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We're talking about practice?!?: 'Hawks TC, day 1

I went to Seahawks training camp today with a few friends, and these are my notes.


Don't worry about emphasis on defensive holding

Why 12's shouldn't be concerned about the NFL's increased scrutiny of defensive holding

TANYA's QB Rating: Does QBR have a weight problem?

In all the recent discussion of QB rankings, I have seen several conversations pop up about total production, utilization, wins, QBR, ANY/A, DVOA, EPA, WPA, and the old NFL passer efficiency rating.


Pqlqi's Partially Complete Compensatory Pick Primer: Wha?

In free agency comments threads about compensatory picks, there have been a few questions: what are they, how do they work, what kind of compensatory pick can we expect for player X... I did a...

Give your feedback to the Seahawks


Want to give feedback to the Seahawks management about PED and drugs of abuse suspensions or the Perrish Cox signing? Please click on the link provided. Remember, if you want to be taken seriously, keep your comments reasonable and measured.


How do you like them pickles? or, Sunday TC Notes

This is mostly from Sunday, but some of it will be compilation work from Thursday and Friday.


Seahawks Town Meeting

I've been invited to the Seahawks Town Meeting occurring this Wednesday, and failing to come up with a decent question to ask over the better part of the last month, I thought I'd turn to my...

Tilting the Field: Seahawks draft two playmakers

I saw that Seattle Seahawks were listed as a draft loser over at, and I made a long disordered response.


Path to the Playoffs: Hawks' Divisional Schedule

Coach Carroll has constantly reiterated that the most important part of the regular season is winning the division title.

Sports bar by the Georgia Dome


A few friends and I will likely be tailgating at Stats sports bar a few blocks from the Georgia dome from 11am until gametime. It'd be sweet to fill the bar with Hawks fans. Anyone familiar with ATL know of a better place to preparty?

Let my pickle ride

After the week 1 loss to Arizona, I placed a wager on my beloved Seahawks at an amazing 66:1 odds. Needless to say, with a nice payday on the line, I've been telling myself all season that if...

What's all this hoopla about Russell "Tark" Wilson?


What's all this hoopla about Russell "Tark" Wilson?

Golden Tate's golden catch


Three consecutive frames, at 60 fps. First frame shows Tate's hand under the ball, with Jennings' hands on either side. Note you can see the yellow of Jennings' helmet on either side of the ball...

Russell "hustle n bustle mounds of man muscle" Wilson


Bill Simmons calls his Cousin Sal, at minute 43:17, to state his undying devotion to his boyfriend Russell Wilson... It's a good laugh if you appreciate Simmons.


Seahawks Training Camp Eye-Catchers

I was at the Saturday, Aug 4th, Training Camp and am writing a few thoughts after the fact. I was with several friends and we made a fun picnic out of it. Most of the drills within a decent...


On Frustration, "Sports Hate," Bigotry, Hate, and Racism.

First off, a special thanks to Danny Kelly for his advice and editorial prowess. We are lucky to have such a pleasant and clever bloke overseeing this forum. -- As a younger man, I once said I...


Tarvaris Jackson and Tarvaris Jackson in QB Competition: Injured vs Healthy

This started out as a comment in response (and subsequently exploded to a fanpost) to member Nate Dogg in the thread on Kenneth Arthur's recent entry on QB (roster spot) competition between...

John Clayton interviews Earl Thomas


John Clayton, Earl Thomas, not a lot of deep information here, but hey, listen if you are addicted. Maybe someone will be inspired to write up a FanPost...

Vegas gives Seahawks over/under 7 wins for 2012 season


Cantor Gaming sets the base odds for most of the casino consortiums in Vegas and Atlantic City, and predicts the Seahawks to finish the season with 7 wins, calculated differently than just choosing teams based on favorites noted in the point spread article we all saw a couple days ago. Within the linked article, plays around with the season point spreads and win total predictions from Cantor Gaming and provides links to complete team schedules with point spreads and %chance to win each game. Interesting note is that the Seahawks only have the 7th best homefield advantage according to the sortable power rankings. For those interested, the best (worst) odds I've found for the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl is 67:1 offered by Online betting is illegal in the US, and ladbrokes does not accept bets from US locations, but if you happen to have a friend with a foreign address...

NFL Films celebrates Jim Zorn's 59th


For some reason I am watching Steve Largent and thinking Baldwin could be THAT guy. He's too small, he's not fast enough, he'll never be an NFL starter...


Fountain of Eternal Youth: Predicting the Week 1 Seahawks Roster

Isn't it a fun time of year? I'm expecting a little less roster churn this offseason than last, but this FO will leave no stone unturned (see WR Raymond Webber). Nonetheless, here is my definitive...

Getting to Know You: Bruce Irvin


The above link is Pete Carroll and John Schneider introducing Bruce Irvin after his selection. He is such a great interview, I found a few more interviews that can really give a good impression of the future 2012 NFL regular season sack leader. Interview before his first season at WVU, in August 2010. Bruce Irvin in April 2011 during WVU spring football Bruce Irvin in the summer of 2011 discussing the upcoming college football season and comparing his athleticism to Von Miller. Bruce Irvin talking about "Wearing the Jersey" at WVU and what it means to him. Especially how he appreciates everything he has now that he doesn't have to sleep on the floor and he is able to eat more than two meals a day. Talks about his connection with WVU, the fans, and the coaches. Touching especially when he talks about the fans and his mother, but with annoying Disney Movie music in the background. Bruce Irvin talking about training camp before the 2011 college season. Second half he talks about using the media and criticism as motivation. Bruce Irvin on a radio interview 10 days before the draft. Some interviews that don't add much to the discussion, and most with low-quality audio, but to be complete: Bruce Irvin at the NFL Combine This is of interest because he mentions the 9 places that he had been or was going as of his pro-day: Buffalo, Tennesse, Kansas City, NE, NYJ, Chicago, Miami, Cleveland, Pittsburgh. Since then, I think we have heard he had 12 visits, and two of those were Houston and San Fran. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy if we stole a player SF, NYJ, Pittsburgh, and NE wanted. Bruce Irvin at his Pro-day.

Greg Schiano and Tampa signs paralyzed former Rutgers DT LeGrand On a day when we are reminded of...


Greg Schiano and Tampa signs paralyzed former Rutgers DT LeGrand On a day when we are reminded of the brutal nature of the game, it's nice to hear a story like this...

Greg Cosell on Chalk Talk, 950 am, Sat 4/21, hour 2, minute 23


Starting at the 23rd minute, Rob Rang, Doug Farrar, and Greg Cosell chatted for about 15 minutes. Covered a few random topics that I've tried to summarize below, with links that were easy for me to find... first he named a few "diamonds in the rough" / day 3 picks: Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincinatti, Big East DPOY 2011, hybrid type DL, moves around from 1 to 3 to 5 tech on some of the video below: highlights vs Vanderbilt Charles Mitchell, S, Mississippi State: can't find any decent video, only a few single play highlights Tyrone Crawford, DE, BSU - maybe projects as an OLB or Leo: highlights what players stand out for Seattle at Leo? Specified after the first 10-12 picks, might get these guys in the 25-40 range: Andre Branch Vinny Curry Nick Perry Shea McLellin, OLB/DE, BSU - long discussion about his pass rush, "some Clay Matthews" potential, especially his take off at the snap and ability to "get skinny" rushing inside. Best pure pass rusher at OLB, fluid dropping back, quickest feet of any LB at the senior bowl. vs UNM LaVonte David, LB, Nebraska - compared him to Darryl Washinton, sees him as a size-limited speed inside LB in a 3-4 or a WIL in a 4-3. Rang called him potentially the "pound for pound best LB in this draft." highlights vs Michigan Stephon Gilmore, DB, South Carolina - Cosell thinks he is the best CB in the draft, Rang prefers Clairborne. Cosell compared him to Charles Woodson as a corner, someone who could play outside and in the slot, and is terrific in run support and blitzing, and maybe only a little below Clairborne in coverage. draft analysis video


Pre-Draft Seahawks Player Acquisitions in Preparation for a Best Player Available Draft

As I listened to pundits talk about us filling the holes in our roster with that first round pick, it suddenly dawned on me... that is exactly what John Schneider and Pete Carroll have already done.

Ricardo Lockette on the Real Rob Report


Nice interview. How can you not be impressed with the guys Carroll puts in his locker room? Listen to Lockette talk about his college experience


What's cooler than being cool? The new 'Hawks look.

After reading 500+ comments disparaging or exalting the Hawks new uniforms, I decided to go back to the tape and do a thorough play-by-play analysis of our newest consumerist fad in Seattle. There...

Schneider Wanted to Draft Lynch for Green Bay


Love for Lynch The Seattle Seahawks gave Marshawn Lynch a four-year, $32 million extension with $18 million guaranteed, an impressive commitment to a player who was traded for a fourth-round pick and a conditional sixth-rounder by the Buffalo Bills in 2010. I vividly remember Lynch coming through the Green Bay Packers' offices before the 2007 draft, as he was a serious candidate for our top pick. His primary champion -- besides our backup quarterback at the time, Aaron Rodgers, a former teammate at Cal -- was John Schneider, now the Seahawks' general manager. There was a palpable groan from Schneider when the Bills selected Lynch a few picks ahead of our selection. Now, Schneider has Lynch long term.

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