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I was born in Texas and am a 4th generation Dallas Cowboys fan. I moved around a lot throughout my life and basically grew up in Central Florida as a Florida State Seminole fan. I was there throughout the first half of the 90's when the Seminoles won a lot and also had a lot of heartbreakers.

I came to the Boise area in late 2003, was slowly exposed to the local Boise St Broncos and, by 2008, had been convinced that Chris Petersen was a great coach. Now it's nearly 2014 and FSU is the national champion favorites, Boise St has nearly single handedly forced a CFB Playoff, and Chris Petersen is finally going to take a shot at coaching in the Bigs with Washington. Although, I'd like to keep him in Boise, I can't say I'm not content with my cfb situations right now.

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  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
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Old Pete interview

I found this interview of Chris Petersen that was done back in '07 or '08. It's an interview from a site that caters to football coaches so there's a lot of great Q&A concerning Chris Petersen's development as a coach from childhood to when he took over at BSU. This is a quality article that gives you a snapshot of Pete's thoughts from several years back and also shows his foundational beliefs, which remain the same today, as it pertains to coaching football.


2013 Boise St. Roster Review: Video, Pt. 1 of 10

Hey guys, I got bored and started to look at Boise St.'s roster for next year and wrote a full length fanpost breaking that roster down by position group. However, as I was writing each position...


1985 Bears D vs. 2012 Bears D

I found this on youtube. It's a short Chicago regional clip of Eric Allen's opinion when asked which Defense was better; Buddy Ryan's 1985 famed 46 Defense or Lovie Smith's impressive 2012 Tampa 2....

2012 MAACO Las Vegas Bowl

Seems to be the full game uploaded in 720p. This will make for a terrific resource over the offseason, allowing us to analyze different position groups for both teams. I am particularly interested in both OLs and DLs, as well as the Husky receivers and our reserve LB'ers/DB's.


Swick and the Boise State program: Boom or Bust?

I think I'm preaching to the choir here but I also think it's helpful to firm up a general idea or feeling within the framework of an article's worth of text. Maybe this will act as a catalyst for...


Happy Gameday; My thoughts and perspective on tonight's game

I just thought I would throw this out there and see if it stirs up any conversations/opinions Firstly, here is how I would break down the game tonight, and who has the advantage, if I had to gamble...


Video; Boise State 2012 - Wolf Against the World

WARNING: This video has rapid sequences of still images and motion video. There are also flashing lights. If you suffer from seizures, extreme caution in viewing is urged. It's not R.E.M. fast...


Video; Boise State 2012 - Bad Moon Rising

This was originally supposed to be the second video in a two part series. However, it developed in such a way that I think this works best as a standalone prelude video. Part three will, hopefully,...


Video; Boise St. 2012 - Passing the Torch

Deployment: This was originally supposed to be a two part video on the Broncos program in general and its upcoming season. However, I was recently tasked with a short notice deployment and I have...

Next Generation BCS Busters

Read between the lines; Sports Illustrated, probably easily the national leader in sports editorials, is basically considering it FACTUAL that Boise St. is too good and too big to be considered a Mid-Major or BCS Buster anymore. One more sign of the rise of a program of excellence. It takes years of consistency to raise public perception from one category to the next. Congrats, BSU, I think it's pretty much official.

Big East Looks For A Big TV Deal Amid Realignment

The Chicago Tribune republished Tom Doyle's in depth article, written on May 26, 2012 for the Connecticut based Hartford Courant, regarding the varying opinions circling the looming Big East TV deal. I just thought this was a very informative piece for anyone that may not be up to speed on what's going to start up in September.

Big East Looks For A Big TV Deal Amid Realignment

The Chicago Tribune republished Tom Doyle's in depth article, written on May 26, 2012 for the Connecticut based Hartford Courant, regarding the varying opinions circling the looming Big East TV deal. Lots of good info here. Two long pages but well worth the read imo to gain a baseline level understanding of what we face.


VIDEO: Boise St. 2011 50 Win Senior Class Tribute

Well, I finished it finally. I had a ton of difficulty w/ Youtube licensing but finally figured that mess out. You will want to have around 25 minutes to kill. The video is 21 minutes but if you...


2011 Senior Class Tribute video coming soon (Teaser included here)

About the Video First thing you probably should know is I started out intending to make a 3-5 minute video. Yeah, I ended up with something closer to 20 minutes. This video will pretty much cover...

Draft Profile: Billy Winn

Nice draft analysis for Billy Winn. I've spoken to this guy before, he does a lot of draft analysis and last year he nailed Dallas' first pick before anyone else knew who he was. Article as a whole shows how Boise St. is seriously being looked at like any other elite program. I always get excited about that.


Prelude video for First Annual OBNUG Offseason Tailgate

Okay, so I'm not sure how to get this in on a Fanshot. I threw this together for advertising purposes. This was, imo, a brilliant idea that SeniorChief dreamed up and I wanted to help boost...


2012 Senior Bowl OPEN THREAD

First and Foremost; Does anyone have an internet link LoL? Secondly, since we don't have one up already, and many of us may not be able to watch it on TV right now but are VERY INTERESTED in how...

Talent-Rich SEC states are Thin on Elite QB Prospects

Lengthy article but should help to temper any unrealistic expectations about Nick Patti showing up here, dominating Spring Ball, taking the starting job w/o so much as a hint of challenge, and leading us to an undefeated season and BCS Bowl victory next year as a True Frosh. I'm from Florida and this article reads true, speed is word of the day down there, not technique. Nick could come in here and win the job right away, he could even be real good in his first year. But to expect him to pick up where Kellen left off is unrealistic and unfair.

I made this for my new profile pic :D


I made this for my new profile pic :D


Quick thoughts on DeCastro, Almost Anthony, and two mid-round projected DL'men

This was originally a comment I made. I wanted a better chance of getting other people's thoughts though, and felt the comment was long enough that many people would skip over it as a comment. 1....


My critique of Kellen Moore @ Dallas Cowboys SB Nation site

I made two comments Comment 1: I gotta go Kellen Moore as well. I'm a 5th generation Texan who currently resides in Boise and I go to the games up here. I don’t know how things will turn out...

2012 Big East Favorite

Looking way way ahead; as we watch how our team begins to fill the question marks this year, we may also want to keep closer tabs than usual on Louisville. They were very young this year and split the BE lead with WVU. They will be a seasoned bunch of upper classmen hitting on all cylinders by the time we enter the BE. Charlie Strong is the head coach and I've always heard really good things about his ability.


Pre-Game video for those who check prior to game

Really sorry all...I just couldn't find the time or motivation to get this done at an appropriate time. I've been totally helter skelter lately with a full plate and that makes it hard to get an...

Any news on this guy's status?


Any news on this guy's status?


Boise St; Love 'em or Hate 'em, you're always interested

We all know, the fact that BSU polarizes the nation, actually helps their exposure. Some watch to see them succeed and some watch to see them fail, but the fact remains...a LOT OF PEOPLE are...


A History Lesson; a real life example that illustrates the importance of fighting lies and corruption, regardless of the odds

This thought process was sparked by BSUflyboy in an understandably frustrated comment. Please read this comment before going on as it sets the basis for what I am about to share with you all. Link...


The Renegade: A reply, that turned into an explanation, that became a short story

  I'm suspicious of the BCS as an organization, I think we all are.   I've watched  a lot of mob movies over the years. For whatever reason the mafia, why it started, and how it grew, has always...

Expansion: More on the Big East's Plans: Boise and Two Leagues, One Umbrella

An interesting concept proposed. Some neat tidbits in the comments section including a link showing that football only schools do not split revenue from games with basketball only schools and a hilariously delusional concept from a USF fan on how USF best fits in the SEC even while he acknowledges the sheer amount of crazy loaded in the idea.

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