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Damon returns; Schwinden to Columbus


Damon back, Carlin down according to Indians.com. ESPN transaction line also reports the Indians claimed Chris Schwinden from Toronto and assigned him to Columbus: http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=schwin001chr New one on me -- doesn't look horrible on paper.

Indians at Fenway don't drink beer; they watch TV.


A British newspaper notices the Indians! We're internationally famous!

More signings - not first basemen


I think I recall some talk about Ryan Spillborghs a few years ago.

Waves (or ripples) of arms continue to roll in for the Tribe!


I can't say I think this is going to be a significant signing, but, for the sake of completeness...

Orioles re-acquire Brooks Robinson


Actually, it's just Mark Reynolds. I guess Indians fans can breathe a sigh of relief that he's not coming here.

Sandy Alomar interviewed by the Jays


ESPN reporting that Sandy Alomar has interviewed for the Jays' managing vacancy.


Ken Burns and Recent Baseball History

  I’m wondering if anyone else managed to sit through Ken Burns’ addendum to his film on baseball – four hours of coverage of the last decade or two, picking up where his previous film ended (and,...

The Pirates do something right (sort of)


This will undoubtedly inflame the "Dolan is cheap" crowd, but it is an interesting portrait of how a team can still make money while losing.

Poor Armando.


Some guys have all the luck!

Raffie Right not worth $5 million


The Rockies have decided not to overpay Rafael Betancourt. I don't think he's headed back to Cleveland, however, since Colorado seem to be interested in re-signing him. I kind of miss him (the one from a few years ago, anyway).

The Onion Needles Jeter Again


I confess I saw this at the bottom of Jayson Stark's column, but I thought it was funny -- Indians fans need cheering up.

Kazmir to LA


It's not Jamey Caroll changing teams, apparently...

ABJ channels LGT


Patrick McManamon describes the Indians as a team with deep flaws in today's ABJ. Much of what he says sounds pretty accurate, but it also sounds familiar, somehow. Do we know who his friend "jeff" is?

Rondon to AAA


The PD reports that Hector Rondon has been promoted to AAA. Elsewhere in the paper, Wedge is quoted as saying Laffey will start for the Indians on Wednesday. (I can't find a link to that quote, but I swear I read it in the paper version). Bye-bye Tomo, I guess.

Newsflash: Zombie Marte Sighted by Fangraphs


Nothing much new here, really, although the article does offer faint praise of Marte's performance at Columbus -- making contact, not striking out too much. With Wes Hodges due to return soon, what happens to Marte?

Trivia Question


Ok folks. Just for fun, anyone want to tell me who this guy is?

That's right. You're not from Texas?


Unsurprising that Dellucci wants to return to Texas. I found Toronto's alleged interest in him somewhat more surprising.

Sipp recalled


ESPN is reporting that Tony Sipp is being recalled to replace Betancourt. I can only find it in the transactions list (no article). Any confirmation?


Small Consolation? Yankees are Just as Bad

I think there's already been an intentional overreaction thread, so I offer this instead.  The Indians and the Yankees have performed similarly badly so far this year in most areas (although the...

Tigers/Rays trade


We argued the virtues of Edwin Jackson a while back. Apparently, the Tigers like him.

Yanks make CC an offer; can he refuse?


ESPN reports that the Yanks have made CC an offer slightly larger than the deal Santana got from the Mets. So... how badly does he want to play in the National League? We're about to find out.

Hoynes scouts the Tribe for 09


This article appeared in today's (Sunday's) PD. It contains, among other things, an unnamed scout's appraisal of some the younger players on whom the Indians will "count" next year. There's been some good discussion on this site of the limits of scouts' opinions, which are often subjective and are particularly hard to read if you don't know who the guy is, as in this case. But, a couple of things here surprised me a little: the scout is pretty lukewarm about Asdrubal's play at short this year and seems generally critical of his range. Maybe that's a reaction to his being "out of shape," but I wondered if that was actually something that the data bear out. The scout is also more enthusiastic about Zach Jackson than about some of the other Indians young lefties (he seems to like Laffey too). I guess if the comparison is to Scott Lewis and Sowers, that's not too surprising, but many people saw Jackson as just a fill in for this year; the scout suggests he may be a little better than that. I hope he's right! One thing the scout says that sounds familiar: he advocates playing Victor at first and underlines Garko's limitations.

Shoppach has knee surgery


I don't think we've heard about this. It doesn't sound like anything serious (sigh of relief?)

Todd Jones retires


Well, I guess Indians fans don't have to worry about a true Borowski replacement for next year. It sounds as if Jones is kind of bitter towards Tigers fans!

Is this good or bad news for the PTBNL?


More news from Milwaukee -- David Riske is having surgery. Doesn't sound like things are going to well over there -- too bad for us.

Good Garko?


I usually like Castrovince's comments on the Indians home page, but this one struck me as kind of over the top. Garko's "surge" is described glowingly here, with a note that he has OPS'd 808 in August. If he were to sustain that over the full year, that would tie him with Ben Francisco (or is it Fransisco?!) for 5th on the team (after Sizemore, Shoppach, Choo and Peralta). A season-long OPS of 808 would place him 6th among AL 1st baseman, ahead of Lyle Overbay in 7th. All told, in other words, if this is the "good" Garko, he's not all that good. How can the team upgrade at 1B -- play Martinez there a lot and have Shoppach catch? Or, do we sign a free agent? Or, what?

The Graffanino era begins


The Bisons are activating 35 year old Tony Graffanino for tonight's game. Starting pitcher not yet announced -- could it be Jeff Weaver? A pre-game doo-wop concert is also rumored.


Economics of Losing

I was wondering at what point, if any, the Indians' disappointing season becomes an economic concern for the team.  Right now, they're averaging 25,787 per game (22nd in the majors).  That's about...


Going for the hbp record

Rather than tie myself in knots trying to decide whether to trade CC and to whom, I decided to amuse myself by doing some calculations regarding the Indians' propensity to get hit by a pitch....

Jays fire Gibbons


I guess Gibbons must like Adam Dunn?

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