sail and cycle when I am not watching sports on TV. I travel to the Triangle for games when Tech is playing Duke or UNC or NC State.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Atlanta Hawks
  • NFL Atlanta Falcons
  • NCAAF Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  • NCAAB Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  • Cycling Alberto Contador
  • Soccer Pamlico High School Girls
User Blog

Will you be watching football on TV this Saturday?


There are no really compelling ACC games this weekend, so I am browsing the TV schedule to see which games might be of interest.  After all, I have to do a bit of real time research for my blog...

Off-week ramblings


Since we are off this week and kicked our friends from SC back up I-85, I think it's time to lean back in our collective recliners and relax.  So, here are a few tidbits to stimulate the mind.  No...

Game ball to Paul Johnson


This team was ready to play.  Amen.  Tevin Washington has regained his confidence.  A-A-men. Jemea Thomas is a player.  A-A-A-men. It's crying time again.  Amen.  Amen.  Amen. 

College Sports Reform


The Knight Commission and the NCAA are in the news this week with pronouncements about reform in college athletics.  I am sure they will make a lot of wonderful sounding suggestions and ESPN will...

Could we go 3-3 from here out?


Mike Huguenin, Rivals.com College Football Editor, has a story online here. In his story he predicts how the remaining undefeated teams will finish the season.  He has us going 3-3 to finish at...

Early thoughts on 45-35 win at NC State


The final score was closer than I hoped, but the game went pretty much like I expected.  State chalked up two TDs n the final minute to erase a win for anyone who gave State 11.5 points early in...

Another storm is bearing down on North Carolina


Eastern NC is still trying to recover from Hurricane Irene and here comes a category 5 storm in its wake.  The NC State Wolfpack returned from Cincinnati last week with not much more than their...

Props to a guy from NC State


NC State is up in CPJ's craw...


A nice story about the Reck online today.

I doubt Winfield will post this because he gets a lot of props in the article.  Thanks to Ken Segiura of the AJC. h...


Scouting NC State v. Cincinnati

I am "scouting" NC State tonight with a glass of Woodford Reserve and thinking the Wolfpack will need all the extra days they can get.  It's 21-0 early in the 2nd quarter and the Bearcats are in...

Should the ACC invite Rutgers?


This is the question being debated around college football this week and I found some data that might add weight to the "yes" side of the argument.  I can attest to the emotional side of the...

ACC Expansion


The ACC made it official this morning that Pitt and Syracuse will be joining the ACC.  You can read the story here. This is the beginnings of what I predicted two weeks ago. It looks like the ACC...

Early impressions of GT-Kansas game


The Jacket offensive unit is unstoppable when they play like this.  I have watched a lot of college football, but have never seen a team run up 768 yards before.  KU never had any idea about how to...

In the midst of our Kool-Aid party


Here is an article everyone who who hates the NCAA should read: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/10/the-shame-of-college-sports/8643/

Thoughts/memories of 9/11


I know a lot of you have deeper thoughts and memories of 9/11 than I, so let's hear them.  Especially Jesse, who communicated to me a moving story.  Mine is below the fold.  Post yours in the...

Early take on the MTSU game


Tevin is the real deal, or so it seems thus far.  The off season work has clearly paid huge dividends for his confidence. The same can be said for Stephen Hill.  My thoughts right now are focused...

SEC Expansion


The SEC accepted Texas A&M as its 13th team this morning.  There is a possible glitch in Baylor's withdrawal of their agreement for the Aggies leave the Big12.  I expect that won't last long, as...

Go Jackets, but my heart is not with you this week.


Hurricane Irene hit my house this week.  Literally.  And I was lucky. I still have no power, phone or internet (except via PDAnet on my Droid).  Charging the little Droid is another issue.  My son...

Ga Tech's recruiting disadvantage (Warning: rant alert)


Here is a story from the News & Observer today. This is the lead story. Not the sports section, mind you. This on the front page.  Marvin Austin was the catalyst for the investigation into the...

What happens if Miami gets the death penalty?


It's a long way to go before it gets to this point, but what happens if the NCAA metes out the ultimate penalty to Miami?  Here are some of my thoughts.  What are yours? In 1987, SMU players and...

Vad Lee: Let's get real folks


There is a thread on StingTalk regarding the CPJ quote that Lee is "light years ahead of what he expected" after only four days.  This is an interesting topic for discussion, but let's get real for...

Butch Davis has been fired at UNC (Updated)


Inside Carolina is reporting today that Butch Davis has been terminated has coach of the Tarheels football team.  How can this whole situation at UNC get stranger?  My view of what happened comes...

ACC Preview


Everyone seems to be previewing the upcoming season, and FTRS is up to the task as well.  The ACC print media guys have us picked for 4th in the Coastal.  I am miffed at a minimum! Here is why: S...

Reflections on the past week


I have not said much in comments, but after reflection, here is my take on the investigation and reaction to it. I think the administration did not take the investigation seriously at the...

NCAA Player Rights


There is an interesting court case unfolding in NC.  You can read about it here. The question for FTRS readers is this, "Who do you pull for in this case?" On the one hand, a verdict in favor of...

Basketball Recruiting


I have wanted to post a basketball recruiting story for a while, but postponed it for several reasons.  RamblinRed at StingTalk is doing a wonderful job of keeping us up to date with details.  He...

Recruiting at Georgia Tech - Update #2


I am helping a rising high school senior (family member) evaluate colleges.  She had Tech number one on her list for a long time, but realized she does not want any of the majors offered.  So, we...

The end of an era on the flats


This was taken yesterday morning.  The walls are coming down.

Spurrier proposes colleges pay their professional football players


Steve Spurrier made a proposal at the SEC coaches meeting to pay players $300 per game for "expenses."  You can read the ajc article here.  Not everyone agrees, so it will not likely be done...

Better blogging


Here is a link to a sports blog I like.  In fact, it is one of the best sports blogs you will ever read.  Granted, I care nothing for the teams this guy writes about, but it is really good writing...

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