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Steelers sign some PS players, including local 6'8" WR


Limas might have some competition for the tall reciever who likely won't contribute role.

Football Outsiders Predictions for the 2010 Season


This is based on their very cool DVOA statistics, which have been pretty good as predictors for wins.

NY Times on the uncapped year


Interesting read that may partly explain the 1 year offers to Colon et al.

Wexell on a "6-Step Recovery Plan"


I have a feeling that some of the people around here are going to like this.

Following up on Ward's efforts in Korea


A few days old, but worth it if you haven't read it.

Harrison's new biography & Drew Brees


Money quote: "It's not all nitty-gritty. There is humor and there is triumph throughout the book. Both occurred in one instance when Drew Brees, now the NFL passing dandy with the New Orleans Saints, chastised Harrison when Brees' Purdue team played Harrison's Kent State. Brees told Harrison his tough play could injure him and keep him from going high in the NFL draft. "I told him as far as I was concerned, the only place he was going was on the ground," Harrison said." Read more:

More Love for Willie Colon


"RT — Willie Colon, 6-3, 315 pounds. Has started 38 consecutive games at right tackle. The 26-year-old Colon is tough and gritty and could be poised for a big season. " I could be poised to marry Jessica Alba this year, but somehow that also seems extremely unlikely.


Is Mike Wallace the next Willie Reid?

In the BTSC discussion of the Steelers' pick of Mike Wallace, I've noticed a few people ask/wonder if Wallace will follow the path of Willie Reid.  Both were 3rd round WR that were supposed to...


An Unlikely First Round Pick - A CB?

While attempting to watch the Probowl, boredom soon set in.   I started thinking about the draft, and I wondered what the consensus pick for the Steelers was.   After checking out a bunch of mock...


Lolley and "interesting" game plan speculation

I started reading Dale Lolley's blog when it was mentioned on this site in the preseason, and I'm sure many others here check it as well.  Lolley posted something pretty interesting today: The...


Another Fantastic LeBeau Article

Bumped. Thanks for this article, one of the better ones on LeBeau we've seen. The press may be a bit late to the party though. LeBeau's 50 year tenure as a participant in the National Football...

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