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I'm passionate, I'm objective, it just seemed right. :)

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What is it worth to you?

Hello Friends,    I'm sure everyone is aware that BD has an opt out available to him, and everyone, including myself, is wondering if he's going to take it or not.  I read something suprising...


Quick note: Roster move

I looked but didn't see that anyone made mention that Dallas Braden was sent down to make room for Keith Foulke.  Makes you wonder what other moves are coming our way as people stop being injured,...


Who is the most expendable?

Of our pitchers that were on the roster last year, who is the most expendable, or the most likely to be traded?  I have chosen the players I have noticed mentioned the most on AN, and other...


The fall of Richie Sexson

   The 2004 offeason had just welcomed two new players to the Seattle Mariners, one Richie Sexton and Adrian Beltre.  Both signed to big money deals with promise of HRs for years to come, and...


A gift, or a curse?

   With the everlasting presence that is Al Davis, I have been push and pulled in different ways since I was a child.  My father, one of 10 children, instilled in us the institution that was being...


Go ahead, make my day.

In reference to my call to trade Al Harrington, I have been asked (as well as wondered myself) who I would go after?  Well, I'm not sure how enamored they Heat are with Shawn Marion, or how he...


87 MPH

Just when I thought Barry was prime for a meltdown during the bottom of the 3rd, he gets out of it.  Did I mention that he hit 87 on a low fastball.  Of course, as I'm typing this, he gets rocked...


Keeping the old with the new

   Hello friends, and thank you for reading my first blog on GSoM.    Chris Mullin's job is to maintain the balance of youth and experience in order to continue the organizational health of the...


Four letter words.

IF: (ERA - WHIP) x (X + OBP) = Playoffs, then X = ? It's funny what a difference a year makes, and doesn't make.  Here are some interesting stats (at least to me) that I'd like to share, and no,...


All's fair in love and Baseball

   At the end of the final season of Barry Zito's contract (2006), the A's conceded that they could not afford to resign the beloved lefty.  The sound of thousands of teenage (and otherwise) broken...


A's need Barry Bonds...again?

Hello Friends,    Let me first say thank you for reading my blog, if anyone actually is, and welcome to my first blog on Athletics Nation.    I was recently reading a column by The Great Art...

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