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TWill Back in Sac?


So, TWill posts this:

It Def Was Gods Plan, To Take Me This Route I Appreciate That...... #55 Back In Action

— T Williams (@TheRealTWill) August 2, 2014 Then, an hour later, retweets this comment about Paul George:

Prayers pout to Paul George and his family . Stay strong brother

— DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins) August 2, 2014 Coincidence? I think not.

Boogie on Huffpo ESPY "Best Dressed" List


Stylin' in a navy tux. Female perspective: DMC cleans up nicely.

Salmons on the Move to Atlanta


Salmons has been traded to the Hawks for Lou Williams and Lucas Nogueira

Statistics show Russ Smith 16th best in the draft


Dalt is a Sactown Royalty regular who has done these each year. He accurately predicted the ability of Isaiah Thomas.

Donald Sterling - The Gift that Keeps Giving


Just in case the dreaded off-season blues have got you down, and you think you might go crazy thinking about the draft and the Gay/IT contract situation, rest assured, there are people crazier than you.


It's Derby Time!!!

It is that time of year again...DERBY TIME!!! As I said last year, picking a Derby horse is more luck than skill. Since you, my StR friends, are mostly into basketball I don't expect you to...

NBA Constitution and By-Laws


Woot! The secret NBA Constitution and By Laws are up on the NBA site. Download a copy before it disappears!

Forbes interview with Vivek


The Sacramento Kings Will Be Worth Billions In Ten Years

Junior Bridgeman selling Kings ownership share to buy into Bucks


As you might know, I have been intrigued by former Cardinal, and Louisvillian, Junior Bridgeman's connection to the Kings because of his visit to Cousins' home with Vivek at the beginning of the season. I also wondered if he would be part of a Bucks purchase because of his connection with the franchise. This seems to confirm that Junior is one of the Kings' owners, and may, indeed, be part of the Bucks purchase group.

Sam Amick on DMC's lack of maturity


Amick joins our own pookey and otis in calling for Demarcus to grow the **** up already.

Adelman in Minnesota


I remember some of the same discussion here when Adelman was coach.

Joel Abelson new head coach of Reno Bighorns


Joel Abelson has inked a deal to be the new head coach of the Kings' new minor league team.

Zach Harper takes on the Kings


Overall offseason Grade: A / Summary: The chaos has subsided and now we can watch this team just go to work and try to improve without feeling like there are a lot of smoke and mirrors in play. The Kings aren't back yet, but it looks like they're finally on their way.

The Predictive Power of the NBA Draft Combine


Great series of articles by Kevin Hetrick, looking at the importance of size and athleticism broken down by position and offense/defense. Several very important points, including the relative unimportance of size for a NBA point guard (in other words, stop talking about how IT is too short).

Gorgui Dieng: Projected mid-first round center from Louisville


Great article. Includes a lesson that DMC should learn: "Toughness is not fighting on the court or shoving people," Dieng said. "Toughness is helping your team win. Toughness is when my teammates are down, helping them up. If I see Chane (Behanan) didn't have a good game, I talk to him and try to bring him back into the game. I don't think toughness is fighting on the court, talking trash, nothing like that. I think you are tough when you can help your team win and stop your opponent. Taking charges is toughness, blocking shots, rebounding the ball, stuff like that. Talking trash has nothing to do with toughness. When I am playing against someone and he is on the floor, I can help him up. He is not going to change the score. It is a thing people need to understand. People have the wrong idea of being tough."


A diversion: Help me pick a Derby horse

Every year on the first Saturday in May, I dress up, put on a hat, walk several miles in high heels and join 150,000 other people at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby. I have been...

SI - Chris Ballard: Sacramento fans rejoice


Not usually a SI fan, but this article rocks!

Adrienne used to look just like George


I know it's a cheap shot, but it's about a Maloof, so what the heck. Star magazine came out with a picture of Adrienne at 15, before what must have been 100's of plastic surgeries to look like plastic now.

IT in Rising Star game


IT selected by Team Chuck!

Looking at the Kings salary in the next few seasons.


From evilcowtown, an excellent analysis of the Kings' roster and salary commitments.

Ball Don't Lie - Watch Sacramento Kings rookie Thomas Robinson, as he’s greeted by Kings fans (VIDEO)


A shout out to Kings fans: The Sacramento Kings may have ranked 28th out of 30 NBA teams in attendance during the 2011-12 season, but a couple of factors need to be considered as we judge that particular statistic. For one, the Kings stunk — starting off the season with an embarrassing battle of wills between ex-coach Paul Westphal and starting center DeMarcus Cousins, one that eventually led to Westphal's dismissal. The team only won a third of its games, and the raw attendance figures don't take into account that the team still nearly filled up its relatively small home arena even as the team's owners were criticized for pulling a fast one on Sacramento civic leaders in their unending attempts at taking the team away from the state capital. So when Kings fans hear the good news of a great player and great person, in the form of Kansas forward Thomas Robinson, being added to the team's roster? They come out in droves. Real droves — like, filling the second floor of a mall droves. Watch the video:

AEG selected as new manager for Louisville Yum! Center


For informational purposes only. I don't believe that Louisville is in the running for the Kings, but I have seen it mentioned several times on StR.

Terrific T-Will interview


Interesting stuff especially regarding finding Jimmer and the origin of T-Will's underhand pass.

Dally talks to Jonathan Feigen about Haiti earthquake


Nice article about Dalembert's work to help the recovery in Haiti

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