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Congrats Kurtis Gregory.


Kurtis Gregory selected to preseason all bigXII team by Tim Griffin. Always Good to see Kurtis, who grew up in Blackburn Missouri 10 miles outside of my mothers hometown succeed. Side note, Blackburn has a population of like 100. I'm so tired of everyone babbling about how Colt McCoy's hometown's population is 900. SUCK IT COLT!!!!!!!!!! [Promoted for Front Page Friday!]

Spoon Selected to Pre-Season All-America team


This is very good to see as Spoon is one of my very favorite Tigers. And also no kU players on the list. [Promoted for Front Page Friday!]

KC Star discusses ghtd's hero Kendial Lawrence


the article talks about his football carrer from the Texas state playoffs all the way through last week. A very well written article by DeArmond. An overall good read.

OT: Evander Holyfield to Box Horse for Heavyweight Title


thank you Onion News Network. This is an absolute classic. IT'S THE FILLY FEUD AUGUST 1ST ON HBO PAY-PER-VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check your local listings.


Mizzou in the CFL

So I was looking at some of the CFL team websites trying to decide who to vote for in the Streak For the Cash ( If you don't play it I would try it's pretty fun). And to my surprise there is...

The latest Mizzou commit E.J Gaines from Fort Osage, MO. Just a short little video of him...


The latest Mizzou commit E.J Gaines from Fort Osage, MO. Just a short little video of him absolutely destroying a guy, I'm liking this guy more and more. This is my first time doing a vidoe fanshot so I hope it works. might not have a title though, can't figure that one out :-).


If anyone's around MU-nu

Was flipping through channels and if anyone is around Mizzou vs. Nebraska for 2005 is on FSN. I remember this game well as you all know it was the first MU-nu game at Faurot after '03. It's about...



Most of you probably know that ESPN has recently (in like the last 3 days or so). I honestly thought at first that it would be terrible. BUT I watched it today and really enjoyed it. It's sort of...


Michael Egnew Needs A Nickname Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that this has been brought up several times before but has kinda been shoved aside for a later date. Well, I think today should be the day that Egnew gets a nickname, seems like everyone...


Saw this on ESPN's bottomline, pretty interesting.

Saw this yesterday before game 4. It said; In game two when Denver won,Kleiza had 16 points, but in the two losses he had only 4 points each. Thought this was pretty interesting. Then I realized,...

BACON VODKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


saw it on KMBC9 last night and knew it had to be posted.


Cranberries- maybe I'll post correctly this time.

like I stated in my previous Cranberries! post. There are way to many types of cranberry juice. So here's the rest of what I found. Cran•Cherry® Cherry Cranberry Juice Cran•Grape® Grape...


I got to see Michael Dixon play yesterday

Overall he's a solid recruit and looks to me like he'll fit Mike Anderson's style perfectly. Here's what I noticed.

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