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Former Panther Mike Minter named head football coach of Campbell University


As a Campbell student and Panthers Fan I was super excited to hear this

Felony Warrant issued for Tampa's Talib


Could he be the next pacman? Does this mean that the Bucs need to look for a a future corner to start next to Barber? Would they be willing to trade? Who knows?

Panthers and others Show interest at Petersons Pro Day


Now this isnt a surprise to any of us. I am alittle amazed that Hurney and Rivera both went to the pro day. I may be reading into it too much but those 2 do have the biggest say in who we draft. This could just be a huge smokescreen though. Interesting enough the steelers and saints head coaches and GMs were there too. Someone might be willing to trade up for him. Im not saying it will be us but if we dont take him dont be surprised if Fox is willing to trade down

Bills show interest in Newton


This could be big for us. Bills representatives had dinner with Newton the night before his pro day. They might be willingto trade up to get him.'s Opinion on the Panthers top 6 Draft Bust


I was surprised by who was picked and more importantly who wasnt picked. I find it hard to believe that Jarret or Colbert didnt make the list.

SS Bob Sanders a Charger


The Chargers may have the best Safety Tandem in the league if Sanders stays healthy. In all honesty i see this to be very similar to our shockey signing. Both used to be exceptional players, both signed one year deals, both injured over the last 3 seasons.

DT Shaun Rogers a Saint


no not an actual saint. only Brees gets that honor. The Saints might have a beast of a D-line next year. Smith, Ellis, and Rogers is pretty scary

WR Sidney Rice to pursue Free Agency


The odds of signing such a well known wide out is unlikely. Anythings possible though

Champ Bailey stays a Bronco


For all you guys hoping to get a top corner like bailey in free agency your out of luck. I guess Fox and Elway were able to convince him to stay. Which is surprising considering he put his house up for market already

Vikings Tag Lb Greenway


This isnt a big surprise but it does effect the panthers. With this James Anderson and Thomas Davis (not a whole lot for him) both move up the top Free Agent OLB list. They might be more sought after than orginally thought. Not to mention this also means that Sidney Rice will be easier to aquire.

Colts cut former Defensive Player of the Year SS Bob Sanders


He is a small man with incredible talent that likes to play big and physical. Unfrotunatly injuries have derailed his career. If he can pass a physical I dont think its out of the realm of possibilty that we give him a shot.

Jets likely to let CB Cromatie walk


now im no big fan of cromartie and his off the field issues arent exactly what we are looking for, but that athletism is hard to find. im not saying get him but hes definitley an interesting prospect

DT Ngata Officially off the market, WR JAckson, and QB Manning as well


None of these are rreally that surprising. Now we just have a few less guys to rosterbate to


Conerback Signing

Hello Baltimore Breakdown,    If you couldnt tell i come from (carolina panthers). I have to say that im a fan of your team. The ravens are very tlented on both sides of the...


Potential Free Agents a.k.a Future Panthers

Greeting Chargers Fans! If you couldnt tell from the name i am from Catscratchreader (Carolina Panthers). As you have most certainly realized is that we stole your Defensive Coordinator, TE's...

Browns cut DT Shaun Rodgers


Need a Nose Tackle? Well heres a very good one who is very capable to play in either the 4-3 or 3-4. What do you think?

49ers RB Glen Coffee Retires


The 23 year old who was hugely committed to the team and out of no where retires. Very strange

Otah has knee surgery


Just a minor scoping to clean out some debris that was giving him discomfort. honestly i dont know what to think about camp. alot of injuries so far and now a man gets surgery. i know its not serious injuries but they are piling up

Otah, Stewart and friends put on the PUP list


Jeff Otah (knee), Jonathan Stewart (ankle), Steve Smith (arm), Duke Robinson (conditioning), Louis Lenard (knee), andThomas Davis (knee) are all on the PUP list. Surprising that Lenard, Otah, Stewart are on there. Hopefully those three key players will be fine. So much for Robinson though, he might not be such a steal afterall

Oops!! I jumped the gun! Trade isn't confirmed yet. I'll confirm or deny on...


Oops!! I jumped the gun! Trade isn't confirmed yet. I'll confirm or deny on

Chris Harris

Ted Ginn Jr anyone


the fins are shopping him around. now we all know he wasnt worth a top ten pick and is probrobly alittle bt of a bust but he would still be a hell of a player to have on your team.

Danario Alexander not impressing at senior bowl


For those who are in love with this guy might want to beware. He sounds like a Dwayne Jarret but atleast Jarret could could get away from coverage in college. Jacoby Ford seems like the next Steve Smith though. Someone we should definitely look into.

Peppers Being recruited by other Players at PB


Looks like he feeling the love in Miami. I wonder how many players actually are recruiting him. If im a panther (For example: Chris Harris) I'd start calling him everyday so he wont forget about you and the rest of panther nation that would love for him to stay.

Danny Crossman lands new coaching job


with the lions.....its better than nothing right

Panthers hire new WR coach


No its not Ricky Phroel. According to Darin Gantt, they hired former Buffalo Bills assistant coach Tyke Tolbert. He spent his last 6 years with the Bills and also worked in Arizona.

Bears DE Gaines Adams Dies at 26


Its being reported by and He died at 9am this morning. Still no word on what happened.

Jake Delhomme to IR


espn is reporting jake is going on IR and Moore will start the rest of the season. this is the best choice for the panthers and jake. he needs to get his head straight


Otah to IR

Could this season get any worse? now our right tackle is out for the year, luckly it doesnt matter anymore seeing as our playoff chances are next to nothing. acording to he suffered a...


Beason Arrested

Beason arrested, capping a wonderful day here Posted by Darin at 11/30/2009 5:09 PM EST CHARLOTTE — Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason was arrested Monday afternoon on assault...


A Newbs Take on Things

Hey guys, Im a college student who loves everything panthers. I am a relatively new fan and have been following them since the 06 season. I've become almost die hard as Ive watched them over the...

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