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I was born and raised in KCK, growing up as a die hard A's fan. I watched in horror as Finley took the budding stars west to conquer baseball in the seventies, but the Royals were my reward for all the suffering. Give me back my Royals.....now!

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  • MLB Kansas City Royals
  • NBA Golden State Warriors
  • NFL Kansas City Chiefs
  • NCAAF Kansas Jayhawks
  • NCAAB Kansas Jayhawks
  • NHL Ottawa Senators
  • Golf Ben Hogan
  • NASCAR Junior Johnson
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  • Soccer The Cosmos
  • Tennis Rod Laver
  • MMA Me
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Castillo Released, And A Good Question


The Mets just released Luis Castillo, eating $6M in the process. This brought up a good question; which one player best represents the worst years of the Royals? I missed a lot of it, but Neifi seems like he would have a lot of support here. From Deadspin.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda


"Kearns' deal is worth $1.3 million - a raise from the $0.75 million he made in 2010 as a member of the Indians and Yankees. The righty will serve as an outfield reserve behind Grady Sizemore, Shin-soo Choo, and Michael Brantley, all of whom are left-handed." How is this not a better deal than Frogger for $2.5M? Even after the Greinke deal, this still makes more sense.


Just What We Need

Obviously, everybody wants this guy. May 27, 1999: Signed by the Cleveland Indians as an amateur free agent. December 15, 2003: Drafted by the Houston Astros from the Cleveland Indians in the...

Someone Knows Frogger Well


From SB Nation editor and Atlanta fan Jon Bois. "He approaches each at-bat like a happy drunk at a carnival game, and every time he steps into the box, he takes on the appearance of a man who is trying to figure it out for the first time. "Let's see," you can almost hear him saying. "I'd like to hit that ball a long way... they're giving me this stick to hit it with... I reckon if I can swing it around hard enough, the ball ought to go a long way."

Luke Scott: American Idiot


"Baltimore Orioles slugger Luke Scott(notes) stopped by baseball's winter meetings Tuesday and, after some harmless chatter about his team's offseason dealings, stated with conviction that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States."

Pessimistic View Of Zack At HBT


"This is a sad story, but it’s hard to deny. I keep looking at the numbers, trying to find something that will tell me that Greinke is poised to bounce back. I do think he’ll post somewhat better numbers next year due to a better strand rate, but I don’t think he’s going to blow our minds again." One commenter is not convinced: "This is a very poorly researched article. Jason, if you are going to continue to present research using Pitch Fx data you are going to need to learn to do pitch classification of your own and not rely on MLB’s classifications. Even if your pitch classifications are not as good as Mike Fast’s are Harry Pavlidis’, at least they would be consistent from year to year. You also need to learn how to normalize the data for changes in Pitch Fx calibration which occur both between parks and within parks over time. Greinke seems to have very different numbers on his breaking pitches home and away. They may be real, due to mound differences, but they also may be artifacts due to differences in Pitch Fx calibration." Any thoughts at RR? I don't have the sabermetric chops to argue either way.

(OT) CEO Facial Hair And The Goatee


While idly Googling for when the goatee became the only acceptable facial hair for the last 20 years, I came across this: "The Goatee. Here’s your biggest problem. The goatee fad is about 12 years old and shows no sign of abating, although I wake up every day dreaming of its brutal death. Goatees signal two of the worst possible traits for a CEO: pack-following and sheer laziness. Who thought a goatee looked good 20 years ago? A few relief pitchers who were trying to intimidate hitters. A few satanists. That was pretty much it. Then they started showing up all over the place." It's a pretty entertaining quick read by D.F. Krause at North Bay Biz.

Jeff Sullivan On Upton Trade


"Since Ken Rosenthal's initial report that Arizona was listening to suitors, as many as 15 teams have expressed some level of interest. Some of the strongest interest has come from the Red Sox and Blue Jays. The Red Sox currently have Upton on the backburner, but have the resources necessary to bring him over. And the Blue Jays have made a strong push, and have a wealth of young pitchers that could catch Arizona's eye." We have to go to this party.

A Sad Day In Seattle


I gave him a lot of grief for his over-the-top style, but he is a legend to Mariners fans everywhere. It won't be the same without him. "To say that Dave was the voice of the Mariners is to say it all, really. If the Mariners were a thing - a big, awkward, stumbly thing, moving around without any real sense of direction - and if that thing were to open its mouth, it would sound like Dave Niehaus. He felt how all of us felt, and he expressed what all of us wished to express. Through all of the good and all of the bad, one needed nothing more than to listen to Dave Niehaus for a few minutes to figure out where the Mariners stood. There was no hiding his delight when things were going well, and there was no hiding his disappointment when they weren't."

(OT) Most Unbelievable Story Of The Day


"When asked to remove the virus from the laptop, Mr. Bedi allegedly told Mr. Davidson that his computer had in fact been attacked with a virus so virulent that it also damaged Datalink's computers, according to prosecutors. "Mr. Bedi told Mr. Davidson that he had tracked the source of the virus to a remote village in Honduras and that Mr. Bedi's uncle, purportedly an officer in the Indian military, had traveled there in a military aircraft and retrieved the suspicious hard drive, prosecutors said. In addition, Mr. Bedi told the victim that his uncle had uncovered an assassination plot against Mr. Davidson by Polish priests tied to Opus Dei, according to prosecutors." So many bizarre details in this story, you just have to read it.

Some Steinbrenner Hate


This guy is linked through an Alaskan anti-Palin site. "Major League Baseball and the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown sold the remaining slivers of their tiny, black souls to the Devil today and put George Steinbrenner on the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee Ballot. "That’s right, the same convicted felon, thug and alleged human being, who at one point in his sordid stewardship of the New York Yankees hired a private detective to spy on Dave Winfield. George Steinbrenner wasn’t fit to lick the dirt off of Dave Winfield’s cleats. He already has a brass plaque at Yankee Stadium that three times the size of any real baseball players. He has to taint the Hall of Fame, too?"

Blue Jays Acquire Olivo, Buy Out His Option


"For Toronto, this is nothing but a complicated means of buying a draft pick. Miguel Olivo is a Type B free agent. What that means is that, in the event that he signs elsewhere, the Blue Jays will receive a compensatory supplemental pick for the price of a player to be named later and $0.5 million. Though baseball teams aren't allowed to exchange draft picks straight up, this is one indirect means of doing so." Here's our big chance. POWERBAT!

Frenchie Feeling Frisky


"I always wanted to know what it was like to play meaningful baseball in New York and I'm going to have the opportunity." A quick trip to BR shows he's had a .385 BABIP in his last 48 PA's, and he's taken one walk in this stretch, producing a nice looking .378 .396 .556 .951 line. That totally outweighs the .237 .293 .369 .662 line he hung on the Mets in 447 PA's this season. I hope the Rangers re-sign him.

Alderson Frontrunner For Mets GM


From Bleacher Report: "It is said that the Wilpons haven't been letting their general managers make their own decisions. The Wilpons own the Mets, and they might have their reasons for preventing their general managers from having too much power. If Alderson takes the position, however, he deserves all the power he can get. First of all, he is older than Jeff Wilpon, and likely more experienced. Not to mention, it's a lot easier to take power away from someone with less experience than you, than someone with more."


Is Aviles Better? Yu-Bet!

The 2008 Aviles was the toast of the town, ROY candidate, and a feel-good story virtually no one saw coming. His prodigious offense  and above average defense at SS dazzled fans from coast to...

Is Jack Wilson Worse Than Yu-Bet?


I know he was another hot answer to the SS problem in KC at one time.. Subjectively, he's looked like shit in SEA, and the BR numbers are hideous. http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/w/wilsojo03.shtml Is it possible we dodged a bullet by not acquiring Wilson, and is Yu-Bet actually better? Wilson's defense doesn't look good at all. I'm watching the Halos-M's game, and Callaspo might be the best overall SS on the field. Pretty dreadful.

Billy, Mo And SOS In THT Awards


A fairly entertaining read. "Sean O’Sullivan fanned one of 29 Tigers batters he faced in seven innings. Not allowing home runs or walks helps you out when you don’t strike batters out. He was still lucky to only allow three runs on seven hits." "Wilson Betemit had an extreme version of what this award is about. He hit two home runs, a double, and no singles. He also walked five times. .188/.381/.625 is a strange looking line." "I can forgive Billy Butler a bit for his .316/.316/.368 performance because his performance was likely hindered by the sore hand that kept him out of a couple of games and also because I am a shameless Royals homer like that."

This Week In Brandon Belt


This sounds familiar; how are these guys in the WC race? From the comments: "And it was Sabean who made all the stupid moves to get Guillen who obviously can't run anymore to clog up the outfield. And now you still hold onto Rowand and Renteria on the 40-man...talk about no production. This post season possibilities are doomed because of Bochy."

Hoagy Watch: He Starts Sunday


"Guillen was acquired on Friday in a trade with Kansas City for a player to be named. He joined his new team Saturday but manager Bruce Bochy says he wants to give his new outfielder a day to get acclimated. Guillen is available to come off the bench and is slated to start Sunday’s series finale against San Diego." Giants-Padres is my Fox game today, so I checked to see if Hoagy would be playing. Also of note: "The Giants optioned infielder Emmanuel Burriss(notes) to Triple-A Fresno to make room for Guillen." PTBNL?

Zack Being Zack


"Really up and down," Greinke said. "I think the main thing is – well, it’s not the main thing – but every season you have one really good stretch. Maybe at the beginning of the year I was pretty good. But you go 20 innings or so without giving up a run. I might have had one, but it’s not the same. It helps. It makes everything look better when that happens." Also of note: Toward that end, he’d adjusted before they did, hoping to stay off the bat barrels, hoping to stay ahead of the video, and hoping to save his arm. For what, he wouldn’t say. But, citing the arm-strain caused by sliders, he is throwing fewer of them, replacing them with fastballs – a four- and two-seamer – and changeups. Rather than the 20 or more he’d throw last year, many of which accounted for all those strikeouts, he said, he’ll throw 15.

Peninsula Oilers Going To Wichita


"Congratulations to the Matsu Miners for winning the 2010 ABL championship. The Peninsula Oilers and the Fairbanks Goldpanners will be representing the Alaska Baseball League in the National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita, Kansas." I don't understand how that works, but those 3 teams were all within 1 1/2 games of each other. Team stats (such as they are) through 7-25 here; http://www.oilersbaseball.com/2010/Stats/stats%20july%2025.pdf


7-22 Overflow Thread

I have no idea if this will work. I used to do them as Fan Posts.

Three Royal MiLBers Named to HBT Writer's AST


Kils, Mous and, yes, Gordon were named as starters on Matt Hagen's MiLB All-Star squad. "Alex Gordon, KC. I don't want to give Gordon minor league all-star honors, as his skill level and major league experience give him an almost unfair advantage, but I feel compelled. The Royals chose to allow him ample time at Triple-A Omaha this year in order to refine his bat and learn how to play the outfield, and their move may prove to be a huge success."

THT's Brad Johnson On Gordon


He seems as dubious as (in general) we are. Nice to see an outsider's perspective on Gordon, and to see it echos the sentiments of so many here.

Garrett Wittels Coming To Kenai


"The Peninsula Oilers have signed third baseman/pitcher Garrett Wittels. He is currently a sophomore at Florida International University and is majoring in sports management. Wittels will contribute at third base and on the mound for the Oilers this summer." The article doesn't even mention his hitting streak. I didn't know he pitches too. I hope he's here for Friday's home opener. http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/Garrett-Wittels-will-have-to-wait-before-extendi?urn=mlb,245990 "Wittels has remained superstitious throughout the streak, wearing the same shorts, sliding pants and socks for each game. He won't chew any other gum than Bubblicious Watermelon and his uncle brings a voodoo doll to each contest."

Coming To A Ballpark Near Me


Some of the RR homies are coming to Kenai this summer. The full roster is not yet available, but the announcements are trickling in. "The Peninsula Oilers are excited to announce the signing of Wichita State University SS Tyler Grimes. Tyler was signed to play in 09 for the Oilers but broke his hand in the conference championship and was not able to make it up. Tyler is currently putting up the following numbers: AVG GP/GS AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB/SBA .260 52-52 173 40 45 10 0 2 28 7-13 " "The Peninsula Oilers are excited to announce the signing of University of Missouri OF Ryan Gebhart. Ryan is familiar with the Alaska Baseball League as he played with the Athletes in Action Fire last summer where he hit .288 with 2 doubles, 1 triple, 1 HR, and was 12-14 in stolen bases. Ryan has put up the following numbers at Missouri in 2010: AVG GP/GS AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB/SBA .370 12-12 46 11 17 3 1 0 8 2-3 " I'm seeing a woman who likes baseball, so I will see some games this year. I'll keep you posted.


Luke's Last Loss Wasn't Lousy Pitching

  Luke Hochevar has been a disappointment. I cannot defend his overall performance as a big league pitcher and especially as a #1 overall draft pick. He has shown flashes of the brilliance we...

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