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SoCal boy who went to Bama from 1998-2000. Diehard follower of the Crimson Tide, Lakers, Raiders, and Kings, I guess. Not a huge hockey fan, but looking to replace boring-ass baseball. Longtime music lover, collector of vinyl, and write about such things at The Adios Lounge (

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Good Cecil Hurt piece on UNC

From Observations on UNC's troubles Nothing particularly sexy, but Marcell Dareus gets props, we have a Boz sighting, and Hurt makes an interesting observation about Twitter. How do...


Marty Lyons Elected to CFB Hall of Fame

From ESPN: NEW YORK -- Deion Sanders and former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr are among the 16 players and coaches selected for induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Sanders was an...


An American Tune (For Alabama)

Hey y'all, I wrote a little something about the tornado(es) and Alabama's recovery process on The Adios Lounge.  Check it out, I hope you like it. An American Tune (For Alabama) Roll Tide, LD

Because who doesn't love boobies and elephants?


Because who doesn't love boobies and elephants?


The Adios Lounge celebrates Alabama

via OK, so I'm a dum-dum.  I meant to fanpost this days ago and just plain forgot.  In honor of us crystallizing the championship run, I put together a short playlist of songs...


The view of Texas ... from OU

Now that Bama has taken care of business I can go back to rooting for the Longhorns, especially with regard to the Oklahoma rivalry.  Having spent almost 10 years in Austin, it was simply easier...


You Want Blood, You Got it

"Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the face."--Mike Tyson I think it's telling that Roll Bama Roll hasn't been interested in analyzing the championship game.  What's to analyze? ...


2010 Open Date Ridiculosity

While checking out Bama's schedule for next year, I noticed something both alarming and borderline unacceptable.  Alabama faces SIX opponents coming off of bye weeks: South Carolina (10/2), Ole...


Red Sox Death Star Destroyed By Halos

Quick write-up on Hidden Plays. I'll probably write more in the next day or two, but thought there would be general appreciation for the headline.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm still in general...


Oh Torii, you had me at, "Show some balls."

My write-up on last night's badass Game 1.  Trying to take this one game, inning, and pitch at a time without overextending my fragile emotional complex.  But, hot damn, that was good to see. ...


Angels/Adenhart tribute

If any group of people will appreciate this blog post, it's y'all.  Like most of you, I got pretty choked up seeing the boys honor Nick the other night and the first thing I thought of was my...


Hidden Play Photo Series

Here's a few photos that highlight this kind of amazing sequence.  I say "kind of" because it's not necessarily amazing in a good way.  I guess this is the hidden play within the hidden play. ...


Hidden Play: Alabama-Virginia Tech

via For purposes of discussion/argument, I'm defining a hidden play as any play that has a significant impact on the outcome of the game, but is rarely discussed on the highlights or...


So, you're telling me there's a chance?

"Looking at the Alabama program today it's hard for even the most optimistic Tiger fan to see Auburn overtaking Nick Saban anytime soon. Following an undefeated regular season, nationally ranked...

Great picture ... or greatest picture ever???


Great picture ... or greatest picture ever???

Er, uh, am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? Oh, September 5th, why must you play so hard to...


Er, uh, am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? Oh, September 5th, why must you play so hard to get??? Thanks to EDSBS.


Rebel Land, Alabam: The Dexateens & Archibalds

via Meant to post this a few days ago.  For those about to rock, or who might consider rocking if appropriately engaged, I recently wrote about a couple bands with...


Saban Recruiting Question

Can anyone confirm this comment on Dr. Saturday's "For the moment, the Nick stands alone" post? "Sabans past 5 college recruiting classes are like this. LSU 1st, LSU 2nd, Bama (4 weeks) 10th, Bama...


On the bright side ...

OK, there is no bright side.  But, here's food for thought.  Because of the historical propensity to use the bowl game as a measuring stick for next season ... incorrectly, I might add ......


Looking ahead to 2009: Defense

There's a good chance that next year's defense will be the best we've had since 1992.  The only guys we're losing are Rashad (big loss) and Bobby Greenwood (decent sized loss).  That's it and I'm...


In search of preseason preview

Specifically, I remember reading an article that discussed the 5-6 elements of teams likely to make the jump to championship contender.  It was stuff like "x" number of returning starters, senior...


Numbers and streaks and such

Putting away LSU got me thinking about the Saban Era.  One way to look at his tenure thus far: 6-2 4 game losing streak 11-0 Not bad.  Obviously, that 4-game losing streak was painful, but if...


Bama vs. Auburn: A Lesson In Angst

Auburn's recent descent into madness got me thinking how similar in shape and form their shame spiral is to Bama's four-game slide last year.  Granted, AU's lackluster win against Tennessee...


Merry Christmas! The Stories Behind Alabama Football's Greatest Plays

Goal Line Stand ... The Kick ... Run in the Mud ... Takeaway ... 315. Defining Moments: The Stories Behind Alabama Football’s Greatest Plays is a set of five documentaries profiling these...


Bama-Georgia 2nd half reconsidered

ed.- bumped from the fanposts. I'm reading a lot about how Bama folded in the second half and the 31-10 points differential is held up as evidence.  While I think the coaches should use that to...


Snake-Oil That Wasn't: Alabama's Roster

  My first fanpost, so bear with my clumsy mimeography.  It appears that AOL Fanhouse has itself an answer to Mr. B Cook of Poopypants Lane, Ann Arbor, MI.  Pete Holiday has written an...

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