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I'm Bosnian :)

Started following the Suns in '93 (basketball's big in my country) and as I started getting into more American sports, I stuck with Phoenix, so now I follow the Cardinals, DBacks and Coyotes as well.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
  • NBA Phoenix Suns
  • NFL Arizona Cardinals
  • NHL Phoenix Coyotes
  • Soccer Arsenal FC
  • Tennis Andy Murray, Marat Safin
User Blog

Sickels' draft review - Arizona


John Sickels of www.minorleagueball.com loves what we have done in this draft.

D'Backs To Sign Willie Bloomquist


The D'Backs have agreed to sign Willie Bloomquist to a one-year, $1.05MM deal, according to Jon Heyman of SI.com. There's also a mutual option for 2012.

How the West was won


Want to get depressed? Watch this neat animation of NL west standings for 2010 by Chris Spurlock of BTB.

Free Brandon Allen!


Satchel Price over at Beyond The Boxscore makes the case that Brandon Allen should play next year over Miranda and Parra.

Hall of Fame: Blyleven vs Morris


A unique look at just how much better Blyleven was compared to Morris.

Kevin Towers considering Hoffman


Nick Piecoro at azcentral.com has the following quote from GM Kevin Towers: "I think you’d be nuts if you didn’t at least consider somebody like Trevor Hoffman."


The Bill James System Projections - WAR Edition

How many wins above replacement does the Bill James System project for the 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks?


2010 WAR Projection for the DBacks - Batters

For the last couple of days, I've been trying to do a WAR based preview of 2010 for the DBacks based on the CHONE projections. However, the CHONE linear weights are a bit different than those used...

Rule 5 draft info


Arizona lost Ambriz (to the Twins Indians) and picked Zack Kroenke (from the Yankees), a lefty AAA reliever with good stuff and command problems. It seems like an insignificant move, but like the Scherzer/Jackson deal it's very much ERA driven. Ambriz started the year in AA and pitched well enough to be promoted after 5 starts. In AAA, he had a FIP of 3.8, but a ridiculous BABIP (.372) and strand rate raised his ERA to 5.57. Kroenke, meanwhile, had a FIP of 3.64 but a sparkling 1.99 ERA thanks to a .251 BABIP. I'm not complaining here, it seems we have a lot of starters similar to Ambriz in our system, and Kroenke may be a better fit, but it kinda sucks to root for a team that can't differentiate pitcher talent from BABIP.

DBack to the Future - Minor League Report


A weekly minor league report covering Arizona Diamondbacks affiliates and prospects

DBack To The Future - A Minor League Report


A weekly report on the minor league system for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Minor League Report


Since I was too swamped to do a proper report this week, I want to apologize and offer you this file, containing up to date stats for all four levels. What I did is I compiled all the stats from milb.com and calculated wOBA and FIP (thanks to FanGraphs). I also added expected BABIP (xBABIP) for every player based on their batted ball stats (thanks to minorleaguesplits) and recalculated their wOBA based on that (that would be the xwOBA column). Finally the xFIP column is also courtesy of minorleaguesplits and it normalizes the HR per Fly-ball rate. So the xwOBA and xFIP columns are your best bet for luck free stats. They are scaled to OBA and ERA, so .330 is an average wOBA and .400 is amazing, and a 4.5 FIP is average, while 3 is amazing. I hope I haven't scared you away, the triple slash stats are in there as well, and you can sort by whatever you want.

Fangraphs analysis on Young and Upton


Fangraphs writer David Golebiewski looks at two of our outfielders and how they're going in opposite directions.

DBack To The Future - The Weekly Minor League Report


A weekly look at the performances in the Diamondbacks minor-league farm system.


Minor league report - A

Our A ball affilliate in South Bend doesn't have much in terms of big name prospects, but there are some interesting players from the last two drafts who couldn't be placed in Visalia and some of...


Minor league report - A+

I continue my DBacks minor league report with a look at Advanced A Visalia Rawhide. It's a team loaded with talent from our last two drafts, and they tied the Cal league record with a 10-0 start....


Minor league report - AA

Next up are the Mobile BayBears, and it gets a lot better here. Mobile is the home of three top prospects and several other promising players. Gerardo Parra is our best hitting prospect, and he's...


Minor league report - AAA

Hello! Since I haven't seen anyone on here talk much about minor league baseball, and since I'm between projects at work (don't tell my boss), I thought I would write a little update on how our...

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