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Who should Erik Morales fight next?

Waking. Making. And Shaking. That's what El Terrible did in one one glorious night. By extending and almost beating one of the games biggest young guns, Erik Morales woke all but a few of us up to...


One Punch Can Change Everything

Down Goes Frazier !!!! Down Goes Frazier !!!! And just like that, the world, your world, changes. One day you may be Champion. Before that, a contender. The next  .... I'm not sure what. Boxing is...


Who is to Blame? The Fighter or the Promoter.

Not too long ago, we were all subjected to a media spectacle in which one of the most entertaining althletes in all of sport, Lebron James, used his celebrity power to garner and manipulate a huge...


Floyd Loses Round One. In Court

In the much anticipated fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather(s), the Filipino Dynamo has been given the first round over the Grand Rapids Grandee by the referee, or in this case, the...


Who Would Be The One Man You Would Never Want To Face?

Assume....for a were an supremely skilled boxer. An elite professional. Trained to perform at the highest levels of your chosen game. A true fighter, operating with the confidence...


If you could interview any fighter in history, what would you ask him?

The days when top journalists had direct and frequent access to both fighters and managers is long gone. That kind of access gave the fighters and the game an accessibility. One might even say a...


A Clean Well Lit Place ... to Hate

Ok. Xmas is over. Now just because we no longer have to act nice and be generous to everyone doesn't mean there isn't still time for one more gift. I want to give you all one that keeps on giving....


The First Fight That Kept You Coming Back

The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche Fight Memories. We all have one. Some more than one. That first fight,...


Who are the most Overated fighters today?

The question as to who the most underrated boxers has already been asked, begging in some way it's counter. A year ago, if anyone had put Arthur Abraham's name in nomination, they would have been...


Who should be Miguel Cotto's next opponent be?

Now that Chavez has been put safely back on the shelf, Miguel needs a fight. There are any number of fights he could take but the common denominator will be money. As for which one brings the...


The Long Way Back: What now for Paul Williams

If a tree fall in the middle of the forst and we all see it, does that mean it can't get up? Long Tall Paul Williams, once an avoided fighter, is no long standing tall among his peers. Like Hatton...


Color Be Damned: Who were/are the 'slickest' fighters in Boxing.

This post is a partial response to Bernard Hopkins and other fighters and fans who bemoan Manny's choice of opponents; in particular their background, their color and their style. Personally, I...


Real or Legit: Has Manny Avoided fighting 'Slick' Black African American fighters

Having vanquished many of the former top five welterweights in the world and many others who stood in his way, Manny Pacquiao still seems to have critics to satisfy. Yesterday, it was Bernard...


No Holds barred: Let’s get Down and Dirty.

    Soon enough, former King Arthur Abraham is about to meet former king Carl Froch in a much anticipated battle between two well matched, flawed but game warriors. Both men love to war. And both...


Bad intentions: The Scariest Men to Enter the Squared Circle.

  We all know that long before painted decals began subjecting fighters to untimely and dangerous pratfalls, sweat, water and ice were hazard enough. For some men, it was the metaphoric piss...



  More often than not, matchmaking is such that we each have a pretty clear idea of who we believe will be the better man when two combatants eventually meet. The more open questions are how the...


The Eyes Don’t Lie

Much has been written about the reasons why Miguel Cotto succumbed to Antonio Margarito some two years ago. The cast of suspicion lingers as to whether or not the Puerto Rican warrior capitulated...


What if Margarito Wins

So much ink has been dedicated to both the brilliance of Manny Pacquiao's achievements and to the odious nature of Antonio Margarito's behavior, I think we can all live without any further review...

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