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FSA-VDS Starts this weekend...! What you got?

Yes...!!! Is almost here..! Some of us already submited our teams... Some others are lurking trying to come up with the perfect pick. Some are just being very carefull.. Last I read in one of the...


The weekend report

via Was waiting till tomorrow night to post this but I don't see the reason for not posting it today, after all the weekend started yesterday... The idea of this...


The weekend report

Let me start saying before anything that this Winter sucks..! That said I am a person that is always on the look of a positive side.. I am trying very hard here to find something good about this...


How was your weekend?

Yep... Another weekend went by and I am sure a lot of people around here did some great stuff.. When I said great stuff I am not talking only about bike or bike related stuff... (but those are...

Post your flags over here..!

We are having too much fun playing with the flags over the other post... I think is about time to create a new one so we all can post the flags of the riders that we want to pick.. Or the ones...


Did you Ride?

At the beginning of last week we had a few stories about some of the people around here telling what they did on their bikes... This gave me the idea of creating a post where everyone can stop by...


Rider or Racer?

So what is this about now? What is Pablo coming up with this time? Simple or not so much.. I am coming to a point in life where I am confused (nothing new here) but this is about cycling, don't...

TdSL - Stage 7 - (live-ish)

Thats it.. This is it.. Last stage is here..! A week went by already and the first sort of live race of the year is almost over.. The stage for today? via The map of the stage for...

TdSL - Stage 6 - (live-ish)

What else you want me to say? Just look at the profile... via What not enough for you? Here is another map: via Still nothing? OK.. Let me tell you this is...

TdSL - Stage 5 - (live-ish)

What an incredible performance we had yesterday..! What a way to climb from Don Nairo !! What a great guy all around.. After each interview I like him more and more.. But that was yesterday and...

TdSL- Stage 4- (live-ish)

Stage 4 is here and is time to shake the GC a bit.. Wondering how the organizers are going to do this? Easy put a big climb that acts as a filter where a lot of the riders will be in a lot of...

TdSL - Stage 3 - (live-ish)

We have a stage with rolling terrain with one climb giving KOM points and 2 intermediate sprints as you can see in the profile image... There is a very nice fight going on between the...

TdSL - Stage 2 - (live-ish)

After a surprising stage 1 we will head for the mountains and you can be almost sure that a break won't stay away this time.. We have Garmin with the leaders jersey and as a good team they will try...

TdSL - Stage 1- (live-ish)

Finally here..! via Yes this is today the first race that we will be able to see the winner cross the line at least and I hope.. This is something that they are still trying...

Why kids don't bike?


Here is some reasons... Add more if you want/have.


TdSL Preview+LIVE team presentation

via Welcome to the official/unofficial season opening! Season opening in my eyes because of the quality of riders going down to San Luis where we can take a look at our...


Worst Weather Riding II

As many of you know we are getting hit with one of the worst Winter weathers in the last 25 + years here in the United States. By worst I mean really cold, snowy, icy and all the crapy stuff that...


And how did you do?

For the last couple of days I been seen all over the networks people commenting on How much did they ride this year... On how much did they climb... On how fast did they get.. How crazy that...

15 days.. But who is counting?


There is a link to the TdSL, you can translate it to any language.. Have fun reading about the nice part of the sport..



Today the question or subject is related to travel with your bike.. I am sure some of you been there, some of you even in more of one ocation... So I am asking those out there what are the...

Lesson of HTFU tought by my 5 year old.


This is a lesson of HTFU for all those that said it was too cold for a ride.. Felix asked me to go for a ride and he didn't want to come home when we turned around.


The bucket list

Today at work was a normal day that started slow, like a normal day we started talking about cycling and how much we miss it... Then we were talking what we knew was 'new' and I showed Holms a few...

Who would want one?


In a day like today I would love to have one of this...!!!



I miss road racing and images like this..

Where did the off season rides go?


An article from a friend of mine about the off season rides and how we are loosing interest in a social ride with friends.. (for coffee, beer or a pastry) Thoughts??

Can you do it?


That is a link to the PDC club so you can cheer all of us.. (3?) Where is everyone else?

Ladies Only


Too funny just watch it and laugh as hard as you can.


What to wear?

The cold months are here.. Well at least here in the North East of the US or I feel that they are here.. So now that is cold outside (35 F) as I am typing this add a little wind and OMG..!!! It...

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