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Goran gets more praise From Grantland, making their "Most Watchable" All NBA team


And I quote "You want to see perhaps the most fearless performances in the NBA this season? Cue up the Suns’ two-game sweep of Indiana and watch, jaw agape, as Dragic sizes up Roy Hibbert near the basket, puts his head down, and zooms right the fuck at the league’s best rim protector. Hibbert scares the bejesus out of everyone. LeBron developed a floater for use exclusively against Hibbert, and he rarely goes to the rim against the big fella until the last two minutes of a close game in which Indiana has smashed the other parts of Miami’s offense to pieces. Dragic didn’t give a crap. He just went right at Hibbert, and everyone else in his way this season. And the rim attacks highlight what makes Dragic so fun to watch: He’s effective both at full throttle in the open court and at slower speeds in tighter spaces" Read that and much more at grantland via the link

My BSOTS Prize Arrived!!!!!


Shout out to the BSOTS crew. Just got My Harlem Globetrotters Swag in the Mail. Much Appreciated!. BSOTS for LIFE!!!!!!


The Phxpurple Philes: The Jared Dudley Conspiracy

First off let me say what a year this has been. We truly have reached a low point in this franchise's glorious history. If you asked me 5-6 years ago where I'd thought we'd be as an organization...


OMG Suns Get video Game deal with Gamestop! Media finally taking notice

Walked into my local game stop looking for some fun games to buy and youll never guess what new titles I stumbled upon!!!! Scroll through and vote for your FAVE! GTA: The toughest Mofos in the...

Channing and Kieff among best in league at the 1+1+1


For fantasy buffs i guess. I read this article that showed how Frye and Morris are among leaders in players who hav one 3pt fg ,one block, and one steal games. this seems easy but then you realize its not an easy feat and takes a very versatile player to rack up these kinda games. Frye has 16(top 5) and Morris has 11. Ill admit im not huge Frye fan but overall hes has stepped it up. now start hitting those threes and use your speed and handle!

Suns hoping internal improvement trumps division rivals’ moves


A neat article I came across that I think Sums up how we can best win this year and how we stack up against up other less balanced teams http://wearesuns.com/2011/12/15/suns-hoping-internal-improvement-trumps-division-rivals-moves/


Have We Missed The Whole Point? Defense & Depth Wins Championships

Phoenix Suns 2011-12 Bench Telfair - Playing to prove hes not a bust. Brown - Playing with his best numbers in a better system, on a 1 year deal to show the NBA hes worth a big contract. J-Chill -...


Will Channing Frye "Take his Talents" to the next level?

  Channing Frye is one of the most unique NBA players out there today. his skills sets scream small Forward yet his body says postman. but his mind says leave me alone im gonna go hit this three....


Post Draft PHX and the(immediate) Future

Hello all im  a long time listener or ghost reader and first time poster. With all the Drama of the draft and possible deals finally over, its time now that we can come back to reality. first off...

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