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2012 Phillies Exit Interview: Freddy Galvis


While his defensive was as advertised, Galvis' 2012 season was representative of the team at large: a lot of hype, little performance, with a PED suspension thrown in just for fun.

Assembling an Outfield, 2013 Phillies Edition


Throughout this golden era of Phillies baseball, the outfield had always been a position of strength. From 2007 to the trade deadline just a few days ago, the Phillies outfield had combined for...

Dead at the Deadline: Braves 6, Phillies 2


For the second series in a row, the Phillies were involved in a sweep. Unfortunately, as they have been many times throughout this arduous season, they were on the receiving end of the brooms. With...

Hamels' New Contract: A Poll


With rumors heating up around the contract talks between Hamels and the Phillies, a lot of numbers have been popping up, seemingly out of nowhere. 130MM? 140MM? Will he get the largest ever...

Appreciating Carlos Ruiz


Nearly one year ago today, the Phillies had an unexpectedly strong performance from one of their aging, non-star players. Shane Victorino, mostly known for .gif related hilarity, was sitting near...

Return to Form: Phillies 7, Rockies 2


The Phillies won a baseball game. Been a while. Of course, it didn't always look like it'd end that way. Cole Hamels, pitching after four straight starts of giving up three earned runs or more,...

Quick Update: Phillies vs. Different types of pitchers


If you remember, I had a couple posts back in Spring Training, covering the Phillies struggles vs. aces. Well, 24 games into the season, I've decided to see if the same trends are present with this...

Erik Kratz has been called up


Whatever the reason, having a guy who's averaged an .850 OPS in LHV the past two years can't hurt.

Cheap, Young Talent: Vance Worley and Freddy Galvis


The Phillies have a lot of money to spend. With 45,000 coming to Citizens Bank Park on a daily basis, and a large TV deal looming in 2015, the Phillies will be able to spend quite a bit to keep its...

Shane's attention span lasts about as long as it took you to read this.


Shane's attention span lasts about as long as it took you to read this.

Jamie Moyer makes Rockies' rotation


After Moyer retires from baseball, he'll probably end up as the mascot for Energizer batteries.

2012 Phillies Player Preview: Freddy Galvis, Defensive Wizard


The Phillies opening day second baseman is perhaps the most unlikely player on the entire 25-man roster. A minor league shortstop, he's won the job through superb defense at a position which he...

Phillies Struggles against Aces: Phillies vs. Cardinals Comparison


I added these graphs to the comments of my post last night, but I think they're worth discussing on their own. The explanation for what each of these categories refer to can be find in the...

Trouble with Aces: Phillies' struggles against top-tier pitching


Phillies fans have become very familiar with aces. Over the last couple of years, the rest of the NL East have become accustomed to having to deal with Halladay, Lee, and Hamels when they enter...

A reminder: Wilson Valdez still isn't good at baseball


With doom and despair building about the fate of one Chase Utley, many in the town of Philadelphia have bought in to a flawed line of reasoning. If Utley was never truly healthy, trading away the P...

Phillies' Struggles with Lefties: The End is Near


If there's anything the Phillies haven't been able to handle in this 5-year run of division titles, it'd have to be left-handed pitchers. With offenses fronted by the left-handed duo of Ryan Howard...

Fielding Bible Projections


Found this via twitter. It has both the Phillies 2011 DRS and their projected 2012 DRS. The Phillies are projected to improve by a mere... 65 (Corrected) plays. Uh, wow.


Offensive characteristics of the 2011 & 2012 Phillies: Patient or Impatient?

In the past couple of years, the Philadelphia Phillies have become a pitching juggernaut. Fronted by Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee, the Phillies' rotation was by far the best in all of...


Phillies Possibilities for 2013-2014: Contract Analysis

[Note by FuquaManuel, 01/03/12 2:00 PM EST: Interesting read. Frontpaged.] As we approach the end of the free agent period (apologies to Ryan Madson and Prince Fielder), it seems like a good time...

Phillies' defensive weakness


ESPN insider article. Basically, the Phillies pitching staff is even better than it's ERA would say, because the defense is so bad. The author makes some interesting points about the Cy Young race.


The NL Cy Young Race: An extensive statistical perspective

  ED. NOTE: Front page'd. Nice read. Grab a cup of coffee and get down on it. - WC (Be warned, this is pretty long and explains all of the stats presented before analyzing them. For those familiar...

Prospect of the Day: Phillippe Aumont


Prospect of the Day: Phillippe Aumont, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies If current rumors and his recent performance are any indication, Philadelphia Phillies pitching prospect Phillippe Aumont will receive a shot in the majors soon.


Shane Victorino's incredible season

[Note by FuquaManuel, 07/14/11 2:23 PM EDT: Front-paged. Give Shane his due. ] Throughout his time in Philadelphia, Shane Victorino has always been a solid contributor. Though he may be known more...

Brian Gordon released from the Yankees... to sign with a Korean team


So, he goes from LHV to the Yankees to the SK Wyverns of the Korean Professional League.

"Oswalt: very mild bulging of disc. No herniated disc. Treatment: rest. #Phillies (waiting on...


"Oswalt: very mild bulging of disc. No herniated disc. Treatment: rest. #Phillies (waiting on timeframe)"

Ryan Lawrence

Phillies Bullpen: What it's done, and what it's likely to do going forward

The Phillies bullpen in 2011 has been nothing less than spectacular. The Phillies have not lost a single game when leading after 8 innings, as the team has gotten a fantastic effort out of it's...

Contreras to DL. Stutes up. Contreras has a "flexor pronator strain."


Contreras to DL. Stutes up. Contreras has a "flexor pronator strain."!/magelb

Joe Posnanski's 32 best for 2011


"I’ve decided that some time, when none of us were looking, Cliff Lee went to a beautiful lake with crystal clear water, a remote and spiritual lake surrounded by mountains, and he asked the ferryman who took home across if he could stay on the boat and learn the lessons of the water. "Please let me stay," Lee said. "$*&$#!!#* fine, you can #%@%* stay if you $@#!$# want to stay," said the ferryman, for he was wise and also resembled Tommy Lasorda. Together they crossed the lake hundreds of times, thousands of times, until Cliff Lee could hear the water speak to him. And what the water told him was the secret of how to become a great pitcher. And that’s why Lee walked 18 men in 2010 and had the best strikeout-to-walk ratio of any man who ever threw 200 innings in a single season. It really is only a matter of time before Lee starts striking out hitters on only two pitches."


Looking for some stats

I was thinking about trying to figure out the value of pitches, not particular pitches, but simply a pitch in general. Unfortunately, I'm a bit stuck, as I can't really find the stats to base it...


Projected Lakewood and Clearwater Rosters for 2011

I'll try my hand at figuring out who will play where in the Phillies low and high A affiliates next season. I'd attempt the Reading and Lehigh Valley rosters, but those will be so bare outside of...

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