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I'm a runner, I'm a Red Sox fan, and I eat jalapenos to spur on rallies. That's the OOLF life-style.

If you are cool with that, we're gonna get along just fine.


Below is my top 20 Red Sox Prospect List for 2014. This is more for my reference than anything, but it's out there for everyone to look at as well. (Updated 7/28/14)

1 – Henry Owens
2 - Mookie Betts
3 – Blake Swihart
4 - Allen Webster
5 - Brandon Workman
6 - Christian Vazquez
7 - Edwin Escobar
8 - Rafael Devers
9 – Garin Cecchini
10 – Anthony Ranaudo
11 – Matt Barnes
12 - Trey Ball
13 - Deven Marrero
14 - Manuel Margot
15 - Heath Hembree
16 - Michael Chavis
17 - Sean Coyle
18 - Wendell Rijo
19 - Michael Kopech
20 - Teddy Stankiewicz

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
User Blog

6/1/2014 - Red Sox and Rays Overflow The First.

The first of one overflow threads dedicated to the Red Sox and Rays on this day, June 1st, of 2014. Tired of losing, the Red Sox have come out strong in the past week, and actually resemble the...


4/19/14-4/20/14 - Red Sox and Orioles Overflow Extravaganza

Yeaaahh, this is a party right? The benches have cleared, and subsequently returned to full capacity. The game is tied. Umpires are STILL incompetent. Doubront wasn't terrible, but Norris hasn't...


Another game, another overflow. (4/18/14)

We're losing 6-3, yet we remain. We may not be the brightest. The strongest. Or even the nicest. But we are passionate about this team for some reason or another. What are we? Red Sox fans. Now...


Desperation Overflow Red Sox-White Sox Why?

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING WHY IS THIS HAPPENING WHY IS THIS HAPPENING WHY IS THIS HAPPENING No really, this is getting ridiculous. It's past midnight, and we have no overflow and I'm crying and oh...


The Not An Author FanPost Trout Offer Extraordinaire

This morning, we've been treated to several posts detailing a dream many Red Sox fans probably have had every night for the past two years. Mike Trout in a Red Sox uniform. For those unaware of...


NLCS Open Thread

Because I don't want to thread Hi Jack (yes, I made that two words, I have to hit a minimum 75, which is stupid.) So yeah, this is the thread for talking about the game, so feel free to talk about...


Indians Losing Overflow Thread

Because Ben is MIA. Words Words WordsWords Words WordsWords Words WordsWords Words WordsWords Words WordsWords Words Words How about the weather Words Words WordsWords Words WordsWords Words...

Buchholz "foreign substance" identified?


It's sunscreen. I think I can sum it up in like one sentence... "The secret trick that led to accusations of Boston Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz throwing a spitball has an ancillary benefit: It prevents skin cancer, too."


Life, Love, and the Boston Red Sox

It's been a crazy 12 months, really. Well, 12 months, and a couple weeks anyway. 12 months ago, I sat here, in the same chair, looking at the same computer, and living very much the same life, as...

Red Sox Release Mark Prior?


Well, according to mlbtraderumors, Pedro Beato was the death of him.

WMB in the outfield?


I guess it could make sense. I mean... Youk needs to estabilish value before we can trade him, but sending down WMB would be a mistake.

Some much needed Jerry Remy news.


The target date for Remy to return to the booth is Thursday, May 10, when the Red Sox return from a road trip to begin a four-game series against the Indians. It's a bit late, but at least now we know when he is expected to return.


On the Plus side...

Maybe NOW ownership will decide doing nothing is a bad idea, and get us what we desperately need. Pitching. I know this is going to sound complainey, but I've been a huge fan of getting pitching...


A Thank You, an apology, a look back, a step forward.

First of all, let me start by saying I am irate we missed the playoffs, I believe we had a chance the whole time. But this is what happens when your team doesn't play like a team. But enough on...

Hunter Pence IS available!


At least according to Buster Olney. Forget Beltran, forget Ludwick. I want Pence. He'd be expensive, but hella worth it. Plus, he just looks like a Red Sox player!

Kuroda likely won't be the addition


"The Dodgers want to shed salary, but don't have much to shed besides Jamey Carroll and Hiroki Kuroda. Gammons spoke with two East coast executives that said Kuroda, who has a full no-trade clause, won't accept a deal to an East Coast team." Keep in mind it is Peter Gammons reporting this. I wouldn't be heartbroken, but this does sort of eliminate options for who we could acquire to shore up the rotation.


Complimentary Explanation of Fanhood- Part 3432

Well, I figure since everyone else is having fun.... I'm not your favorite member of OTM, I'm not the oldest, I'm not the wisest, or anything else. I am however a Red Sox fan. My fanhood began in...

Orsillo to TBS?


In the article posted by Nick Cafardo, (good read) he talks about the Posey incident, the Masterson (and other deals) a year later, as well as this tidbit on page 4. 4. Industry sources indicate that TBS is making a strong run at tying up NESN’s Don Orsillo to a long-term deal This upsets me.

Even John Lackey knows that John Lackey sucks.


I don't know what else I can say that we don't already know.


Because of Mike Cameron...

OK, so we all know who Mike Cameron is. In the game thread... here... http://www.overthemonster.com/2011/5/5/2154861/game-30-overflow-thread-2-seven-hours-and-counting, I had the idea to blame it...



Ben Buchannan Where art thou? Yeah, so random filler, blah blah, tie game, after 2 1/2 hour rain delay.... Anyway, I need 75 words, so let's talk politics. The Red Sox look like they could...


Time to get... "Pudge"?

It's no secret that the Red Sox have no catching options for the present. They have already used Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jason Varitek. Both of which with mixed results. Varitek catches the...

The Buchholz extension


It was reported by Morosi, so it looks legit enough for me to post. What do you guys think of the 4 year, 30M dollar extension?

Pedro wants to return


Let's give him another go... can't be worse than Lackey/Beckett/Dice.


I'm going to reference South Park...

Because I'm that awesome.   The Red Sox are down 0-6, but that's not exactly a huge deal. Some people are treating it like the end of the world. They act like a 6 game losing streak has never...


The possibility of acquiring Bengie Molina

Hey, this is my first fan post, and attempt to make sense to anyone, so please be honest, but slightly nicer than you would be =P

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