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Because sometimes it's just more fun to live in the past


2004 Buffalo Bills season highlights (last winning season). Just watching some of the big plays or some of those big names on defense brings back some fun memories. And bledsoe slinging that deep ball down field. Here's hoping the next winning season is right around the corner.


Remaining Free Agents

Hey Rumblers I was just wondering what everyone thought about the remaining free agents out there that might make sense for Buffalo. I for one would like to see the Bills bring in Ernie Sims for a...


Could the Bills be moving up?

Rumors are swirling that the Rams are taking offers for the 2nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft. There are plenty of QB needy teams, or teams looking for a franchise QB in general. Could the Bills...

Bills won't franchise Stevie Johnson


According to Rodney McKissic the Bills aren't interested in franchising Stevie Johnson. Seems like its either going to be a contract deal or so long for the beloved Buffalo Bill.

What if the Bills leave Buffalo?


An interesting piece about what would happen if the Bills left Buffalo. Some stats and studies I found to be quite revealing and not what I had expected. I also didn't know that most players don't live in Buffalo not even Gailey or Ralph. Ralph I knew lived in Detroit but at the very least I thought he owned at least ONE property in western New York to stay in while he attends games during the season. What do you guys think about this article?


Desean Jackson

I'm posting this to see what other Rumbler's think about a subject that has been on my mind. Desean Jackson is set to become an UFA after this season and is looking for a pay raise. He is one of...

Ryan Fitzpatrick and his struggles


Short article on how Fitz's play has regressed. A few quotes in there from Fitz and Gailey.

Ryan Fitzpatrick on the Onion


So I was bored and looking around at some old Onion articles and I found this gem. Some funny stuff in there as always, hopefully the Bills keep playing well and they'll make up some more funny fake Bills articles


What is the NFL becoming?

Many of the fans and players dislike some of the new safety rules that Roger Goodell has put in place.  Attempting to eliminate kick returns and dictating how players can hit.  I know it's for...


If the Bills draft a QB then they better make sure they do this...

Over the past 2 years many Bills fans have been screaming for the team to draft a real franchise Quarterback, and finally put us in the playoffs.  2 years ago most people wanted us to take either...


Donte Whitner NOT one of the top ten safeties in the NFL

While at work today I was reading the USA Today Sports Weekly paper.  Most of the paper is about baseball both professional and college, however in the back they have been writing articles every...


What Should the Bills do in Round 2?

Just got done watching the first round of the NFL draft.  I must say I love the Marcel Dareus pick, but now it's time to look into round 2.  One guy in particular surprisingly fell, and a few...


Does it Make Sense for the Bills to take a QB?/ Mind Dump

The draft is almost here and many of us have our own opinions on who the Bills should take, or what guys we think will be great and what guys will be monumental busts.  No position is filled with...


So what's the deal with Jake Locker?

As the draft approaches and everybody continues to make their mocks, opinions, and guesses on who the Bills pick there is something that isn't really adding up for me.  There's a group here that...

Players Playing Elsewhere?


Interesting article about the possibility of players joining other leages. I myself was wondering if it was a possibility and apparently there is nothing stopping them from signing a contract with a UFL or CFL team and playing for a year or two there. The monkey wrench in this logic is, if players are fighting over increased pay and want more money, why would they sign and play for less in another league? Doesn't really make sense unless it's guys who do not have big contracts or expect big contracts, or of course guys that just love to play football.


Patrick Peterson

It was just reported that Peterson ran a 4.32 40 time at the combine.  If this is true that means he is much faster than I had expected him to be.  With all this talk about who should go 3rd I...

Now is the Time for QB of the Future!


A really good article I read today about the Bills, the draft, and the QB position. I feel Bob did an excellent job of describing how many of us here feel about the QB situation and succeeding in the future.


Merriman Emerging as an Asset?

I'm wondering if you guys have noticed the strong play of Arthur Moats recently?  He seems to be giving us everything we thought we were going to get/supposed to get from Maybin.  Quick burst,...

Poz and Whitner


Well for those who think Poz and Whitner are just mediocre or should not be resigned both are having a solid year. Currently they are #4 and 5 in the league in tackles (111 each) and that is with Poz missing 2 games with an injury. Are they superstars? No. But both are above average players and leaders that are getting the job done and should be resigned to eliminate more offseason needs.

Harrison Fined 25K for Fitz Hit


Well there ya go, I for one did not think it was the worst of hits and could have gone either way however if it was a guy like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning I'm sure he would have been fined so I'm glad the NFL is not holding a double standard at least on this issue.


Fitz the next Drew Brees???

Can anyone explain to me why Ryan Fitzpatrick is being compared, or claimed as the 2nd coming of Drew Brees?  Look I love what he's done and he really is performing well and exceeding expectations...


Who would you want #1 or 2?

So it seems right now that the Bills have the #1 or 2 pick just about locked up.  Showing no promise and no ability to stop opposing teams it is very likely that we have one of these 2 selections. ...

Merriman a Bill?


Any chance Buddy Nix goes after one of the guys who he drafted in San Diego? Yes he's not the same player he once was but he's still a 3-4 LB and certainly would be an upgrade over the current guys on the roster. Also we have some really good knee doctors in the area look at what we did with Thurman Thomas and Willis McGahee...just a thought

Bullet Dodged


Here's a guy, Devin Thomas who many people predicted the Bills would draft in the 1st rd along with Malcolm Kelly...as you know that yr we took Leodis McKelvin in the 1st and James Hardy in the 2nd.....but looks like it could have been another 1st rd. bust for Buffalo had they selected him in the 1st

Schobel still interested


Looks like our buddy Aaron isn't exactly completely sold on being retired....he still is of course for now but I guess we'll wait and see


Your thoughts

Just wondering what you guys think of the success of various names around the league that prior to the season were linked to Buffalo.  Mainly the success Mike Martz has had in Chicago, he was a...


Inside Story

So I know everybody may seem skeptical about this and think I'm full of it, but I actually have a friend who works for the Bills organization.  Moments after the Bills take C.J. Spiller he calls me...


NFL Draft Frenzy!!!

The draft is rapidly approaching and as always who knows what may occur.  However, I wonder if I'm the only one who believes that the Rams will actually pass on Sam Bradford and take Suh instead. ...


State of the Bills: A few thoughts

So here's a few thoughts that I have on the current Bills situation.  First off I do not like the idea of McNabb in Buffalo it's time to rebuild and he is an aging veteran, productive YES, but...

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