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Sacramento born and raised. Searching for home since. (law says my profile image needs credit: it's from digitalart) Urbs Indomita sums up Sacramento pretty well, doesn't it?

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  • MLB Oakland Athletics
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What I'd say to City Council and all of Sacramento tonight

The fastest man I have ever seen in my life once told me the story of the day he met the fastest man he had ever seen. The previous year he had been getting ready for the California State High...

Who wants a group to go to opening night?


A bunch of scattered seats at the old throne room. But I see exceptions. Seats, together, in section 212, 217--these are less expensive seats. Seats together in 101 and 116, moderately priced--at the top of the section. 107, 109, 110, 111 and 112 have some small groups of super nice seats, aka a bit pricier. And folks, that's it. That's nine youth groups from your Church, Synagogue, Ward, Mosque, whatever. Or nine groups of friends from work. Or nine small family reunions. Or neighborhood block parties. Free shirts. Free music. Free temporary deafness. What are you waiting for? I'm flying in from Indiana, I assure you my tickets cost more.


The Return of the Kings of Old on the Wings of Dragons

Once, we were Kings. Only a betrayal of the greatest kind kept us from our rightful jewel, the NBA Championship. But we were Kings. Shaq knew it. Phil knew it. The Lakers knew it. The whole league...


A Modest Proposal...about Boogie

For whatever reason, I couldn't get the game Monday. I live in Indiana, Comcast did not have the promo going for League Pass here. So I just sort of paid attention to the ESPN tracker. When I...


The Sixth Man Rises

I admit it. I'm starting to feel a little spoiled as a Kings fan. Granted, the bar hasn't been low, the Maloofs set it on the ground and did a little dance of ineptitude on it. So the fact that a...


Call me stoopid, but are the Kings thinking of making a run at LBJ?

All of the Shaq talk got me thinking. For better or worse, Shaq will be used to go after Free Agents. And he should be good at that. But what if the solution that Vivek et al are hoping for at the...


Why a guy living in Indiana would buy season tickets

What follows is a slightly modified (and clarified) email I sent to my dad on Sunday explaining why a dude without a ton of extra cash and who lives in Indiana (for goodness' sake) is buying into...


Carmichael Dave and Sean Thomas

I am lame. I do not have a smart phone. I twice thought this fact cost me the opportunity to connect with the #playingtowintour. Last night I was away from wifi. I got home to my house in...


Talking out my butt about DMC

The outstanding Tom Ziller wrote a nice piece about Demarcus' latest monumentally immature stupid flagrant 2. While agree with his sentiment, that Demarcus needs to stop this, I'd like to take a...


My Open Letter to Seattle Fans (This is NOT Sonicsgate)

Dear Seattle, First off, Seattle is my second home. My favorite US city. The place where 9 out of 10 of my favorite places to eat are. Where my beloved Huskies play and learn. I love Seattle, and...

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