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#ATF #20K #BSUspringgame #amiusingtheseright

Bronco fans rejoice! As of this morning, kickoff is a mere 141 days away! That is a scant 140 shopping days, between you and me. With that in mind, and an at least one eye on attacking the future,...

McFly til I Die.


Someone had to do it.



Looks like Pete will be inheriting some sanctions.


Stop the hemorageg...hemmoragh...bleeding!

Seriously. Between the coaches, the coaches assistants, the assistants' assistants and, saddest of all, both future (Greene) and current stars (Baltazar) de-committing on a daily basis, I am at the...


Mo Joe's mojo? That's a ten-fo on the fo-sho.

Last night felt so good (less the first half defense and a few unfortunate turnovers in the second). Being back on ESPN was like putting on your favorite shirt, after that shirt had been lost for...

Fresno's Awesome / Intentional Fat Guy TD


Seriously. On a hook and ladder play. Love it.

Awesome Klosterman read on the Browns draft


I have to admit I'm only part way though, but this was too good not to share immediately. Apologies if it already was posted elsewhere here.



If the ALL CAPS above were not enough, please let me emphasize the word "fictional", as it is the "functional" phrase as well. You cannot buy these from me, or anywhere (not that you'd want to,...


Lest We Forget...Southwick is good. Very.

It was not so long ago, only just a half dog year or so, that one Danville denizen named Joe enrolled at BSU. This was no ordinary Joe, however. Sorry, bad writing getting worse. I have included a l...

Preseason WEEK 2 and Moore hasty conclusions Sorry, Trib, for stepping on your puns.

Preseason WEEK 2 and Moore hasty conclusions Sorry, Trib, for stepping on your puns.

Wanted: 8-10 people for Partybus from Chicago to E. Lansing

So, my crew, motley as we wanna be, is considering hiring out a "Partybus" for 16 hours to drive us from Chicago on the morning of the game to East Lansing (arriving around 2:00pm) and then...

QEB Pro-Day for NFL Supplemental Draft


I didn't realize QEB was going this route, until reading he went undrafted today. Hope things work out for him.

Perhaps Kellen had food poisoning.


Effort? I shouldn't think Kellen's effort would be questioned...nor how that correlates, at all, to questions about his arm strength. Perhaps John Kreger, who is dead to me now, figures that Kellen just wasn't trying hard enough to have a cannon arm. I hope Kreger isn't really dead, because that would make me feel really bad. I will just block his calls. And unfriend him.


For those about to Kid Rock...we salute you.

So, Kellen Moore, The all-time raddest/winningest/goofiest QB in FBS history goes undrafted. So what? In fact, good on you NFL. Thank you for showing your true colors. You're scared. Fear stinks....

Pairing Joe and Janoris again? Has there been much discussion here about that possibility? I've...


Pairing Joe and Janoris again? Has there been much discussion here about that possibility? I've heard, as good (and bad) as Jenkins has been...he was at his best when opposite Haden.


The Roster Question On Everybody's Mind

ed's note: This post has been percolating in the FanPosts all week, and I finally decided it was too good not to share with you all. Enjoy some light-hearted speculatin'. Let's be honest, QB races...

New QB Coach...perfect?


"Smith was a four-year starter at quarterback for Oregon State. He ended his career No. 3 in Pac-10 history in passing yards and total offense. He was originally a walk-on." 'nuff said.

Overnight TV Ratings for Sugar Bowl


I would have preferred a negative 6.3, but I think the ratings drop-off plus the considerably-less-than-capacity crowd speaks volumes. Hey Sugar Bowl, your 2012 champion amassed 184 yards of total offense. Well-played.


There is a time and a place for conjecture: Here and Now

2012 looms and The Rapture is nigh. Again. So, in the spirit of the New Year (and already being bored with the offseason), I'd like the OBNUG faithful to offer up 3 bold predictions for the O...

Pete not going to State Penn


So, color me worried...in so much that it feels relieving to read a media statement that Coach Pete has passed on rebuilding Penn State's reputation. Sorry Penn State. Kind of.


Independence absolutely crazy?

I know that the national fan base for BSU doesn't even begin to compare to Notre Dame, and maybe shouldn't even be in the same sentence, but I am not suggesting we try and sign a TV contract with...


Stall tactics on the Big East decision?

Quick question... Anyone think, maybe, BSU is dragging their feet on the move to the Big East to see how the BCS games shake out? I have a feeling that if Boise State is (wrongly) squeezed out of...


New Dream Conference and Logo

So, really, in the midst of all this ridiculousness surrounding conference realignment (and having some free time with a few days off), I asked: why not just blow up the system and create the...


A BCS 3 team exception?

Chadd Cripe (Idaho Statesman journalist, personal hero and OBNUG Champion runner-up(?) to Pat Forde) has been very kind in answering most of my queries (with exception to sharing any injury rumors...


BCS Bombshell

Ugh. This article on ESPN could likely mean trouble for BSU and the access the current system, however flawed, has provided us. If the BCS drops all but the National Championship Game, what does AQ...

Mkingery getting some run on the Scott Slant


Nice to see another site quoting an OBNUG contributor. Well done.


New player banners hanging from Bronco Stadium

Not sure how far behind the game I may be on this, but I didn't see a similar fanshot or post. Ever since someone posted that George Iloka as Clark Kent / Superman pic I've been keeping an eye...


Leaked photo of the 2011 BSU BLUE PRO-COMBAT UNIFORM.

BSU_Blue_ProCombat (via pourfavor) Now I understand why the MWC coaches are decrying our competitive advantage on The Blue™. Those numbers are indeed difficult to read. Apologies to those...


Burress and Bush as Browns?

Ok, this sounds silly even as I type, but what do you think about the possibility of the Browns going after either, or even both of these guys? Maybe, just maybe, Plax is no longer like the old...

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