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The Cowboys are full of "losers"

I live in Atlanta, Ga and I have quite the commute every morning to work. I was listening to the local Atlanta sports radio station, 92.9 The Game and they were having a segment about the Falcons....

The truth hurts people :/


Skip has been as loyal and as big of a fan as any of us. Im afraid he has hit the nail on the head. All we can hope is that Stephen Jones has more will to win and can find a good head coach to collaborate with in the future after the Jerry era.

Ware & Murray likely to miss Eagles game


It doesnt look like they will be out too long although it is not uncommon for the front office to stretch the truth on that. Get healthy guys!!

Ratliff has "Beef" with Strength and Conditioning staff?


This has to be the worst excuse I have heard to not get healthy as soon as you possibly can. The only way I can see "beef" between the two parties is by the staff asking Ratliff to do more than he feels like doing. I think this speaks of Ratliff's character. We should be kicking ourselvs for not drafting a DT.

Jason Garrett doesn't want to share his ball?


I just listened to the interview of Ed Werder on the ESPN Dallas radio station. In summary, it seems as if Romo wanting to have a hand in play-calling duties has been a topic for some time. Werder states that Romo has recently been a part of the process in game planning, but has never had the say that he has long desired and negotiated for in his new contract. Has JG been stingy with play calling duties? Or did he think Romo just needed more years of priming before handing over the reigns?

We got our new SAM!!


Calling ALL Cowboys fans going to the Falcons game!!! BtB tailgate?

( I apologize if this isnt fanpost worthy) This is my second Cowboys game of my life. My first time going to the Ga Dome even though I live in Atlanta. I am hoping to get a good tailgate going...

Sources: Fear Ligament Damage for DeMarco Murray


Im guessing about a 6 week injury? I surely hope not.... be strong DeMarco!!!

Anthony Spencer out vs Beara


Per a "source" he is listed out for the game.... this will definitely hurt our Run D

Cowboys NOT 2012 Contenders?


As a Cowboys fan, I like to read anything and everything about them. Whether its from ESPN, BTB, the mothership, or Joe Blow the garbage man. I take it all in Jean Jacques Taylor from ESPN Dallas is a writer that often has a pessimistic vibe about the Boys. (at least last year he did). I know we have barely started training camp, and its really too early for any real educated opinions... but this guy just isnt buying into the KOOL AID that we are stirring up this offeason. We have added talent/depth to our LB's, CB's, FS, QB, and O-Line, and thats still not enough improvement in a one year span?

Should we give him one LAST shot?


The man is broke, depressed, and a potential jail bird. Jerry would literally save his life if he gave T.O. another chance, but would T.O. perform like its his last chance? Id see no issues in at least working him out. I think paying him the veteran's minimum if he did pan out is a good deal for a 3rd WR. Thoughts?!?!

Texans Sign Bradie James


another one bites the dust!

Fiammetta OUT vs REDSKINS


Honestly this puts a big damper on our running game. I am no longer comfortable about this weeks game. This is a HUGE LOSS!


So Everyone Doesn't Waste Their Time

Well here we are again folks. Another game that the Cowboys were in until the very end..... just to cough one up as a "learning experience." How many more close games can the Boys learn from? How...

Ben says Cowboys need Randy


The fans aren't the only ones on the Randy Moss bandwagon!!

DeMarco Murray on Ben and Skin Show


Ben and Skin joke with Murray about Romo smoking cigarettes. I don't know if this is true or not, but if it is... HE SHOULD STOP WITH HIS CONDITION!! 1st post

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