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User Blog

Quick question for Dodgers fan: What is a realistic payroll for the next few years

Hey guys, I understand this might be bad timing for introduction with the recent loss. But what a way to shed all those bad memories of the McCourt ownership right? Spending a ton of money is just...


Scouting Report Database

If you are not aware by now. Along with the new Diamond Mines exhibit at the Hall of Fame comes an online, searchable (albeit slow today, I blame fangraphs) database of scouting reports. There are...

Soria sign 2 year deal with Rangers


So long Soria, best of luck with the Rangers. Get your ring!


Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion, MILB 6/3

Quickly going through some probables. AAA:Pomeranz vs. Anthony Reyes, AJ Griffin, Julio Teheran, Neil Ramirez(shudder...) AA: Trevor May, Danny Hultzen, Tony Cingrani AA debut, Jarred Cosart, Tyler...


Milb 5/10

I don't see one up yet and for the sake of discussion I thought I'd get one up before night games start. Probables AAA: Andrew Oliver, Chris Jakubauskas vs. Shelby Miller, Mark Rogers, Jordan Lyles,...


MILB 4/26

Probables AAA: Wily Peralta, Alex White, Garret Richards AA: Nestor Molina, Trevor Bauer vs. Allen Webster, Robbie Erlin, Tyler Thornburg, James Paxton, Nick Schmidt A+: JR Graham, Taylor Jungmann,...

Not everyday you see this in facebook...


Not everyday you see this in facebook...


Jacob Turner vs. Brandon Beachy retry

Sorry about re-posting this but I made the mistake in the earlier post of including a poll. As a result there were no discussion about the pluses and minuses of both pitchers. Beachy shockingly won...


Jacob Turner vs. Brandon Beachy

I was having this conversation with a friend earlier in the day about this. Who would you put your money on as being better in their team controlled years (let's just say better WAR during their...


How would you go about rebuilding the Royals... a fantasy world? I know this is a bit off topic(and let's be honest, besides the Zack Cy Young run and Butler actually starting to hit with authority, we don't have THAT much to look forward...


Landon Powell's future

Landon Powell was one of my(and I'm sure a lot of other people's) favorite prospect in baseball 2 years ago. When the A's were still running the over the hill Jason Kendall out there every day and...


Favorite Music from 2008

Since the super bowl thread got some of us talking about Springsteen and his music. I got curious as to what kind of music RR users listens to. For starters, if you have to go to a deserted island...


Their Grade Now

Let's do some group thinking. Post prospects in the comment section who has seen their stock raise/drop this year and let the rest of the community decide what grade he should be right now. This...


Please no!   Should the Jarrod Washburn deal fall apart, the Yankees are exploring an alternative in Brian Bannister for Melky Cabrera.  Bob Dutton...


Matt Sulentic

After a horrible 2007 in the low As. Matt Sulentic got promoted to A+ nonetheless this year. And the hitter friendly Cal league seems to really help as he's hitting a solid .294/.367/.477 line so...


Petition to (at least try to) Sign Barry Bonds

I mean I know all of the steroid/bad teammate/not good for news yada yada. But hey, look at it this way.   Steroid list include guys like Giambi, Paul Byrd, whoever that good RP for the Indians...


Berroa traded

"Dodgers acquired infielder Angel Berroa and cash from the Royals for infielder Juan Rivera. Berroa will head to Triple-A Las Vegas for now. The 30-year-old former Rookie of the Year was hitting...


Kyle Davies up, replacing Tomko in the rotation

Tomko to the pen.   Honestly, I don't think Davies with his laser straight fastball and his confidence level at Greinke's level 2 years ago is going to change anything. But then again, it'll be...


Why doesn't Costa get a chance?   Shane Costa is hitting .304/.348/.527 with 9 HRs in AAA, our offense Our offense is:...


Lincecum vs. Cain vs. Gallardo

I was talking trade earlier in the day involving those 3. And I thought it was interesting what people would think is the best pitcher of the 3. Cain and Lincecum are somewhat similar pitcher but...


Matt Harrison

So what exactly is up with him? Hasn't pitched since the trade? Is he officially shut down for the year? I searched but can't find anything. I don't even know what level he's assigned to.Anybody...


Wily Mo Pena

Well, to those that actually thought about trading some useful parts of us for Wily Mo, he cleared waiver today. I don't know why, but I thought we should have made a claim. No biggie though, more...


Greg Miller

Just noticed today that he made a start yesterday.So far this year, if I'm not mistaken, he's gone from bullpen in AAA to rotation in AAA to bullpen in AAA to bullpen in AA to rotation in


Kyle Blanks Top 100 Prospect?

Dubbed sleeper by many last year. And reasonably predicted for a breakout season in the Cal league by many before this year. He hasn't disappointed. Sure he still strikes out way too much, but he...


Jo Jo Reyes debut today

fairly sharp over the first 3 innings, not Johan like, but hold his own, kept the ball low. But once the Padres have seen him and starts to be patient...well 4th inning happened. What exactly is...


Say hello to...Dee Brown

Athletics purchased the contract of outfielder Dee Brown from Triple-A Sacramento. Jorge Piedra would have made more sense. Brown, back in the majors since 2004, hit .285/.377/.503 in 151 at-bats...


fantasy trade question

Me and another owner in the league are usually thought as the 2 stingiest owner when it comes to trades. He makes a lot of so called rip off trades and I've been called out in the past too. So I...


Top prospect range finder

I'm going to reply to this diary with various names. REPLY TO THOSE NAMES(easier to see, easier to count) with what you think they should rank in a top prospect list with the community list's...


2007 midseason community prospect #6

Ryan Braun had a 10% lead after about 120 votes. Moving on. Justin Upton Phil Hughes Yovani Gallardo Billy Butler Ryan Braun Joey Votto and Clayton Kershaw gets the boot from the poll for now for...


Milton Bradley to KC for Leo Nunez

just saw that on rotoworld.WTF?How is this move going to help us? We have a crowded OF already. And you bet if Oakland's clubhouse chemistry(which is great) can't contain Bradley, KC's definitely...

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