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o/t wc: par-jpn, por-esp: special spy edition

Of the ten spies arrested yesterday, five were caught wearing vertical red and white striped shirts.  One was a Japanese man with Brazilian origins.  One can't be named but his initials are Simão...

NYTimes article on fraud case ("Landis case")


Mamba Fan linked to this article in another thread, but I thought it deserved its own post. Much of the article focuses on how long cases like this take to build up, how difficult it is to prove anything, etc. Hell Brajkovic will be winning his 7th straight Tour before this case really gets going!

Pozzatto: "Leave Cav alone!"


This is 4 days old so I'm sure many have seen it, but I thought it was worth posting (hopefully no one has already done so?). I find Pozzatto extremely eloquent. Beside the money quote re: his new 1-yr contract - "I haven't got many great results this year but I'm not afraid to put my balls on the line and take a risk" - there's some very interesting stuff re: Cavendish and Haussler. As Phil H. might say, hey, crashes happen.

classy Flèche photo


Guess my compatriots here are waiting for Hesjedal to go by. I don't even know what to say. Nothing but class, baby, nothing but class.

Madiot on Strade Bianche


Probably most people have seen this, it's from cyclingnews, but I like Madiot, very interesting comments on "non-traditional" surfaces in GTs. Thought it would go well here given that there's been a lot of discussion about this since Saturday's Giro stage. (And given Evans's lovely post-stage comments, which I've just seen.)

3 cyclists killed near Montreal


Pickup truck collided with group of 6 cyclists, 3 of whom were killed. Condolences to families and friends of victims.

Aurélien Duval suspended 2 years


Former Française des Jeux guy. Not a huge name obviously, best result to date was silver medal in cyclocross world champs (espoirs) in 2008.

Vino post-race interview


Entitled "Winning without doping," in French, very interesting.


give me your top 3 for FW...

...and if you win, I'll write your name in huge letters on the side of my car!  Personally I have to give some love to the MTB guys...  I was going to go with Péraud, Evans and Hesjedal, but I have...

Hesjedal for the Ardennes?


It would be great to see this guy make some noise over the next 10 days. Some interesting stuff about Valverde and Rebellin, too. I think Hesjedal sees himself as having finished top 10 at L-B-L last year; Gilbert has also expressed frustration at not being on the podium (he finished 4th, one spot behind Rebellin).

"more security, less alcohol" at P-R


The gist is that the French security forces are shutting down the impromptu "bars" (kind of like off-licence places I guess?) that have popped up along the route for the last few years. The zone in which these establishments are banned includes, notably, "4 cobbled sections, the most important ones at the end of the race." I assume this means one can still bring one's own booze? Anyways just thought I should warn the PdC contingent!

Chavanel out of P-R


Lefévère's explanation: "He has to rest."

Armstrong makes reference to "the guy who won the Tour this year" on a football pre-game show,...


Armstrong makes reference to "the guy who won the Tour this year" on a football pre-game show, starts at about 1:45. Bit of fun? Prediction? Obsession? Gamesmanship? Flapjacks?

Armstrong Tour blood values blah blah blah


This seems kind of specious to me but the comments are kind of funny, "either doping or pooping his pants" was a highlight. Hmm, strange that there's not already a post up, perhaps people commented on it in one of the other threads? If so, sorry, I've been running around all day. Or perhaps it's all a hoax? I was recently taken in by a hoax, damn I felt like an idiot. Vagabundo!

swrve cycling apparel


I feel a bit weird posting this as it's just a link to a cycling apparel company, plus you've probably already seen the ads since they're advertising here. But the reason I'm posting is that it seems like a cool company (in their words a "tiny upstart company") and their prices seem quite reasonable. It's not really my style - they seem to cater more to the fixie crowd - but hey, any cycling clothing company that's not trying to gouge its customers is worthy of attention in my opinion.

pro cyclist salaries


Interesting article from Le Monde on salaries of pro cyclists, and specifically the disparities between the stars and the others. A few tidbits: Contador makes 2-3 million euros per year between salary and image rights; Chavanel's the highest paid Frenchman at 700,000. Maxime Bouet, on the other hand, makes 1,700 euros net per month, though in 2008 he also made 7,000-10,000 in prize money. Salaries are on the rise - average has gone from 70,000 in 2002 to 136,000 this year. Pro Tour minimum is 2,750 gross per month (2,250 with less than 2 years experience); for continental teams it's 2,292 and 1,916. According to Cedric Vasseur, president of the cyclists' union (btw does anyone know anything about this union? I don't), 30% of pro cyclists make the minimum salary.

Leipheimer out of Tour with broken wrist.


So reports Armstrong on his Twitter account.


radios, love 'em or hate 'em? plus awesome poll

I got the idea for this post from a discussion in yesterday's post-stage comments, in which a few people voiced their opinions for or against dropping radios for 2 stages of the Tour.  For my part,...

Theo Bos suspended 1 month


suspension to take effect 15 Aug.

Joe Parkin, "6 Years in a Rain Cape"


Seems Joe Parkin, author of the excellent A Dog in a Hat, now has a new blog, in collaboration with Competitive Cyclist if I understand correctly. The title refers to the time he spent in Belgium, where he came to own a vast array of rain capes, from the heavy-duty one he used on crap days, to the light one he put in his jersey pocket for sunny days (since it would inevitably start to rain). Anyways it looks like he posts very regularly and fields daily questions. I highly recommend him, he's funny and really colourful.


Why not me? Fabian Cancellara

I heard the mountain stages weren't too bad on this Tour.  Hmmm, reminds me of another Tour I just won.  Perhaps you all missed that one?  I can't wait to send my lieutenant Schleck (sehr schlecht)...

new drug tests (shhh, it's a secret)


This is kind of hilarious: "AFLD announced Monday that it was going to use a new test during the Tour that will be able to detect a hitherto undetectable substance. AFLD president Pierre Bordry did not wish to give the name of this product and furthermore declared that the test was not yet completely ready. He nonetheless specified that, like last year, the UCI has authorized the AFLD to conserve the blood samples taken from riders for future tests." Wow, this is cold war language!

Drugzzz: Boonen, Valverde, Rooks (?!)


Just perusing some headlines at L'Équipe, first off Quick Step plans to challenge the ASO on Boonen's Tour exclusion; second, Valverde is asking the Court of Arbitration for Sport to "take note of CONI's incompetence" and acquit him (source; UCI also looking at CONI's file and expected to make an announcement next week); finally, Steven Rooks (remember him?) has admitted, in a recent book on the 1989 Tour by Dutch journalist Mark Smeets, to taking EPO - says he started after 89, i.e. after his best years, because without it he basically wouldn't have been able to keep up (source).

no Boonen at Tour


Sorry for posting 2 Boonen fanshots in one day, but the ASO has just announced that he won't be riding in the Tour.

Boonen: "indirect contact" with coke?


This has been out for a while but I didn't see it mentioned on the site so thought I'd post it... According to this report (it's now reported in CN too) the amounts of cocaine found in Boonen's hair analysis - in separate tests by the Universities of Strasbourg and Louvain (not sure if it's the Flemish or the French one) - were so small that they could only have occurred as a result of "indirect contact" with the drug. Recall that Boonen said he had "blacked out" on the night in question and remembered nothing.


Tomorrow We Ride, by Jean Bobet

Tomorrow We Ride, by Jean BobetL A Book Review

Laurent Fignon has cancer...


reported by Lance Armstrong on his Twitter page. One of the all-time greats. Sad news, I hope there are some good prospects for treatment.


LeMond presentation

I just watched the LeMond "Play the Game" presentation, and thought I would create this post, in part because I really think CN got their summary wrong.  No offense to CN, I like them very much,...

hilarious Hinault interview!


Holy crap this is funny, what a loose cannon. "It is necessary to stop complaining!"

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