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Fanposts that I'm most proud of.

BlazersEdge Dictionary http://www.blazersedge.com/2008/6/13/551263/blazersedge-dictionary

My Oden minutes; I lost 20 lbs

Who are we? http://www.blazersedge.com/2008/6/7/547639/who-are-we

Bayless post before the draft http://www.blazersedge.com/2008/6/24/557880/bayless-falling

I'm so proud that my new son has entered this world http://www.blazersedge.com/2009/7/19/954990/its-a-bouncing-baby-boy-junk

Favorite highlights:

Roy with the best play I've ever seen in person. "Hit it! Yes, he did!"

Roy with the best dunk of 2009.

Bayless dunk vs. New Jersey.

Excellent afternoon at "The Venue"...2007 draft party and I was there!

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User Blog

Red out on Thursday? (with poll)

Someone called in the "The Bald Face Truth" today.   The caller was asking everyone to wear red during the Phoenix game.  I think it's a great idea.   It almost takes me back to my college years....

"On of my favorite players in the league. Underrated. They call him the Vanilla Gorilla...If...


"On of my favorite players in the league. Underrated. They call him the Vanilla Gorilla...If Pryzbilla played on a really good team, he'd be scary."

Barkley diss about the Blazers. TNT halftime of the L@kers vs G. St. game. That's a Direct quote.

HoopsWorld: Summer of 2009 cap room


Is this right? 9.1 million is more room than I've heard anywhere else. If it is, I'm loving it.


The 3.13 exception

I've been thinking about that 3.13 Ruffin trade exception.  Will Portland really use it? A quote from Ben really caught my eye.   "The team is really, really, really satisfied with itself for...

Espn's Sheridan: Top trade assets. RLEC is #2


Interesting stuff. And not just about the Blazers.

Charlotte's Wallace in the hospital


After this collision does anyone still want Crash? I hope he gets better fast. He'll be absolutely out for the game tomorrow.


RLEC could be very costly to Paul Allen

How costly is it to trade RLEC? I am no expert on the salary cap or how the luxury tax works, but this is what rolled around in my grey matter today. If Miles' contract moved Portland into the...


Newsday: Sergio "coveted..."(Edited)

According to Alan Hahn at Newsday, Sergio Rodriguez is "coveted by several teams." http://www.newsday.com/sports/basketball/ny-splondon6003284jan18,0,2982656.story This is the snippet; "Showcase...

AP: Blake out 2 to 4 more weeks The Trail Blazers found out earlier Saturday that starting point...


AP: Blake out 2 to 4 more weeks The Trail Blazers found out earlier Saturday that starting point guard Steve Blake would miss another two to four weeks with a sprained right shoulder, longer than originally expected.


We get a peek at Pritchard's cards

This from the Columbian's Blazer Banter.  I missed the money quote.  Pritchard said that "(LaFrentz) is the card I want to play." We've been looking at the tea leaves.  Struggling to find trends...

A crack in the L*kers armor: Lamar Odom


They seem set to take everything this season. Here's hoping that he'll fracture the team.

Houston needs another Big Man


With all the Battier talk during the summer, is this food for thought?


Junk (Oct. 1)

Just watched two games back to back.   First I put in the Gold medal game to see if my memory was correct.  I shook my head as Rudy carried Spain for much of the game.  Then I jumped up again when...


The Oden Minutes (revisited)

On Sept. 13, 2007, Greg Oden had surgery on his knee.  Many months of rehab were in store for Mr. Oden.  He has shown endless energy to get back to our team and I am very proud of him. Shortly...


John Gabriel joins the Knicks

As far as I know Gabriel has been with the Blazers as a scout since 2004.  Seems like he will be missed.  Portland's best drafts in years has come at a time when Gabriel was here and remember that...


Rudy's Semi-final game

I'm a little confused about when and if it'll be live. schedule here gives you the USA channel. But what time will it play PST? On FRIDAY MORNING I have the whole block recorded.  Is it at 7am?...


The Rookie Game (updated)

Now that we've had a chance to look at Rudy, I thought I'd ask a question that will be on our collective minds early in the season.  Can the Blazers get 3 first year players to the All-Star...


Stern: Iranian Center forbidden to play in the NBA

I know that this might turn into a politics or governmental policies fanpost, but I thought it was very interesting.  I don't think that Stern has a choice here. Yahoo sports Story I'm unsure if...


Can Steven Hill make the roster?

I just had to watch a game after the schedule came out. I put in the summer league game vs. Phoenix. Bayless scored 36, but I couldn't believe the impact that Hill had on that game defensively. If...


Taurean Green inks with Cai Zaragoza

This is from the Hoopshype rumors page.  Scroll down about 1/2 the page.  The link is not in English, so if anyone can translate it, I'd be grateful. Green signs with team in Europe Thanks to...


A non-Blazer, Blazer shirt for my wife

My wife doesn't like basketball.  She tolerates my passion.   I don't think that she would ever be seen in Blazer merch.  So I've tried to get a little creative.  I know that with our kids, she is...


OT: Players you've whiffed on

With the "draft the stache" campaign deep in our rear view mirrors, I got to thinking about the players that I've been dead wrong about.  These are college players that I saw and said to myself,...


All Olympic Basketball games to be aired LIVE

This is great news.  We'll get to see each game from Team USA and each game from Team Rudy...err...who's he play for again? Fantastic.  I'm every bit as excited about watching Rudy play in the...


Rudy's Spain vs. USA August 16

The dates are set. 7:15 am PST.  Saturday morning.  I can't wait to see how Rudy does. No news that I can find that it will be live or tape delayed.  Anyone? h...

Oden hearts Rihanna


This from the Ohio St website.


Dance, Dance ... it's a Revolution!

Rejoice! Jump for joy! Celebrate! The Blazers are on the brink of changing how the NBA game is played.  There are two things that stick out in my mind.  Two things that every NBA team will try...


NY turns down Clips in trade for Zach

Wow.  Losing Brand hurts.  The Clippers are far enough under the cap to take Zach and give NY nothing but salary relief.  NY says no thank you, but I'll bet this thing will happen.  Zach is no...

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