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My Opinion On A Few Things

I wish to share my opinion on a few things I feel like sharing with anyone who wants to read. This wont be a stat cruncher or anything like that but just my opinion on Miami's QB's, RB's and other...



I want to know why?  So many fans are mad we are winning.  It isn't even just this site either, every Miami Dolphins website has the same comments saying, "Now we are winning so there won't be no...

Tim Tebow


Go this URL and read this article. I personally don't like him as a QB, but I have to give credit where it is due. So read the article and see what you think. PEACE.


The Mentality of This Team

Let me start by saying Brantner78 wrote a very good post about the problems of our team.  It is titled Lipstick On A Pig and I suggest you read it to get a very good opinion of it.  SInce he...


Let's Just Fire Tony Now

Why you ask?  Because I am mad we are losing.  I don't care that we have no one to replace him and it will make things worse.  I want him gone because we are losing.  Also while we are doing that...


Why Didn't We Win?

I want us all to ask that question right now.  Just stop and ask Why Can't We win?  Now whatever comes to your mind post it in the comments.  I would ask that we stick to these last two games and...

Scroll to Bottom and Read The Marshall and Henne Bond


It's important for a bond to be there. Well this shows you that they are becoming friends. Maybe they will start clicking, our o-line will "Gel" as they say, and our defense will play. Here is to the PHINS!!


Im so sick of all these kids.

Let me start by saying I have been a member of this site since 2007.  I have changed my name a few times and rarely post but something has been bothering me lately.  All these kids(what I call...

Just watch this video. I know its not all relevant no more but just a good reminder that there was...


Just watch this video. I know its not all relevant no more but just a good reminder that there was a great past and a bright future.


Now I am Frustrated

If we had just got whooped without any opportunities I would be ok.  I could say all right we lost to a good team and we arent as good as we thought.  But no cant do that with a misses td pass at...



Everyone keeps talking about the horrible playcalling.. Well us as fans have to blame someone and I am here to give my opinion.  Also as a side note before I begin, I believe in Tony Sparano so...


What Is Your Favorite Dolphins Player Of All Time?

Let me start by saying I will not make a poll for this discussion.  The reason why is because I want to see what everyone feels about this.  If I did a poll then maybe yours would not be on there...


I wish I could Be At This Game More Than Any Other

Hello fellow dolphans,  I am writing this to say I wish I could be at this game.  I know it is going to get crazy and its our home opener on prime time against the hated Jets.  I just want to see...


Well Well Well

     I just want to start saying that all the fans this week that said they be happy with a close loss well....any given sunday people remember that.  Always believe ur team can win.  I wasnt sure...

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