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The Trilogy is On! The Tree Will Fall; UPDATE: Fight Off

Gods of War Have Spoken! Bucky vs.Tree 3 (via RoughNRowdyBrawl) Bucky Boyd is back! This time, he tales on his rival Tree. Boyd and Tree are two of the fiercest rivals in all of West Virginia...


UFC 170 PPV: 300-400K + future PPV Outlook

According to MMA Supremacy, UFC 170 has sold at a buyrate of somewhere between 300K and 400K. UFC 169 has been reported by the same source in the low 200's. It's a pretty solid number, I expected...

Nate Diaz asks for release


@ufc @danawhite I would like to request to be released from the @ufc Its time for me to be on my way .. ?

— Nathan Diaz (@NateDiaz209) February 26, 2014

Reply to Deadspin Hack

What up Maniacs! How's it been? This weekend, UFC 170 went alright, not the greatest card ever, but pretty good. I'll admit I didn't watch the fights live, just watched the replays earlier and...


Let's Do It: USA vs Canada Live Thread

via larrybrownsports.com -SOCHI, RUSSIA Well, the USA bitches choked away a two goal lead with 3 and a half minutes to go in yesterday's Gold medal game against Canada, but today's the real...


Angry Potato Rant: Do People Like the UFC?

via www.wired.com What draws you to Mixed Martial Arts? For me, it's the whole concept that interests me, it's like a game of chess in the Octagon. Let's take the upcoming matchup Gerard Mousasi...


Violent Mike wins PotatoBowl

via thewhistle.com Violent Mike just cruised to victory taking home the inaugural championship title. Although Al Ianquinta came through with the clutch 56 points, it All came down to...


Fantasy MMA: Championship Week

Clustefuck, Dysfunctional, gay; these are some of the words that have been used to describe this league, but overrall it's been an Interesting season, and it All contemplates (correct workd here? I...


UFC Roster: Global Domination?

via www.reviewjournal.com What’s up maniacs, I compiled some data, been doing some research the past couple of weeks and analyzed the UFC men’s roster to get an idea of which countries...


Fantasy MMA Standings: LetstalkMMA takes the lead

Hope you're enjoying this format, please below leave somee feedback on the league and what changes you'd likee to see for next season. The main change I'm making jext year aside from the...


Fantasy MMA Standings: Week 2:

These numbers are a bit premature as not all the main card stats are available, but I added what was there thus far, the only things missing right now are takedown defends, reversals, and passes....


Fantasy MMA Statndings

What's up ya crazy bastards! I compiled all the statistics and have our first official standings of the fantasy season. After our first event, Phalanx703 is on top with 247.5 points thanks to...


MMA Fantasy Draft: Thread Dos Phasebook on the clock

Alright, we're wrapping up the last three rounds of the draft. Moving over to a new Fanpost cause the old one was becoming a cluster fuck. Draft Order: Round 6: Uhadmeatkimura:Luiz...


The Draft: Moved Thread

Alright, so far we got 6 teams, so we’re two short, but I went ahead and setup the draft thread. The draft will be 10 rounds in which each team must select 1 heavyweight, 1 middleweight, 1...


Potato's gay little Fantasy MMA Experiment

Alright maniacs, I decided to make my own version of Fantasy MMA, sort of like Kounterleague; but with a different set of rules. Rather than take the traditional approach of picking fighters by...


World Series of Fighting to air 2 events on NBC in 2014

Remember when they forgot their ring? Yeah, well those days are long in the rear view! According to WSOF executive V.P. Ali Abdel-Aziz, who confirmed the news with MMAFighting, the World Series of...


WSOF: The new WEC?

via www.thefightnerd.com The World Series of Fighting is the consensus #4 organization in MMA, but their role in MMA may be greater than both One FC and Bellator. While their...


"You can focus on the bad things in life and really let it eat away and make things worse, or you can put things in perspective and really see what’s going on in the big picture. And most of the time, you’ll find that you’re not doing too bad."- Shane Del Rosario


UFC Rules and Regulations: Chapter 13: Stopping Contests

via 2.bp.blogspot.com It seems a bit of drama has spilled over after UFC President Dana White told reporters that referee Jon McCarthy "begged" the doctor not to stop the UFC Light...


Why I'm no longer a Josh Harris fan

What's up gentleman, it's your good friend potato, the guy who's good for a meltdown or two once a week; this week I'm hopping on the anti-Josh Harris bandwagon. Josh Harris of course is in the...


Omar Figueroa defeats Nihito Arakawa in an Instant Classic

In case you guys missed it last night in San Antonio's AT & T Center on the Andre Berto-Jesus Soto Karrass undercard, Omar Figueroa retained his WBC Interim Lightweight title defeating Japan's...

No settlement! Alvarez wants 'truth' in trial

Eddie Alvarez has sold his real estate investment property to help fund his upcoming trial against Bellator. The former lightweight champion will also move to Florida to train with the Blackzilians and promises "no settlement." Here's why.

Zab Judah Goes Full Retard

Zab Judah takes on undefeated WBA/WBC Jr Welterweight champion Danny "Swift" Garcia this Saturday night. In this video, Judah decides to go full retard and disrespect Oscar De La Hoya in a quite embarrassing and stupid rant that saw Benard Hopkins of all people telling Judah to chill.

GSP to appear on Joe Rogan Podcast: 1:35 PT


On tuesday


Join the Fight to Pardon Jack Johnson

How's it going maniacs? I know not all of us are big boxing fans like myself, but even if you are not you may somewhat understand the significance of the great Jack Johnson. via m...

Look Familiar?

Floyd Mayweather's poster for his upcoming bout against Robert Guerrero looks pretty similar to UFC 158's poster.


Why Aldo won Round 5:

Why Jose Aldo won round 5: It seems there has been a debate deeming yet another Frankie Edgar fight controversial. I don't see the controversy and personally scored the fight 48-47 for Aldo...

Gentlemen, It has been an honor to play with you!

Eagles Fly Eagles Fly band still plays while the approaching storm hits the linc! God this year sucks!


Well, since we are all depressed, I thought I'd tell a funny story

I'm new to this board, only thing I'm known for is my crazy sig. If you were ever on the ESPN Boards, you might know me as Potato or the guy with KT as the profile pic. Anyway, to the story....


A look at PPV numbers, "Over Saturation," and some suggestions

It seems outside TRT and Injuries, "Over Saturation" is the big issue. Many blame the UFC for putting on too many events. This year, the UFC planned 32 events(31 with the UFC 151 debacle) 14 PPV:4...

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