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Completely empty, or half full: playoff elimination word clouds

I thought these might get lost, so I figured it'd be wise to put them in a fanpost (Oof, that "p-word" still hurts) so you guys can all see them. We hate everything: via i.imgur.com S...


The turtleneck as a hockey fashion faux pas: haiku

This is a fanshot, submitted by a reader. You can create your own at any time and we will move the good ones to the front page. Some players have flairGretzky, Orr, Howe and RichardSome guys are...

Morning Skate: Monday, Monday


Happy crappy Monday, everybody!

Tuesday Morning Skate: Christmas is Spectacular!


Just ask The Bear & the Gang!

Fresh Links: Up the River Edition


Brendan Shanahan will be busy this week. So will Ryan Soooner, Matt Fraser, and Jordan Caron.

Fresh Links: Consistently Inconsistent Edition


Leafs fall to Bruins, Panthers have issues, Bryz is awesome... What's new?

Fresh Links: Devils' Advocate Edition


The Bruins dominated in the first half of the game, but got sloppy and ended up in the box, yielding FOUR powerplay goals to the Devils.

Fresh Links: Goals, Goals, Goals Edition


Hat tricks, rookie goals, first-on-new-team goals, own-shorthanded goals - we've got 'em all, folks!

Fresh Links: Man Advantage Edition


Two U's, two K's, two powerplay goals?!

Fresh Links: I Fought the Law Edition


Cuts have been made, and the roster is down to 24, which includes eight defensemen, and fourteen forwards. Is there a move on the horizon?

It's Official: Tim Thomas is a Florida Panther.

Welcome back to the Flortheast, Timmeh!

Fresh Links: "Soup" days left!


Bruins take out Wings, 2-0; Chad Johnson redeems himself, and Yeti makes it happen

Fresh Links: 82 down, 19 to go!


Yeti makes a splash, Merlot is good with Pie, Kaner's out of control, Habs are previewed (know thine enemy), and more!


Stanley Cup of Chowder fantasy league

Hey, Chowder pals! Since Servo's pretty busy these days, I'm going to put together our annual Stanley Cup of Chowder fantasy league. It'll be a free, 12 team rotisserie league, and if we have...

Weekend Roundup: 25 days to go!


Torey Krug hopes to be with the big club at the start of the season, Marshy thinks the new guys are incredible, Paul Holmgren hopes to improve Flyers' D corps, Burkie's back... and more!

Weekend Roundup: Rookies, or Wookies?


Bruins rookie camp opening this week! Vanek wants to remain a Sabre! Can Team USA compete with Canada at center?

FHL team #5


Ed's post about other leagues/teams inspired me to throw together a logo for YOUR Quincy Adamses (no, really, a whopping ten minutes worth of work was put into this)... Basically, a case of offseasonitis has hit me HARD. Those of you who aren't totally useless with photoshop/Gimp/paint have got to be able to come up with something more awesome than this? Or, those of you who are totally useless in that department could probably some up with something really funny. Let's see 'em. Show me what you've got! Edit: Here's a version with Abigail - I thought maybe I should include the Mrs.!. :) http://i.imgur.com/E1CuRUk.jpg

Weekend Roundup


Boston Bruins and NHL news - what's happening?

Weekend Roundup: 99 Problems Edition


The Oilers traded Wayne Gretzky? What?! Also, other things!

Weekend Roundup: Are We There Yet? Edition


This edition of Weekend Roundup is a combination of Bruins and NHL links, as we were unable to post links this morning. Apologies to you earlybird Chowderers!

Weekend Roundup: How Swede It Is Edition


'Murican Hall of Famers, Zherdev on the move, DGB questions some offseason decisions, Gerbe finds a suitor, and other hockey fun!

Chowder's Weekend Roundup


We have a schedule! Wait, we have TWO schedules?!


It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Well, we made it. We got through the NHL lockout (and the fourth National Hockey League work stoppage in most of our lives), through an abbreviated training camp, and have made it to the...

The Bruins and Realignment: Misadventures Abound!

Lilybraden, HEYGUYS Bear™ and I had a lengthy discussion about the implications of the upcoming NHL realignment, and HEYGUYS Bear™ came up with several scenarios we should be concerned about, which...


A Very Chowder Christmas...

Since we were discussing this earlier in the week, I thought I'd make a fan post so we could straighten our plans out. What does everyone's availability look like? What do you want to do? A...


Tim Thomas remembers his Facebook password, unfortunately

(and most people are not thrilled about it)

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