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I live in Red Oak, Texas but my wife and I are season ticket holders in section 145, row 4. We go to at least two, sometimes three games per season and sell the rest of the tickets. If you are looking for tickets to a game just give me a shout. We will eventually move to south Florida when I retire in four more years. I have been a fan since Paul Warfield was traded to Miami in the late 60's. Yup, I am that old. I am from Columbus, Ohio (Ginn - nevermind and Hartline right on) go Bucks. I was a Browns fan when Warfield left tOSU and went to Cleveland. Once he was traded to Miami that was all she wrote for being a Browns fan.

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  • MLB Cincinnati Reds
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • NCAAF Ohio St. Buckeyes
  • NCAAB Ohio St. Buckeyes
  • NHL Dallas Stars
  • Golf n/a
  • NASCAR this isn't a sport
  • Boxing n/a
  • Soccer who cares
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Time for Change As the Commissioner and the Owners consider things like 18 game regular seasons, adding or moving a team in Los Angeles, adding more games in London, and expanding the playoffs,...

A little beach time -try again


Some beach art using Seaweed and sand.

Does anyone else feel like NFLN, and ESPN are rooting against Miami?


If you read the articles like John Clayton, or listen to just about any NFLN bit hopes and prays the Dolphins' lose this week. Heck every week. They seem to be worried that their prognostication of Miami losing is wrong they will look foolish. New reasons abound. Last week it was that Tannehill couldn't carry the team with his arm. That was wrong. This week it is that the players are in-fighting over paychecks. When they beat Indy (yes I said it) I will be interested in next weeks reason. Miami's defense is nasty and Marino can tell you he would have had a fist full of rings with this defense.

Absolutely no respesct from


Not only do these folks not believe in the Dolphins, they have the Jets and Pats defenses ranked higher than the Dolphins. At least one of them have us finishing 3rd in the AFC East. Philbin better do better than this, as I so much want to shut these folks up.

Prisco hates the Phinsider 5-11, losing first 5


I sure as heck hope is is way off base. He has us losing all four games I am going to (@Saints, Ravens, @Bucs, Chargers.)

Miami Dolphins 25th


Forbes best guess putting the Dolphins as the 25th most valuable sports franchise. Jets and Patriots are higher. Most of the top ten is Futbol, not Football.


Long distance fan that acts like local season ticket holder

So how many of you on this board, don't just talk about the Dolphins, but actually spend lots of cash to go to the games? Sure some of you might catch a game when the Dolphins get near the town...


Eyes wide Shut

The wife and I attended the Dolphins opener @ Reliant stadium. Even though I developed Bells Palsy (not sure what this is go google it) three days before the game and it was very difficult to see...

Score of Texans game - What do you think?

  1. Texans more than 40 and Dolphins less than 17 - I believe this is the correct repsonse.
  2. Texans between 30 and 40 and Dolphins less than 17
  3. Texans between 20 and 30 and Dolphins less than 17
  4. Texans squeak by again by a field goal
  5. Dolphins pull off biggest early season upset of 2012

Don Banks doesn't think much of Dolphins or Tannehill


SI pretty much has the same opinion about the Dolphins that I have been posting this whole preseason. Joe Philbin is clueless and the 2012 season is pretty much a waste of the Dolphins' fans time.


Seventh time is a charm

Yes Miami Dolphin fans the Phins are O'fer against the Houston Texans. But I have faith and the wife and I already have front row seats behind the Miami bench at the 30 YARD LINE. Enough of that...

The HEAT is on - Ross finally puts Sep/Oct games at 1pm


Miami has to take all the advantages it can get. For the Miami Dolphins playing in sweltering heat of south Florida in Sept and Oct at 1pm is an advantage they must use. Don Shula knew what an advantage that is and used it to the max. Ross comes in and starts moving the Dolphins home games in Sept and Oct to either night games or 4pm games. Doing that plays into the hands of the opponents. New England, Buffalo, and NY all use the cold weather in Nov/Dec/Jan to their advantage and realish getting Miami up there in the snow and ice. Finally, in 2012 our Sep/Oct home schedule is back where it belongs at 1pm on Sundays. I did some research on Shula's record in day games in Sep/Oct and this is what I found, In Sept home games that were played during the day the Don Shula Dolphins were 27 and 4, or an .870 winning percentage. In Oct they were 33 and 15 or an .670 winning percentage. Even in lean years they won at home in Sep/Oct. When the Dolphins announced that the Raiders game was moved to 1pm, it was the right move. If you are fan who attends the games in Sep/Oct at 1pm, don't complain about the heat, drink more water and relish watching the opponents melting in the 3rd and 4th quarter in those dark road jerseys. I would happily sit in the sun and heat to see the Phins win all of there home Sep/Oct games.


Legacy of Bill Belicheat is shown.

I guess the Belicheat, Brady legacy is really about what they could do when they knew what the other team was going to do video via illegal means. Once again the truth comes out. Media please...


$o Di$gu$ted with thi$ $eason - Money down the drain!

I am so disgusted and angry about this season and yes I am so hoping we don't win a single game this year so we can get Andrew Luck and we can get rid of Mr. Fistpump for FieldGoals. The worst...


Remember when.....

Remember when..... The Dolphins could get the ball trailing by seven or less and Danny would come to the huddle at the 20 yard line and you just knew he could get us down the field to score the...


2011 Lockout

I am really worried that there will be a lockou in 2011.  The good and the bad of having a lockout in 2011 is me being a season ticket holder in Miami I am wondering if I have to pay for seats that...


Desparate: Anyone on here live in Dallas that plays Fanatasy Football

I am running a league with an in person draft on Saturday 28 August.  I have 11 owners and I need one more.  I live 19 miles south of Dallas in Red Oak.  Anyone on here that also lives in this area...


Sitting on the beach watching football

Every year the wife and I come down to south Florida, from Dallas, to catch one or two Dolphins' games in our season ticket holder seats.  We also come down to lay on the beach at Haulover and get...


Lawsuit against the Owners - stop 2011 Lockout

Fist off I need to make it clear that I hate that managment (the owners) and the union (players) can't seem to get this settled.  Second I am a Miami Dolphins season ticket holder in section 145,...


Miami Dolphins' sportsbar in Dallas?

Just moved to Dallas from Denver this week.  Had to shut down my NFL ticket at my home so it could be moved.  I need a place to catch the Phins on Sunday, hopefully where there are others rooting...


Dolphins' bars in Dallas area?

I am moving from Denver to Dallas the first week of December and I will not have my new home (Red Oak) until the end of December.  I need the best place to go and watch Miami Dolphins' games until...


The messiah is hurt - oh nooooooo Mr. Bill!   That would be a hoot after all the hype and BS all summer long about the great and wonderful...


Pat White - Change is his number and position

Anyone on here correct me if I am wrong.  Pat White will be listed as the third QB during the season.  If this is true the NFL rule says if he comes in before the 4th quarter, then neither of the...


Commentary: Can Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano avoid sophomore jinx?

Article from the Palm Beach Post.


Dolphins' re-airs on NFL Network preseason

Monday, August 1711:00 PM - Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins (HD)   game played AUG. 17  JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS  7:30 P.M. Sunday, August 231:00 PM - Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins (HD)  ...


Season Opener

  I am so happy, I scored a great deal on a hotel (hotwire) in downtown Atlanta just four blocks from the Georgia Dome, and a 50 yard line (Dolphins' sideline) 4th row.  I am stoked.  Looking for...


My cool license plate cover. Still looking for other Denver phins' fans.

  P My cool license plate cover. (via phinman013) icture (via phinman013)

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