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Trade Victorino?

Since Ryan Howard is likely going to miss at least some of 2012 with the Achilles injury, it would seem that the logical solution would be to put Mayberry at 1B and Brown (crossing my fingers he...

Derek Lowe gets the boot


Lowe was traded to the Indians for single A left handed reliever, Chris Jones, who apparently ins't likely to amount to much. The Braves have to pay $10 million of the $15 million left on the final year of his fantastic contract.

DeMarco Murray's 91 yard TD run


Murray had a huge day, but any RB in the NFL could have made this run. It was well blocked up front, as the Cowboys 5 Olinemen, full back, and slot WR (which was actually Jason Witten) all got good blocks on a member of the Ram's front 7. That left the two safeties as the only players on the field that could potentially make the tackle. The first ate shit for no apparent reason (0:09 second mark), while the second (which was Mikell) got caught flat footed and Murray blew by him. I think this play says more about Dallas' ability to block (or the Rams inability to play half way decent defense) than it does about DeMarco Murray.

A look at potential 4-3 LBs in the 2012 draft


By Tommy Lawlor. Just in case you want to get your hopes up. A linebacking core of Audie Cole- Burfict/Te'o-Rolle would look pretty solid.

Baseball Prospectus: Young high school draftees better than old


Pretty interesting article from BP. Done reading? Now hit up part two, Since I know you're now scrambling to find Larry Greene's birthday, I'll save you the trouble: Larry Greene- born 2/10/1993, age on June 1st 2011, 18.32 years, which places him in the 2010 "young" bin (they didn't say anything about the 2011 draft, so I'm going with the most recent info), which is good news for us. I know this study included only high school hitters in the top 100 picks, but I figured I'd dig up the info on Walding and T. Greene as well since I was curious: T. Greene- born on 12/1/1992, 18.51 years old on June 1st 2011, which puts him in the 2010 "average" bin. Walding- born on 9/10/1992, 18.73 years old on June 1st 2011, which puts him in the "old" bin. blah Also, John Singleton- born on 9/18/1991, 17.7 (!!!!) years old on June 1st 2009, which gets him into the "very young" bin.


Switch back to the 2 gap system

Everyone can see that the run defense is getting gashed.  Maybe, instead of having the DTs penetrate, we should have them go back to the old 2 gap system.  We just don't have the linebackers to...

The rulings are in


We only lose Jacory, Spence, Fortson, and Ojomo for 1 game. Vernon's out 6 games. Ray Ray and Dye are out for 4 games while Brandon McGee, JoJo Nicholas, Micanor Regis and Vaughn Telemaque are all in the clear. All player's eligibilities are contingent on them paying back what the NCAA will arbitrarily deem they received from the rat. All in all, I think it could have been a lot worse.


Terrelle Pryor

I know this has nothing to do with the Eagles, but this suspension reeks of shit.  Pryor has been suspended for 5 games by the NFL.  According to ESPN: "Pryor made decisions that undermine the...

We might not be as f*cked as Yahoo would like you to believe


Its probably the most biased piece I've ever read, but there are some valid points, like: "Yahoo! had NO WAY of actually linking those charges to the players other than Shapiro’s word. This is akin to me telling a reporter that I bought a TV for Tim Tebow in 2008, and as proof, I have my Discover Card statement with a charge at Best Buy." It also brings up a point about Randy Shannon doing everything in his power to keep Shapiro away from the team. Which makes me wonder, does that then negate the "willful violators" clause the NCAA is planning on using? Because if that clause is out the window, then it would seem to me that only the past 4 years is eligible to be investigated, which means we might be able to survive this thing mostly unscathed, as there weren't a whole lot of violations during the Shannon years.


Why I think the Phillies should let Madson walk next year

In case you haven't heard, the Phillies moved Justin DeFratus and Phillipe Aumont to AAA last night. That to me says the Phillies think both could be September callups this year, and could be on...

Dom Brown activated; optioned to Lehigh Valley


Also, Oswalt is coming back on Thursday. Good news for Brown. His power didnt seem to be effected too much in Clearwater as he hit 2 HRs, including an absolute moonshot.


Were probably screwed at RCB

It appears as though the Ealges have put all their eggs into one basket.  RCB is still a glaring hole on this team as we basically neglected the position in the draft.  The general consensus, which...

Jimmys Oline age post from last year


I see a lot of people around here arent that concerned with Watkins' age. Just wanted to remind everyone that our very own JimmyK seemed to come to the conclusion last year that Olineman dont age well.

Brandon Wood DFA'd


Hes been horrible lately (like, for a few YEARS), but theres potential there. Would anyone else be happy if the Phillies took a flier on him given the lack of right side infield prospects?

Lastings Milledge DFA'd


Any takers? I think hed be better than Pete Orr, even if he is an OFer.

Matt Anderson released


Per Salisbury. Honestly I couldnt care less. He was pretty bad throughout ST.



Im beginning to think its a load of crap.  I dont have stats to back it up, so accept this for what it is; a hunch.  Everyone seems so afraid of pitching prospects because the whole injury risk. ...


Next year (2012)

I was just wondering about what was going to happen next year with the guys who could become free agents, and decided to turn my thoughts into a fanpost, so here it is. Just a quick rundown...

John Sickle's Early Blue Jays Top 20 List


For anyone who wants to keep tabs on some of the prospects we've traded away in the last year, here they are: 1) Kyle Drabek, RHP, Grade A-: Borderline B+. Looks like he's going to be a workhorse and possibly more. 8) Travis D'Arnaud, C, Grade B-: Strong glove, but I think people are overrating his bat. Young enough to improve that. 9) Anthony Gose, OF, Grade B-: I realize other people will think this is too low. I respect his athleticism and potential, but the risk of failure is high enough for me to be a little wary. Really sucks that we lost Drabek, but you have to give to get.

Hyatt up to Reading


Clear evidence that the Phillies read this site

Willie Green contract giver to be Nets top exec.




Iggy to Boston?

Let me start by saying I have no source to support this whatsoever, it came totally from my brain.   That said, I think Boston could be a potential landing spot for Iggy.  The Celts are...


Sammy D

  Ok, I will undoubtedly get maimed for even bringing this up, but would anyone be upset if Sammy was here past next season? (dont stop reading yet).  Hes going to be a free agent after next year,...

Iggy+ for Tmac?


The Rockets want Iggy AND young talent for Tmac. This is starting to feel like the Roy Halladay trade. (Amaro: Theres no way were dealing Drabek, ever. Never, ever, never... Wait, we'll be saving how much money? SOLD!!)


Eli Manning a winner?.... PLEASE

So apperently some people think that Eli deserves to be called a "winner".  That just makes me piss my pants from laughing so hard.  What would make people think that? Well, Eli won the Superbowl...

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