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Is Goran Dragic The Best PG in the NBA? How the Suns Lit Up The Pacers Defense

From Coach Nick of Bball Breakdown looking at how Suns tore up the Pacers defense.


Time to make a move?

Found the following Summary on Real GM which was originally from Adrian Wojnarowski / Yahoo Sports "The Magic continue to move closer to trading Dwight Howard and the Nets appear to be the...


What did you get from Santa / NBA Xmas Day Game Thread

Happy Holidays Brightsiders, today is Christmas and its a Sunday, after you have opened your presents and eaten and drunk eveything from the table maybe you are sitting down and watching the start...



The Suns Brain trust i do not know even if you can call it that have a plan, and what ever that may be it will be executed in 2012 so for this season all kind of suckage will be endured (i.e the...


The Front Office can still make a difference but the time is now.

To start of my annual rosterbation post i must say i am impressed by how many comments we get on a post each night and our team is not even in the playoffs well done boys and girls. it shows you...


A few random musings

First off lets get  the Amare thing off our chest. Amare is like the ex GF who we had a rocky relationship with every trade deadline we thought of breaking up but we kept together then when it...

Phoenix Suns Next GM

Well i am sure it will either be Mark or Rex i vote for Rex

Timofey Mozgov Knicks sign him for $9.7m for 3 years. i would love for him to sign with us but i guess it would have to be sign and trade with another team maybe minnesota oh well.


Its that time of year where i write one of my crazy stories

since my love of the NBA and specifically phoenix suns and this blog has taken me to a new level of krazy love for our team and with the things that have happened this week i think i need to write...


Jason Richardson

I don't know if  everyone would agree with me but i think J Rich should go before Amare. So i started looking at teams who do not have a decent shooting guard and we can trade with. Below are...


Lets talk about Sense Baby

i think all the deals out there for amare are soft ish and we should keep him until the end of the season.then i came accross the following article and read the last bullet pointh...


Stupid Trade Time