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Born and raised in Pittsburgh until I departed for Penn State at age 18. Joined the United States Air Force at 21. Separated to Civilian life in 2005.

Grew up playing hockey, breathing hockey and that has never changed.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Pittsburgh Pirates
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF Penn St. Nittany Lions
  • NCAAB Penn St. Nittany Lions
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • EPL Arsenal
  • Fantasy Ten Pronovost Wanted (hockey)
  • Winter Olympics United States
  • General OKC Barons
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Penn St to Play Neumann U as part of 2012 Winter Classic


Two days after the Flyers and Rangers take part in the 2012 Winter Classic at Citizen's Bank Park, the Penn State Icers will get their chance at playing on the same, grand stage. The Icers will face NCAA Division 3 Neumann University on Wednesday, January 4th at 7 PM.

Jagr Blames Pens & Pittsburgh Media for Traitor Stamp


Jagr says the way the Penguins acted actually made him look bad in the eyes of their fans. He felt that the Penguins never really wanted him and their offer was more of a publicity stunt instead. "Reporters started writing about Pittsburgh being an option for me months ago. But even by the draft the Penguins hadn’t shown any interest in me. They noticed me only after when the reporters had started writing about me. Suddenly they realized that the fans in Pittsburgh wanted me to return. After that, it was all calculated. They gave me an offer they knew would be the worst or one of the worst I’d get. They knew about the offers from other teams. They knew that I would turn them down. But the result looks like I refused to go there and they tried to get me. So the fans thought I was an idiot and eventually a traitor." When it comes to asking price, there’s one thing in particular that disappointed the Penguins fans who wanted to see Jagr return to Pittsburgh. During his playing days in Russia, Jagr once said that he would be willing to return to play for his old friend’s Mario Lemieux’s Penguins for the minimum salary. "Sure. What can I say? I think it’s a bit silly to make a connection between that statement and the current situation. It’s a bit out of context. It’s like before the wedding you’d tell your bride that you’ll never leave her. And then a month later something happens and you get a divorce."

NHL can't ignore what Crosby case demonstrates


For reasons that defy logic, the National Hockey League has never taken head injuries as seriously as it should. The NHL did introduce tougher penalties for hits to the head after Crosby was injured, but the league has still not gone far enough. League officials might even ask themselves why a star has to be injured before they make some rule changes. League officials might also wonder why Crosby was allowed back onto the ice after he was first hit in the head, and why he was back on the ice for the next game.

Gary’ Roberts becomes diet guru for young NHLers


Since his retirement from the NHL two years ago, the 45-year-old Mr. Roberts has become almost legendary for his ability to train and pump up young prospects. His first disciple, Tampa Bay Lightning star Steven Stamkos, is the perfect example: He added 15 pounds of muscle after his rookie season and led the league in goals with 51 as a sophomore. Ever since, players have been lining up at Mr. Roberts’s door – 42 pro-level players are training with him this summer [including James Neal & Jordan Staal].


NHL 12 Information from EA Developers

Some threads and forums posts out there with the NHL 12 developers spilling the beans on some secrets on the NHL franchise and what has changed for NHL 12.  Here is a mashup rundown of what my team...

Ovi Comments on Sid's Status


What can you say about Sidney Crosby who still cannot recover from the concussion? He may miss even this season? "God willing it won't be true. Right now Crosby is one of the best hockey players in the world. If he leaves, it will be a huge loss for people and for the sport in general. I will be very upset." Read more at Puck Daddy


Once Healthy, How Do We Protect Sid?

This summer's tragic deaths of Derek Boogard and Rick Rypien, both noted NHL tough guys, has caused a stir of discussion about the role and appropriateness of the traditional NHL enforcer.  While I...

Joseph (Point Breeze): Hey DK, thanks for the great reporting of late. In your discussions with...

Joseph (Point Breeze): Hey DK, thanks for the great reporting of late. In your discussions with Penguins coaches and administration, have they mentioned what line configurations they've been experimenting with in case Sid misses time? Dejan Kovacevic: I've heard nothing to that effect. No need this early, anyway. Having Jeffrey and now Steve Sullivan in the mix — not to mention Malkin back — gives you a top-six either way. It obviously would be infinitely better with Crosby, but I wouldn't see the need for a sweeping roster adjustment without him. Hoyle13: You hardly ever hear anyone talk about letting Sid play after the first hit. Everyone is only concerned about when he is coming back. And I love that you are with the Trib and thanks for all the interaction (blog, articles, Twitter, chats). We love it and keep up the good work. Dejan Kovacevic: Thanks about all that. I hear that about the trainers/doctors/coaches all the time, maybe 10 times a day from readers. I've written about it, I've talked about it on TV and radio and on Twitter. You want another? OK, here goes: The Penguins and all concerned completely bungled their handling of Crosby, that night at Heinz Field, the days between the Lightning game and by letting him dress for the Lightning game. ... I saw Sid moments after the Winter Classic. I sat in the front chair of the press conference room, asked the first question. He looked right at me with the most uncomfortable glaze. And I remember remarking about that to a fellow reporter when it was done. "Can't believe he came out here." ... If I can see that, the Penguins surely should have. Read more: Dejan Kovacevic chat transcript - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Prospect Agostino Speaks After Bout with Mono & USA Jr Dev Camp


The Penguins prospect was struck with mononucleosis in mid-May, which left him unable to do any physical activity for six weeks. Agostino’s long illness makes his performance at the USA Hockey National Junior Evaluation Camp all the more impressive, as he had just five weeks to regain peak form with his trainers at the Extra Edge Academy in Pine Brook, N.J., before heading to Lake Placid, N.Y. The camp, which was held earlier this month, will be used to select the 2012 U.S. National Junior Team that will compete at the World Junior Championships in late December/early January.

Disco Wants the Team USA Bench Job in 2014


According to, Bylsma has his eye on leading his national team into the Olympics. "I'd be more than willing to be a part of a staff, but my goal isn't just to be a part of a staff," Bylsma said. "At least, the written goal is not just to be part of the staff."


Is Too Much Damage Already Done For Matt Cooke?

Well, that's what Michael Hurley of Fox Sports would have you believe. In case you missed it, Rob Rossi recently did a piece in the Trib that sought to at least explain the past season for Cookie...

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