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Raised by wolves, socialized by lepers, pdb has done a remarkable job of appearing "normal" to anybody who comes in proximity to him. Just don't sneak up on him, because the wolves bred a healthy dislike for surprise.

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User Blog

Arsenal vs. Manchester City: Match Preview

Petrodollar FC comes to town.

FA Correctly Assigns, Overturns Red Card

The FA got two things right today. Shame their referee couldn't get them right Saturday.

Arsenal Trio Sign New, Improved Contracts

No news on Sagna yet, but Cazorla, Ramsey, and Zelalem are sticking around a while.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: North London Derby

Highlights. Lowlights. Lights.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham: Match Thread and TV

Much like a game in which a small man in overalls tries to save a beautiful woman from a rampaging ape with nought but a hammer, it is on.

More Than Three Questions: North London Derby

We have questions. They have answers. The circle of life continues.

Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich: Instant Reaction

Bayern advance to the medal rounds of the UEFA diving competition....er um something

Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich: Three (More) Questions

We chat again with the good folks at Bavarian Football Works.

Arsenal vs. Everton: FA Cup Quarterfinal Preview

Eight teams enter. Four will leave. But nobody dies. Hopefully.

March Madness: Swansea Fixture Date Announced

With Arsenal playing an FA Cup match this weekend, Swansea had to move. Not the whole town, just the fixture.

FA Cup Three Questions: Everton

Royal Blue Mersey and The Short Fuse had questions for each other, that we then answered, because that's what one does with questions.

Charlie Adam Charged With Thuggery, Because Stoke

Charlie Adam was charged with violent conduct today, after his attempted crushing of Olivier Giroud's leg on Saturday

Arsenal vs. Stoke City: Match Preview

It's everyone's favorite road trip!


Off Topic: Favorite People, Different Stuff

The lovely mrs. pdb and I are going to New York in late May for a Timbers game. It will be my wife's first time in NYC, so of course she's putting together a list of eleventy billion things she...

Little Boy Lost: Robin Van Persie Unhappy At MUFC

Do we care? Maybe. Sort of. In a schadenfreude-y way.

The Past Isn't Prologue In This Case

Let's take a look at the claim that Arsenal always fade in February. Or March.

Arsenal vs. Sunderland: Match Preview

The Black Cats come to London (and hopefully go home empty handed).

Arsenal vs. Sunderland: Three Questions

Three Questions: Does what it says on the tin.

Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich: Instant Reaction

That didn't go well, but didn't go as badly as it could have. Victory?

Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich: Match Thread and TV


Arsenal get to see first hand the cost of puking up the Napoli match today.

Arsenal Recall Hector Bellerin. Do You?

Arsenal bring Hector Bellerin back from a loan

Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich: Three Questions

Everything you need to know about Wednesday's Champions League match in three easy answers.

World To Jose Mourinho: Shut It

I know I shouldn't respond to these things, but here we are.

Arsenal vs. Manchester United: Match Thread And TV

If one were wanting to talk about the game, one could do it here!

Arsenal vs. Manchester United: Match Preview

Saturday's dead and buried. Wednesday's almost here.


Off Topic: One And Done

There was a really interesting discussion in a thread about films that, once seen, need never be seen again because they're just agonizing, uncomfortable, or whatever. Your Neil LaButes, your Todd...

The Day After The Morning Before

Step away from the ledge, everybody.

Dennis Bergkamp Becomes A Statue

Arsenal honor one of their legends in the best way possible.

Champions League Player Eligibility Update

Not much shocking to report, but it's a slow news day, so.

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