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Routley: the hypocrisy of "I had no choice"


Very interesting stuff by pro cyclist Will Routley on the recent admissions. I think we'll be hearing a lot of similar arguments in the near future.

Has Fotheringham always been this good, or have I just not been paying attention?


Two straight winners for the Guardian (here's the other: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/oct/17/lance-armstrong-nike-livestrong-charity). Probably nothing most people on here don't already know, I'm posting because I'm interested in how this story has been picked up by the non-cycling press.

"A friend close enough to ruin Armstrong"


Juliet Macur article from the Times on Hincapie and the USADA case.

live chat with Pedro Horrillo


remember him? took a pretty nasty fall at the Giro a few years back; before that, racked up some pretty impressive results on the cobbles. Anyways, he's doing a live chat on all things Tour-related at the El País site, Friday 29 June at 5pm Spanish time (CEST; that's 11am EDT). Ask him about his sexy chin hair.

". . . but it's difficult to pick a favorite. They are still the same: Rodriguez, [Ivan] Basso,...


". . . but it's difficult to pick a favorite. They are still the same: Rodriguez, [Ivan] Basso, [Michele] Scarponi, [Domenico] Pozzovivo, Hesjedal!" For the first time, albeit quietly, Hesjedal mentioned himself as a favorite for the Giro. "With a time trial to finish, yeah, I can take time on anyone on GC," he said.


First or Worst Bonks

In honour of a discussion between Holmovka, Pablo, Jen and Willj in the "First Races" thread, and with a very bonk-friendly race coming up on Sunday, I thought I'd create this post, in which I...

the hell of the west


How cool is this race? Some great photos in there. Love to do the sportive (la Tro Bro Cyclo) sometime.

keep your bikes inside, folks


I remember an earlier discussion on this topic, perhaps about their first experiment?

racing on Cauberg this weekend!


Seems they have built an ice track of some kind on the Cauberg to do "crashed ice racing"! Hilarious description on website: "Many people will be surprised to learn that a country as flat as the Netherlands could stage downhill competition but in the town of Valkenburg stands the Cauberg; a steep slope with a gradient of 12%, an incline where many a cyclist has fallen victim during the Tour de France."

Paul Fournel in Montreal


Paul Fournel, author of Need for the Bike, will give a reading at Gallimard bookstore, Montreal, 25 Sept at 2pm. Not a cycling event per se -- Fournel is affiliated with the literary group Oulipo, and will present with 3 other "Oulipiens" -- but it would be cool to meet him and ask questions. Or invite him for a ride . . . ;)


The Shame of College Sports, by Taylor Branch

I saw the author of this article (from Oct 2011 issue of The Atlantic) interviewed tonight on the news and thought people might find the article interesting.  Branch, a civil rights historian, is...

"It's his choice. He has the right to attack on the descent. It's up to him. I remember last...


"It's his choice. He has the right to attack on the descent. It's up to him. I remember last year . . . I was sitting on my sofa. He attacked on the famous chain drop. Today, he attacks on the descent. That shows that he's a bit nervous."

F. Schleck on Contador

Jonathan Hivert appreciation post

I'll start by saying I don't mean this to be sarcastic.  Let me explain.  I'm an absolute putz on the bike.  Sure, I ride, even pretend to ride with the fast guys once in a while . . . until the...

Van Den Broeck: "I'm a bit angry at Gilbert"


"I'm a bit angry at Gilbert, as you may imagine. On the final climb, I got a small gap, and Gilbert closed it. . . . Perhaps he made a tactical error. It wasn't his job to do that. He should have sat back and let Contador, Evans and Vinokourov do the work. Then, he could have won the sprint. . . . We discussed it in the evening. As teammates and adults. Things like this happen." Gilbert: "He didn't say anything to me before he went, he's someone who doesn't say much, I thought he was going to lead me out for the sprint."

There is so much right about this photo that I almost think it's fake. From Pez.


There is so much right about this photo that I almost think it's fake. From Pez.

car plows through cyclists in Brazil


Beware, this is a gruesome video - not gory but really scary. Looks like a critical mass ride in Porto Alegre, 20 people hit, incredibly no one seriously injured. No word yet on any charges.

Cavendish on Greipel: "We are actually lovers"


funny stuff, makes me like Cavendish even more ;)

Reusse: "Hire Leach!"


I know a lot of you are less than crazy about Reusse, but I quite like him. He tells is like it is in this article.

Bradley Wiggins live web chat


Kind of similar to the way this happens on PdC, scroll down to the bottom for questions and answers. Here's a money quote: "As for Rupert Murdoch ... he's actually a nice bloke. You should come and have a pizza with us one day."

UPDATE: Bike Europe: Cervelo guilty of patent infringement; Cervelo: hearing date is actually 24 Nov, dummies


via competitivecyclist.com. European Patent Office has just ruled that past Cervelo R-series lines infringe Canyon's patent! Wow...ramifications of this could be huge... Money quote by former CEO of Cervelo's German distributor: "We seriously regret that we have bought apparently infringing goods from Cervélo and sold them to our customers", says Peter Seyberth GM of Tridynamic. "Particularly unpleasant for us is that we have contributed to these potential patent infringement, because we supplied two frames of Canyon on request by Cervélo and sent them to Canada in 2005." In a strange twist, Cervelo recently dropped Competitive Cyclist, saying they were moving away from mail order for the upcoming year...and (if I understand the hints of recent "What's New" posts), CC will soon be picking up Canyon... UPDATE: stories up at both Velonation and CyclingNews in which Cervelo claims Bike Nation story is a load of crap, hehe. Cervelo says hearing date is actually 24 Nov.

"Bike thief tells how to stop your cycle from being stolen"


This article is a couple of months old, but was linked to in a recent piece called "What would you do if you saw a bike being stolen?" Both part of Guardian's Bike Blog, some interesting articles in there.


Anyone know what's going on with D. Joseph?

Just read this story at the Strib (by M. Medcalf) titled "Tubby: D Joseph's status with Gophers uncertain," and apparently it's more than just the leg injury: "Smith said Monday that there was more...


handicapping the GP Montreal, the "new-old" race

I'm writing this post way too early, but I wanted to make some fragmentary jottings about the upcoming Montreal Pro Tour race.  First thing I want to say is this: this race both is and isn't new. ...


cycling and mid-life crisis

Just came across this story in The Guardian and thought I'd post it here, since it's kind of a hot topic these days: men in "mid-life crisis" stage buying expensive bicycles, where 20 years ago...

NY Times: "Cyclists Said to Back Claims That Armstrong Doped"


Unnamed former US Postal rider apparently provides details.

Le Monde: "Petacchi suspected of doping"


"...he is the object of an investigation in Italy for use of banned substances, according to a statement by the Italian agency Ansa. The investigation began before the Tour. Bottles of perfluoro-carbure...and human albumin [sorry, don't know what this translates to, just transcribing] were seized from the home of the 36-yr-old rider." Also investigated: 2 "ex-compagnons de course" of Petacchi (this likely but not necessarily means ex-teammates), and two amateurs. Petacchi's lawyer says he'll furnish proof of innocence.


What's next for Radio Shack?

Thought I'd piggyback onto Mr Van P's Armstrong post.  I kind of hate to post this because it's purely speculative - I have no knowledge of what's going on inside the team's or the sponsor's head. ...

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