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LA Clippers v San Antonio Spurs | NBA Playoffs 2012 Highlights | CPUvCPU

Watch some Clippers vs Spurs highlight in NBA 2k12 with hilarious British commentary!

Trade-eligible players after March 1

There probably is a better page with the salaries but here's an earlier weekend dime on ESPN. Look under section 3. Is there anyone noteworthy that we can trade for to help out our needs for a wing defender-type guy?

Baron goes back to school

Well it's not like he has anything better to do I suppose...

The Clippers gave up their biggest fan's seat to another

Whoa. What happened here? Clipper Darrell's seat is sold to someone else?

Willie Warren to Bakersfield

Mood not good from Willie? Not sure why. At least he's getting playing time, hopefully. Quick thoughts on this... This is the first time the Clippers have ever assigned a player to the D-League. Other teams have had some success with these assignments; it will be interesting to see how Willie responds. A couple of games ago I asked Vinny if Warren might get some minutes given Rasual's struggles. His answer, as you can see by both WW's playing time and by this reassignment, was 'Nope.' He said that Warren was "inexperienced... really inexperienced." Of course, that answer is a catch-22 - there's only way to get real experience. But the bottom line seemed to be that even in practice Warren had not shown VDN any reason that he needed to get into a game. What's interesting about this is that they are taking Gordon on the trip, but not Warren. It means, until Gordon, Kaman and/or Smith suit up, the Clippers will have only 10 players in uniform. You'd think they'd want Warren along if only for injury insurance while three guys are already out hurt. Does Warren's banishment indicate that Gordon really is close to playing? Don't know. Steve

Basketbawful remembers MDsr in pictures

A few citizens here read Basketbawful, and the site just posted a list of awesome pictures with MDsr to wave goodbye to MDsr's severance to the Clippers.

Hughes' Winning Percentage as Coach Tops Free Throw Percentage as Player

Interesting little tidbit about Kim Hughes' player history, coaching style and so on. Title's sorta misleading though - you would think that it'd be a quick note about his free throw percentage and ends there.


Let's Hypothetize: If CMDsr is fired what are you expecting

Since it sounds like everyone is clamoring for CMDsr's head (when aren't the majority wanting his head lobbed off?), let's say that after the Celtics' game, we lose and then CMDsr is relieved of...

What's New With Blake Griffin? - ESPN Daily Dime

Hooray for J.A. who got to ask Blake a few questions and sharing them with us.


So Where Are We Now?

My first fanpost here! And it'll have lots of rambling and lots of random jumps to random topics. Please bear with me. So we are like 21 games into the season, and that's about 1/4ths through the...

Opponent Offensive Rebounds Per Game

Found this little interesting tidbit since every game we, as fans complain about letting the other team grab the boards at our end. So it turns out, we're at 4th place...from the bottom up. The other teams are Golden State, Phoenix and the Lakers. And they have more possessions per game than we do. Which means we are pretty much giving up a larger percent of boards to the opposing team. We're also in the lower echelon of defensive rebounds per game. So, while Camby is grabbing the boards like a madman, the other teammates need to step up. Rebound is one of the most important hustle stats - you control the rebounds, you control the game. The guys need to understand that.

Clippers could have looked up but settle for the bottom - T.J. Simers

I'm not familiar with Simers, but seems like he hates Ricky Davis with a passion.

Why Iverson isn't a Clipper

My favorite line: "You know it's getting bad when your organization makes the Clippers look professional by comparison."

J.A. Adande writes about Blake saving the Clippers

He's liking Blake's game and attitude, and finally a more positive article from ESPN.

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