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Film Review: Why The Eagles Offense Is A Problem

Analyzing LeSean McCoy's 34 yard touchdown run.


Why Vick will play better in Chip's offense

Actually, I know Vick will play better in Kelly's offense, and the reason is simple. This will be the first time in his career, or at least since 2003 under Dan Reeves, that he has played in a...


If things are equal, Vick should start over Foles this year

The rationale is pretty simple. Which of the two QBs gives you more of an advantage in 2013? In saying, if all things are equal, I'm speaking about results throughout TC and pre-season. If either...

Rare Birds - Eagles Scavenger Hunt: Vs. NYG

All right, time for the next game. A prediction post would get lost in the shuffle. Game-plan posts can be kinda 'meh'. So let's make it a bit more fun and interactive. I'll list some things that...


Deconstructing a Dumb(***) Play - Goal Line Fumble

As many, many others have already pointed out, the AZ game was basically a Greatest Hits compilation of Andyball. I think that NFC East opponents would shell out 19.99 plus S+H for a...


Poetx Playbook: Creating a Fast-Break Eagle Offense #1

I'm a firm believer that in today's NFL, with parity being what it is, the major differentiator between teams is coaching. Perhaps that's another post, but in addition to teaching and setting the...


Anatomy of an INT (Why We're Losing Recipes)

Very lengthy analysis of the 2nd INT of the game vs. BUF... or what I saw during 4 seconds of video posted on I don't have the time or patience to break down the entire game. But I thought...


poetx playbook... caution -- LONG post. what happened on offense

If I have time, I'll break down all the offensive snaps from the game, explaining what happened on each play, why a play worked, and why it failed. I'll note, for each play (starting with the...


Things to watch while watching Eagles v. Falcons:

Some quick things to keep an eye on in this game...   OFFENSE:   Do Andy and Marty provide help on Abraham (in the form of keeping in a TE or back to help chip). This was very successful last year...


WE'RE LOSING RECIPES!!!! <-- Michael Irvin on Peyton situation

Michael Irvin's comments on Peyton Manning & Colts (via JFeld127) That was from the heart, y'all. And I have to agree. Tip of the hat to the Eagles coaches and front office. Behind Vick, we have...


Andy needs to chill with the unnecessary play action

And lose the damn tight bunch formation before he gets Vick killed.(I spoke about the Tight Bunch formation providing short corners to secondary blitzers in a post last week, and lo and behold, one...


Go To Play for Eagles on 3rd and 6

  I got the idea to do this from an article by Matt Bowen on National Football Post. He was detailing what his 'Got To Have It' play would be on a 3rd and 6 situation. Dude does a hell of a job...


What to Expect From The Eagles Offense vs. NYG

Yes, the Giants defense is better than the R*dskins. But I still expect the Eagles to hang around 40 points on them. Yes, they have a monstrous front four, but here's how the Eagles will (or...


You haven't seen the best from this offense yet

I posted a preview "What to expect from the offense vs. WAS" prior to the first game. That one was derailed by injury to #7, but in looking back over it, it was *very* predictive of some of the...


What To Expect From The Offense vs. WAS

I posted a couple of weeks ago ( What To Expect Vs. DET ), before the Detroit game, that under Vick, this offense would put up numbers. I put that out there preemptively, because so many folks were...


What to expect from Vick vs. Det.

i'm just throwing this up here for anyone interested, as i've followed both the falcons and the eagles for several years. (stopped calling myself a 'fan' of the eagles after several years of being...

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