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Ours is better than their's

In case you forgot in the midst of the constant barrage of legal rumors and "news" about Jameis, this week is actually the best week of the college football season. Rivalry week. Any coach can...


Looking at the Coastal

Earlier today Bud asked on Twitter for the tiebreaker scenarios for the Coastal. But since Pitt is still alive mathematically it would take several tweets and a lot of people would miss out on the...

Damn it the ACC has really become the new Big East


"Brett McMurphy ‏@McMurphyESPN Notre Dame will join ACC as full member w/exception of football. ND will play 5 football games annually vs. ACC, sources told @ESPN " This worked out so well for the Big East. Swofford caved and I don't see how this helps the ACC much. This worked out so well for the Big East after all.

If this happens Swofford needs to be fired


NBC has let it leak they would play 14 mil per for full Big East members and 10 mil per for the the football only members. I have a very hard time believing that if the BE football is worth 10 mil that football games with FSU, Miami, Clemson and Va Tech aren't worth 12-14 mil. If weakened BE hoops are worth 4 mil what is a season of Duke and UNC? 5 mil? 6 mil? It is possible the ACC could have pulled in 24 mil per as a 12 team league if Swofford didn't look out for Raycom and insist on staying with ESPN.

Per Joe Schadd's twitter the ACC and Orange Bowl have reached an extension agreement. It will run...


Per Joe Schadd's twitter the ACC and Orange Bowl have reached an extension agreement. It will run 12 years, like all other bowl contracts. It locks the ACC champ into playing at the Orange Bowl unless the champ makes the playoffs or the Orange Bowl is a semifinal site. If the Orange Bowl doesn't host a semifinal game but the ACC champ makes the playoffs then the Orange Bowl is required to pick an ACC team to play in it. If the Orange Bowl hosts a semifinal game the release says one of the other Big 6 bowls has to pick up the ACC champ. Cements the ACC as one of the 5 AQ leagues even if the commissioners want to play verbal judo. My gut reaction, this is a big deal for the ACC. If we get our stuff together and FSU makes the playoffs on some sort of consistent basis this means at least 2 big bowl paydays for the conference. Even an outside chance that Clemson, Va Tech and FSU could all make Big 6 bowls. *edit* Added official release from Orange Bowl!/schadjoe

Podcast featuring WVU guy who has been ahead of the curve


It is a podcast by Blatant Homerism featuring one of the WVU bloggers who has been ahead of this latest bit of expansion. A lot of things he says make sense. He claims a major FSU booster is heavily in favor of this move and there is a chance momentum is so heavily in favor of the move it could cost Barron his job if he tried to stop it.

Early Top 32 for draft


2 Noles make the cut. Rhodes comes in at 7th and Bjorn comes in at 19th. Jenkins just misses the cut. I take this with a grain of salt though since Sentrel Henderson comes in at 13th and Ray Ray Armstrong is listed as just missing the cut.

Podcast about Cane scrimmage


For those that want the cliff notes here they go. "This team sucks". Have to give it to the guy for telling it like it easy. Says no really explosive players on offense. None of the WRs are fast or get separation from DBs. Also says their OC is focusing on the short passing game. Says the defensive line doesn't really look that good, so their numbers are all the more alarming because it means the offensive line sucks even more. Says current roster is so poor that Deon Bush, Tracy Howard and Duke Johnson might all start when they hit campus. To top it all off the guy says Miami looks like a 3-4 win team.

Lady Noles win their first ACC soccer championship. Along the way they picked up their first...


Lady Noles win their first ACC soccer championship. Along the way they picked up their first tournament win against UNC and first win over UVA ever. Congrats ladies.

Janoris Jenkins is no longer a Gator. "After meeting with Janoris Jenkins today, we both felt it...


Janoris Jenkins is no longer a Gator. "After meeting with Janoris Jenkins today, we both felt it was in his best interest to move ahead to the next stage of his career. We appreciate Janoris’ contributions to the University of Florida during his time here and wish him the best of luck. "

From Muschamp's Twitter

Saban method of recruiting


"It's as thorough as it gets," said Florida State running backs coach Eddie Gran. "And it never ends. You go back, you go back again and then you go back again. It's the area coach, position coach, coordinator and head coach all watching, evaluating and scrutinizing everything. It's more thorough than ever before. You also have to find out what's important to each recruit. What about their character? Are they a student in the classroom? Are they a student of the game? Do they love football or just like to wear the uniform? To be honest, recruiting is more like the NFL because it has been so intensive. We are pretty darn thorough." Besides just how effective this method of recruiting is, I think the thing we as Noles should keep in mind is that since it is shared between FSU, Alabama, Florida and Clemson the majority of our rivals on the field and recruiting trail are using the same method. I think this makes our constantly being first to offer a lot of kids that much more impressive though.

247 ranks top 25 recruiters


The list is in alphabetical order. FSU leads the way, in a tie with Alabama, with Auburn closely behind. Coley, Gran and Dawsey all made the list for the good guys. Dawsey is also up for Recruiter of the Year for 247.

Signing Day superlatives


Mandel from SI hands out some superlatives for this past signing day. This page is actually the second page of the two part article, and linked because it has to do with FSU. The first page is great to show any friends you have who doubt the importance of NSD and recruiting rankings. Articles like the second page are why finishing with the #1 class was such a big deal, even though there is little space between 1-5 this year. Lot of good pub coming from major news outlets because of this class and it will be hard for people to downplay our program to recruits when SI and ESPN are hitting them over the head with how we are the future. Mandel also mentions the recruiting of London at UVA. I don't think UVA is a serious threat to FSU, but their future as well as Clemson's once they get a new coach, bears watching. In 3 years we could be looking at a drastically different ACC.

Jimbo Fisher is King of NSd


Even though you hate the author you will like the story.

Where d-linemen grow


Great article by Staples showing where elite defensive linemen come from on the most consistent basis. Basically impossible to argue with his numbers. It is interesting to see that one of the best places to get quality defensive linemen is the eastern seaboard. Va Tech, with their success on the field, should be trying to lock those kids down. Good thing for us they don't recruit well so these recruits are split between several schools.

More proof stars matter


Dr Saturday has been doing a series of articles showing that teams who sign the better classes have a better shot of fielding all americans, winning titles and this article takes it down to actually winning games. In this one he breaks schools down into star rankings based on the kind of classes they have been signing (FSU is a 5* btw). He then breaks down the winning % of each group vs the other. Overwhelming numbers here.

247 class rankings


Noles come in at #2 right now. With Texas basically done this looks like another set of rankings we can come out on top in. This class may end up 1st everywhere but Scout.


Miami has their OC

  Miami has it's OC. Being reported that Jedd Fisch, Seahawks QB coach, has taken the job. Here is a link to the Minnesota SB site's breakdown of the guy when he became their OC. He stayed there...

FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher will sign a contract extension that adds another year and increases his pay...


FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher will sign a contract extension that adds another year and increases his pay to 2.75 million/year. No word yet on buyout. (Ira Schoffel and Jim Lamar, Tallahassee Democrat) Update: Full Story from Andrew Carter This raise will make Fisher the top paid coach in Florida and the second highest paid coach in the ACC behind Jim Grobe at Wake Forest.

Jason Whitlock goes IN on the Golden Hire


Link is to audio excerpts of the interview. Whitlock out and out says the guy is a "horrible gameday coach". Says Temple had the biggest budget for football in the MAC and he couldn't win them a title. Whitlock writes off the UCONN win because you judge a coach by "what he does week in and week out". My favorite part was Whitlock saying "but this is America, if you spend the most money you SHOULD win." Whitlock says in the last clip "There was nothing Temple did innovative on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. This is not Urban Meyer..." In case you didn't know, Whitlock is one of the few sports writers who actually played college ball. Since he played in the MAC for Ball St he still follows the league.


Miami found their guy

According to my source, who has dropped such pearls of wisdom as "Me So Horny" and the classic "Doo Doo Brown", UM's new coach is "Gold". My take on it is as follows:Golden has to be a good...

Good and bad news on Carradine. From our old buddy Tyler/Gahnki. Send some hits to his site...


Good and bad news on Carradine. From our old buddy Tyler/Gahnki. Send some hits to his site too. "Ohio State coaches will not have to wait until next weekend to make a positive impression on a key target, however. Junior college defensive lineman Cornelius "Tank" Carradine will visit Ohio State this weekend, and it will be up to the Buckeyes to blow him away in order to earn his signature. Carradine is a Cincinnati Taft High School graduate, but even those ties are not enough to guarantee him to the Bucks. Right now, Tank is a heavy lean to Florida State and something drastic will have to happen on the visit for that to change."

Everyone picked us to lose


The VT blog got with a group of ACC bloggers and asked their predictions. Pretty much everyone picked us to lose. But we should completely ignore the UVA blogger because what do Cavs know about football.

In case you want to piss off some Canes


Here are Gruden's offensive rankings for complete seasons with Tampa Bay. Total numbers are ranking per play. Passing numbers are ranking for total passing yard a game. 2002 total: 26th ypp passing: 15th ypg 2003 t: 13th p: 6th 2004 t: 16th P: 14th 2005 t: 25th p: 25 2006 t: 31st p: 26th 2007 t: 14th p: 16th 07 is the year with Jeff Garcia if memory serves, a guy who had been taught the position by another coach. Most of the other years were with Gruden hand picking QBs that he couldn't get to perform. Stats per

SI article on State title


Good article by Staples. It will be interesting to watch our staff go to work on the 2012 class. If Shannon gets fired that puts Miami farther behind us for 12 and if/when Meyer makes changes with his staff that will do the same for the gates, although to a lesser extent. If we are allowed to win the state recruiting title 2 years in a row the future is very bleak for anyone on our schedule.

More UM comedy


Daddy Harris is about to give Randy a call if his son doesn't start the game. Pop Warner move if I ever saw one.

Donna has Randy's back


Pretty shocked to see an unamed BOT for Miami say as long as Randy wins 8 and the kids stay out of trouble he is safe. They are basically conceding the ACC to FSU at that point. But I am even more shocked to find out Randal Hill is a special agent for the government. WTF.

Glad I'm not a Cane fan


Don't know which side of the argument I would come down on. Some of it just sounds like whining from old players. But other parts are good points. Even though we want him to stay I think it is only a matter of time before Randy gets canned. Nobody major is calling for it now, but you can almost feel the band warming up.

Reserve Corner Dionte Allen leaves the team


"Florida State redshirt junior cornerback Dionte Allen has voluntarily left the football team and been granted his release to transfer, the school announced on Monday. Allen had three pass breakups in an injury-marred season last year and started just one game. He suffered a broken thumb and the surgery sidelined him for four games. He was also facing competition at the position from rising star Greg Reid." Impact: Minimal This move was expected to happen eventually as non-contributing upperclassmen who are passed up by younger players typically do not stick around. In an ideal FSU world, Allen would have been around this fall to gain more A.P.R. points for FSU. Allen was firmly behind Greg Reid at the field corner position and might have been passed up by freshman Lamarcus Joyner as well. Allen never caused trouble at Florida State. He just couldn't stay healthy and thus didn't develop as expected. The roster has been updated.

Statiscally Speaking predicts the ACC finish


Conference predictions by a small stat based site. The ACC preview breaks down formula used to pick who does what. Again FSU is the pick for the Atlantic, with Clemson a close second (in a two horse race). The surprise is that this guy's math picks BC to finish 4th in the division, with Maryland third. SWFLNole: Matt generally does a good job on his website. The log 5 probability explanation is indeed very math heavy, but there is a lot of information here. I'm not sure how much he accounts for schedule, but it is interesting to see how he has BC rated.

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