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Mavs release Troy Murphy


I'd rather him than Babbitt or Smith...


How does Freeland in 2012 affect our decisions this offseason?

Do we use Camby's last season as a placeholder for Freeland to step in as a rotation player?  This would mean targeting an MLE player only (or someone that could be had with amnesty savings.)  or U...


Why the obsession with Superstars?

I see a lot of talk about how Oden and Roy were our "Building Blocks" (or *are* to some.)  Why do we need to have shoe contract-worthy  players to win a championship?  Is the foundation of a team...


Which type of C do you want the Blazers to get?

By Free Agency: Center (name, team – 2010-11 salary – status)Nene, Denver Nuggets - $11.4 million – Early Termination Option ($11.6 million) Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies - $3.6 million –...


Which type of PF do you want Blazers to get?

Free Agency could net us: Power Forward (name, team – 2010-11 salary – status) David West, New Orleans Hornets - $8.3 million – Early Termination Option ($7.5 million) Tim Duncan, San Antonio...


Edit: Retool?

Oden may want out of Portland and even if he is re-signed he may not contribute steadily.  Roy can't be consistent over an 82 game season with no meniscus in the knees.  With the grateful exception...


The "Grade My Scheme" thread

Okay, so everyone has an idea of what we should do with our team this offseason.  Obviously this is all armchair-GM business so we need to take it for a grain of salt.  Our Assets: #21 pick #51...

Stat on PG Prospects


Worth a look, especially for Darius Morris fans.

Too early to start the campaign?


He should be in range of the 21st pick and he'd be an amazing understudy for Wallace. This possibility is my bright spot for the bleak looking 2011-12 NBA (not Blazers) season.


Polling Blazer Nation

So I've seen a lot of discussion surrounding what we think will happen, or what we think must happen.  Realistically as fans all we can contribute is our dollars and popular opinion.  So here's to...


trade questions and input reflecting on possible youth movement

    There are a few things I am wondering about. 1) After the lockout will there be a load of free agents we could nab with the money saved with keeping the expiring contracts this season? 2)...


Roy Poll

I have to make the 75 word limit just to see the results of popular opinion, so here goes:   We're panicking.  We have a talented team that is massively underperforming, and it's painful to watch.  ...


OT: Do you have a closet loyalty in the West?

As some of you may notice I'm awful handy with a Suns reference.  I grew up in Washington, California, Arizona, Oregon, and Texas (yes someday I will spend a few months in New Mexico so I can...


More Reasons to Call for Patience

So we're an angsty lot waiting for the cake to come out of the oven.   I think their are some bright spots and big questions worth airing that I haven't heard much discussion on lately. 1)....


Who do we pursue?

In thinking of the Bigs situation we must address a few issues. 1) Are we looking to rent a big or do we want a potential rotation player? 2) What trade pieces would we be willing to give up to...


Big Bad Dante Poll

So I saw this coming up in the Luke Babbitt thread among many others:  Is Dante able to be a combo-forward or is he a 4?  Please give your reasons below. In order to fulfill the 75 word limit I...


A few questions

I've noticed in recent posts a growing knot in the collective stomachs of Bedge-land.  Pre-dance jitters?  Or can a fan not be happy unless there's something to obsess on?  Pop-psychology asside,...


Gary Payton as Assistant?

Did anyone else watch the NBATV feed of game 5 (I think) where Payton was shown sitting in the stands with McMillan?  The commentators were speculating on him as an assistant coach.  I think that...


Maybe trade Bayless and Fernandez for a wide body?

I like Craig Smith from the Clippers but have only seen a handful of his games.  Any other suggestions for a bruiser? Quite a few of us are frothing at the mouth to see Armon get on the court in...


Second Unit Bliss

What if there are no bigger moves ahead than merely dumping Fernandez?  It might not be that bad.  Consider that it's a 6-8 month recovery time for the ruptured tendon in Pryzbilla's knee. ...


Shake it off, ladies and gentleman

It was a rough season followed by a demoralizing draft day, but we can get past it.  I enjoyed the phrase "reality check" in Eat Politicians' thread title.  It is needed.  I'm as guilty of falling...


Luis Scola?

One of my most vivid impressions of 2009 was watching Scola and Brooks tearing their way through the Blazers' lineup.  I was cursing and convulsing, but even then it occured to me that I'd like to...


While the dust has not yet settled...

I'd like to think optimistically for a moment. GUARDS It seems possible to me that while Bayless, Armon, and Elliot are all fighting for that combo guard spot next to Brandon.  Hopefully Armon can...


Draft day extravaganza for Blazer fans

We've got a lot to look forward to from this team.  Everything will have Nate's stamp on it, KP wants to impress his next boss, and we all know there is someone in this deep draft to address what...


Euro Blazers

Does anyone know good dirt on whether Freeland, Koponen, or Claver are ready to come over?  Will they be in the summer league or have they (meaning Koponen) had their shot?  Is D-LEague competition...

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