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Should NFL Post Season Coach Hirings be Delayed Until After the Super Bowl?

I agree with the timing of the so-called "Black Monday" mass firings of NFL Head Coaches on the Monday after the regular season ends. If your team is going to take a new direction, there's no need...


Dusty Baker II ?

It seems there are some parallels between Dusty Baker and Marvin Lewis. Both were veteran managers. Both had teams chocked full of talent. Both were one and done in the playoffs this year. ...


Poll: Would the Bengals Benefit from a Team Playoff Song?

With the regular season wrapping up and the Super Bowl a little over a month away, maybe it’s not too early to be thinking of a team song that might help propel the Bengals through playoffs....


Establish the Run or Establish the Lead?

I get that the Bengals need to run the ball to be successful, especially this time of year. But I'm wondering if we really need to run the ball a lot at the beginning of a game to first "establish...


Poll: Bengals’ #1 Issue

For a team that’s 9-5, there’s a lot right with the Bengals. While "All of the Above" may be the best answer, if you could only pick one thing, what do you think is the Bengals #1 issue at this...


Poll: Expected 2013 Bengals Final Regular Season Record

With many twists and turns this season, the Bengals find themselves at 9-5 and in 1st place in the AFC North with 2 games to go, with both at home. The Ravens are 1 game behind at 8-6 and play the...


Has Dadio McDuck Migrated South?

Is it just me or is anyone else missing Dadio McDuck and Hodgie "The Electric" Smodgie in their SIISWIS shows? If you need a "fix", here's a replay from a preseason show with a hilarious segment...


Perception Poll: #1 Reason Why Andre Hasn't Re-Signed (Yet)

There has been a lot of speculataion on why Andre Smith hasn't re-signed a contract with the Bengals. While we don't have many facts, we heard that he initially wanted $9 mil/year. We also heard...


Poll: When Do You Think the Bengals Will Sign Andre Smith?

We all know that Andre is no stranger to waiting for a bigger contract, so when do you think the Bengals will sign him, if ever? To help you formulate your answer, here's a quick summary of key...

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