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Fanposts that I'm most proud of.

BlazersEdge Dictionary http://www.blazersedge.com/2008/6/13/551263/blazersedge-dictionary

My Oden minutes; I lost 20 lbs

Who are we? http://www.blazersedge.com/2008/6/7/547639/who-are-we

Bayless post before the draft http://www.blazersedge.com/2008/6/24/557880/bayless-falling

I'm so proud that my new son has entered this world http://www.blazersedge.com/2009/7/19/954990/its-a-bouncing-baby-boy-junk

Favorite highlights:

Roy with the best play I've ever seen in person. "Hit it! Yes, he did!"

Roy with the best dunk of 2009.

Bayless dunk vs. New Jersey.

Excellent afternoon at "The Venue"...2007 draft party and I was there!

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User Blog

Should the blazers bring back Jon Diebler?


He lead his European team in points and 3 pointers. He hit .450 from deep last season. He only signed a 1 year deal, but I haven't heard anything about this sharpshooter returning to the states.

European big man Teletovic is an UFA after his buyout.


Interesting that he's a fan of Drazen Petrovic. There are 5 teams after him. NJ, Phoenix, NY, Cleveland and at least one unnamed team. Could it be Portland?

Morning links for Sunday via Eric Williams


Not as extensive as Danny's morning links, but a good read.

Hawks "pushing hard" for Sidney Rice


ESPN's Adam Schefter confirms that the Seahawks are Minnesota's primary competition for free agent Sidney Rice. NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora says both teams are "deep in talks" with Rice's representatives. The Vikings aren't going to let their downfield threat go without a strong fight, but the Seahawks are "pushing hard, pending a physical," according to Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 Twin Cities. Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter Jul 26, 10:47 PM

Jon Diebler is impressive


Jon Diebler..big time shooter. Just watch.

Supplemental draft: The next NFL lockout battle?


Ohio St. troubles could start anothter lockout battle over a supplemental draft.


UDFA's That Made Official Visits to Seattle * updated

I looked up all the UFAs that visited Seattle.  I figure that at least some of these will be invited to Seattle training camp once everyone figures out the cluster$&%$ that is the NFL lockout.   D...

Kemp turns down a front row seat in OK city


OK city asked Kemp to sit courtside for the final OKcity/Denver game. Kemp turned them down cold, saying he represents Seattle only. I say hooray! (and I'm not a Sonics fan.)

Van Exel added to the Hawks staff


Blazer news (kind of) during this dry spell for news.


Trade Drawer...I'm bored.

  Finally a trade drawer.  No one has been posting any, so here goes... This trade gets us our PG of the future but is costly. Charlotte needs to make a move to push for the playoffs.  They need  a...

Blazers interested in coach Bob Ociepka


Ex-Bucks asst. coach Bob Ociepka to interview with Blazers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Ociepka Is he Bogut's big man coach or is coach Bickerstaff bringing him along?

Get a feel for Elliot Williams' game


Get a feel for Elliot Williams' game

CanisHoopus: Rudy + #22 for #16 + #23?


Here is the trade with Portland. Rumor 2 (Courtesy of SnP): The Trade: Rudy Fernandez as a possible acquisition target. The potential trade is based off of a brief mention of an IM by SnP (It's just a rumor and one of many possible options, don't hold him liable if this particular option doens't happen!): Rudy + 22 for 16 + 23 Analysis: Rubio bait which also gives us a solid starter at the 2 who can also play the 3 for brief periods (unreliable defensive metrics say he is much more suited for the 2). Already has good chemistry with Rubio, and apparently Fernandez performs better when he is playing with his friends, Sergio last year. Kind of a bad reason to play better and most likely an excuse and nothing more, but it's possible he will get some sort or renewed vigor. Is this fair value for Rudy? This is obviously motivated to make Rubio happy. This story (in the comments section) shows that they are committed to doing whatever it takes to get Rubio here when the buyout is tolerable.

Philly to pick Turner


Got to be a smokescreen. You think?

OT: C'mon Lebron, come to Dallas video


Pretty slick. So much better than Cleveland's try. Warning: It's an earworm.

OT: Hated L*ker Sasha Vujacic dating Maria Sharapova


On so many levels, this is just wrong. Why, God, Why? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

BulletsForever evaluation of 2010 Mike Miller


I've noticed what a popular name Mike Miller is in Blazer nation. I thought I'd share what the D.C. crowd had to say about him. I'm a fan of Miller, but I'd like to know if everyone thinks that he would be a better player in Portland and a better fit.

Amazing...Miami tried to trade Beasley to NJ for PG Dooling


I like Dooling, but man. Miami must not like Beasley at all. Everyone is really trying to get even more cap space. Crazy.


It's a bouncing baby boy! Junk Drawer 7/20

This is baby #3.  Thanks for all the kind thoughts yesterday in the JD 7/19. I'm betting that in a few years, my wife and 3 kids will join me to take all comers.  I think we've got a shot. I'll...

Bucher: Booz to Det. Prince to Por. B-Rex to Utah. Dead.


Actual tweet. "Deal was Booz to Det, Prince to Por, Trade Exception + Bayless to Utah. But it won't happen."

NJ drafted their PG of the future?


- -(Terrence) Williams undoubtedly is one of them, as he is often compared to Andre Iguodala. Frank said he has seen him enough to reach this conclusion: "His best position may be point guard, because he has great ball skills and loves to pass." - -

Portland in the mix for NJ's #11 pick?


Key quote. "Toward that end, they're talking to teams with multiples -- Minnesota and Chicago -- more than anyone else, with the occasional call to Portland, which wants to move its (24th) pick."

Stoudamire for Jefferson & #6 pick


Now things are going to get interesting. Who does Phoenix want at #6?

Thunder/Pistons rumor shows the possiblities


This from DraftExpress. "With the Detroit Pistons looking to get as far under the salary cap as they can this summer, and the Oklahoma City Thunder being one of the few teams who are able to help them shed salary, the two teams have emerged as natural trade partners, multiple NBA sources told DraftExpress this past weekend. With very few teams projected to have cap space this summer (Oklahoma City, Memphis, Portland, Sacramento and Atlanta being the main ones), it appears that Detroit could be in great position to take advantage of the strength of this free agent class and nab a couple of pieces that would put them right back in the mix to compete for the Eastern conference finals. Detroit is currently slated to be around 20 million dollars underneath the cap, but could shed another five million or so by unloading the contracts of Amir Johnson and their first round pick (#15). Enter the Oklahoma City Thunder. They are reportedly high on B.J. Mullens (as is Milwaukee), and likely would be able to nab him with the 15th pick. Considering how far under the cap they’ll be this summer, they would have no problem taking on Amir Johnson’s expiring 3.66 million dollar contract. They should be able to find a suitor for their late first round pick if they choose to do so, as teams like San Antonio, Houston, Toronto and Orlando are all in the market for a draft choice in that range. With the money Detroit frees up, they could go after their top two free agent targets, rumored to be Paul Millsap and Ben Gordon." Not bad. Thunder end up with two good young players for basically nothing.


The small line-up

I'm concerned. All this talk of Outlaw on the block in almost every trade worries me.  How can this be?  I've proposed trades involving Outlaw, but I didn't consider the ramifications.   Here is...


It's time for the 6th man to step it up [Edit:] that means us

As I watched game 5 from section 330, it came to me.  Our vocal crowd had no chanting tendancies.  Other than the very common "Here we go, Blazers, here we go" on offense and "De-fense, De-fense"...

Summer league dates


Anyone going? I couldn't last year, but it looks good this year.

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