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Observations from NU at Cal: A Photo Essay

As some of you may already know, I ventured deep into the uncharted lands of San Francisco to both take a short vacation and watch the 'Cats take on Cal in Berkeley. The trip was fun and everyone...

OT: apples


Because I guess OTE has a thing about apples now, here's an article about why they generally don't taste as good anymore. My favorite part is the first comment.

Sailgate 2


Hey! Are you going to NU v Cal in San Francisco? Are you lamenting the fact that it's a night game and the Alumni tailgate sold out, leaving you with nothing to do for like a million hours before the game? Do you like boats? Well you should sign up for this. They still need like 20+ people to make it an actual thing. Also I'm going to go, so it'll automatically be awesome.

ESPN thing on recruiting needs


ESPN posted this article the other day about recruiting needs around the B1G, but this stood out to me: Biggest recruit: ESPN 300 dual-threat quarterback Matt Alviti had offers from some big programs including Notre Dame, but he chose nearby Northwestern. The Wildcats have an unsettled situation at quarterback, and as a local product Alviti could be called for by the fans if the quarterback play does not improve. Now, I know that Alviti is probably the best recruit in this class, but I consider myself a fan and are we actually disappointed with the QB play to the point of calling for Alviti right off the bat? This just seems like an incredibly naive statement, but I guess I should expect nothing less from the WWL.

I don't know if you guys watch Key and Peele, but this was on tonight and I felt like it was pretty...


I don't know if you guys watch Key and Peele, but this was on tonight and I felt like it was pretty much spot on. What with SoP's affinity for names, I had to share.

A tale of two teams

The cliche about Northwestern's defense is they "don't know how to step on throats" or "finish the game" or have a habit of "letting teams stick around." I'm sure we've all heard these things and...

BC Tailgate/Meetup

I'm Fanposting this so it doesn't get lost in the comments. Again. Last week LincolnParkWildcat and I met up before the Vanderbilt game to drink beers and do football things. We had a grand ol'...

More proof that Northwestern owns all media


There's not much to this piece, but it's fun seeing an (the?) executive editor of a Seattle paper openly bucking support for his local team in favor of NU. Yet more proof that everyone wants us to succeed.

The Carmody Post

It's been a full 15 hours since our collective hearts were broken in the worst way in Indianapolis, and there's been a lot of sadness/anger/depression/weeping into shoulders while hugging it...

Bracketology puts NU in as 11 seed


So apparently Lunardi, guru that he is, has NU in this year as an 11 seed. I know this is ZOMG ridiculously early, but hey the guy didn't have us in at all last year. Personally I think it's a little bit optimistic (I might have us as one of the last 4 in at best), but I like that people know the name of my school. Woo basketball recognition!

Watch Party in Chicagoland

So, we're all organizing watch parties all around the country, but people seem to forget that Chicago (and to a lesser extent Evanston) is where the 'Cats call home. Shame on them for traveling to...

Would you rather...

ESPN today has a poll up on their front page, much like they do every day, although this time it's particularly interesting. The question is "would you rather your favorite team (a) lose in one of...

Sippin' On Purple meetup

So there's been a fair amount of talk in the comments lately about a meetup of S.O.P regulars after Gameday and before the game, but it seems like there hasn't really been a plan beyond "hey maybe...


Big Ten Tournament Thoughts

I know no one should really be surprised by the announcement, but the Big Ten made it official and announced the tournament seedings sometime today, so now we as northwestern fans know what we're...

The December NU v. Auburn Fan Thread

I'd like to try out a little experiment here, with Rodger's blessings. I've noticed that Auburn fans and NU fans have been hopping back and forth between Sippin' on Purple and Track 'em Tigers,...


NU v. Butler: a Fan's Perspective

Northwestern basketball is in a bit of a conundrum early in the season. We've lost our single best player, team leader, and all-around super-dude Kevin Coble to something called a "Lisfranc...

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