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A defence of Woodson

In recent days and weeks there has been some growing criticism of Woody. I get it - here is Stat glued to the bench and we're starting James White? Or the retina-scorching lazy switching...In...


Highlights from the O2

So I thought I'd do a warm-up post on the highlights for me from last night, in anticipation of UKknick's recap, which will be awesome no doubt as it will have photos and Spike Lee and Baron Davis...


step away from the ledge

the loss last night leaves a bad taste in the mouth, no doubt. lot of people worrying about making the playoffs. but here's the deal - milwaukee's schedule isn't as easy as everyone is saying....


p&t meetup?

i'm coming over to new york from england in april (13th-18th) to see the wizards/heat/celtics games. just wondering if people would be up for a p&t meetup somewhere in new york? would be interested...

JR Smith "expects to pick up player option next year"

interesting post here, first tweeted by fox sports journo, chris tomasson. don't know how reliable he is, but an exciting possibility!


who is happy with the team is it is right now?

me, for one. there are a plethora of proposed trades going round - melo, iggy, pgs, bigs. all involve breaking up aspects of the team before we see how good they are and how they develop. i love...


one reason to be happy

according to my wife, who is russian, mozg translates as brain, so mozgov basically means brainy...   couldn't think of another reason to be happy following the last few games, but it at least put...


useful links

i know most of you will have seen all these videos before, and several have been posted but i was at a loose end yesterday and spent it watching videos of our team next year so thought why not put...

when will people learn? just get the fuck out the way!!! (a very happy knicks fan this morning!)

when will people learn? just get the fuck out the way!!! (a very happy knicks fan this morning!)

can the knicks get creative?

interesting article outlining some potential options for curry

hahn reads p&t?

check it out - halfway down his latest post there's a "pause"!


quick question

hoping someone can help out here- do you remember a couple of years back when the p&t did the top ten and starks won? there was a post which had a great youtube mix of starks doing his thing, the...

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