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Jimmer Time


Yes a Bleacher Report on Jimmer :) Interesting comparisons (gasp). Please everyone be nice to one another.


DMC & Coach Malone

Malone pulled his first power play on Young DMC. This is where past coaches have gotten sideways with DMC. I think the next few games, and how the two of them work this out will speak volumes...


ESPN Rumours, short comment

O.k. I posted the whole rumour portion earlier, but got the warning, I hope this is more appropriate. One portion of their insider only Kings comment mentioned the following, This is the part...


STR, Cowbell Kingdom, SacBee & Other News sites

So these are the different sources that I go to get my kings fix, rated by how much I enjoy them. (Full disclosure, also to get my Jimmer Fix, yes I'm a Jimmer fan transplanted to ya'll with his...

Not his job to help out the media


Oh, the suspense!! I really like Malone.

Our new coach is the Man


Practice didn't go well, and Malone, is sounding like a young Popovich more and more.


Sign, Trade, or Play The Jimmer

I know the NBA is not about being nice, but if I was Jimmer's agent I would say the following to the Kings front office. If you're gonna keep Jimmer and not start him you should pic up his option....


A B-Mac Attack / Freddette Backcourt

Last year we saw a devastating Backcourt of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson for the Warriors, they were dubbed the best shooting back court ever. With B-MAC and Jimmer I think we could re-create...


Cole Aldrich Comming Back?

This was posted on rumours insider on ESPN. The Sacramento Kings, looking to fill the 15th roster spot with a backup center, could bring back a player who finished last season with the team....


DeMarcus is Calling the Shots

According to rumours on espn (yeah I'm an insider) "There has been some speculation that DeMarcus Cousins may want out of Sacramento, but that thinking would be inaccurate, according to the moody...

Summer Workouts, Thornton, Fredette, Thompson, & IT


Some really jazzed up practice videos. They are really playing up Malone's awesome practices.

Nervous around new coach


Make sure to watch until the end of this interview, Coach Malone interrupts and you can see Jimmer get nervous around the new boss.

Malone Rumour


This was a pretty cool little video, they state they overheard Coach Malone stating he only had 3 point guards, and then he asks you to do the math. Interesting.


Fegan is in Town!!!

From ESPN Insider The Sacramento Bee reports DeMarcus Cousins' agent, Dan Fegan, was in Northern California on Monday to meet with Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie. There has been plenty...


Atomic Bomb Questions?

The point of this post is for people to reply with their ideas, so please, I want to see what you other Kings fans think. 7 seconds or less question: We only have 7 seconds left on the clock....


The Line Up Speculation Thread

Tyreke is back, so let the lineup shuffle begin This is my Expectation: IT Reke Salmons JT DMC Wholesale sub (Again, hang head in shame) AB Jimmer JJ TROB Hayes Poor Garcia get's...


The Top 20 Second Year Player - Fredette & Thomas

I am an espn insider and Thorpe just did an article about the top 20 second year players. For those non insiders, I thought I would extract the relevant Kings Information... Please Comment "9. J...


What I mean when I say Free Jimmer

Huge Jimmer supporter here. Once he was drafted to the Kings, I told everyone that I was now a Kings fan. I am also a huge fan of basketball, and follow several teams and players in the...

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