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Marcus Lattimore will reportedly enter the NFL draft instead of returning to South Carolina


Interesting news from NCAAF. Could he be the next workhorse back for the 49ers? Don't know if he's worth a 1-2 rounder, but if he falls into the 3rd, should the 49ers take a flyer on him?

LeBron plays the Race Card


More proof that LeBron suffers from "Foot in Mouth" syndrome.


Trade Drawer 6/22/10: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Darren Collison

Let me preface the following argument by providing the following assumptions: 1. WARP/salary provides an optimized method to look at a player's performance as a function of their salary, and thus...

Chris Paul out for season


Poor Hornets, the hits just keep on coming.


Over the Rockies: Foul Trouble, and other tidbits

First of all, Delta Airlines is amazing. I'm currently flying over the Rockies on my way to Phoenix to celebrate Thanksgiving, and found out that my airplane is WIFI equipped, and feel compelled to...

Tuesday 11/10 block of the night


not actually a block. Note: To access the video click the top plays link, then click the link to block of the night. First video.


Junk Drawer 9/13: Balls of Steel Edition

Oregon won on a nailbiter. Cal terminated its opponent with extreme prejudice (again). UCLA beat Tennessee (excellent win for the Pac 10), Washington ended its losing streak to Idaho. And other...


Is it even possible to trade Rudy?

Although nobody wants to trade him, his name has been dropped in rumors all over the place. If one of these trades actually happened and Rudy was traded, would he have any leverage in those...


Don't look now, but the team that shall not be named is improving quietly

OKC adds James Harden and BJ Mullens, which rounds out a starting five that would feature Westbrook at the 1, Harden at 2, Durant and Green at 3/4 and prolly Mullens at 5. If nothing else, that is...


Draft order intrigue

Interesting thought: This year's draft order will be very similar to last year's near our pick. Last year Houston picked, then SA, then us (via NO). This year, Houston goes first, followed by us,...


Extinction files: the dynamic duo

Since the San Antonio Spurs made the phrase "Big 3" part of the NBA lexicon, front office philosophy has seemed to overtly shift towards constructing NBA teams centered around 3 all-star level...


Question about Blazer game replays

Anybody know the link to the site that streams replays of games in 08-09? I know it was posted a long time ago but I can't find that fanpost which linked the site.

Too much one-on-one


DISCLAIMER #1: The title of the article is "Too much one-on-one", but it is actually complimentary in a way: it talks about the effectiveness of isolation plays by various elite guards in the NBA. DISCLAIMER #2: I poached this article from blogabull, so it is highly bulls centric.


Greg Oden- our future no stats allstar?

First, let me preface this post by stating that I am a member of the Greg Oden fanclub. I have an Oden 52 hat, wear it to games along with my Rudy Jersey, and ooh and ahh when Oden performs a...

Monday's Top 5


Not everything went wrong this night. At least Greg's block-putback dunk sequence was the number one play.


Bracket eval after round 1

Well I thought I was doing extremely well in my brackets yesterday as I got 14/16 right, but my Midwest bracket has gone to the dogs. I picked 24 of the remaining 32 teams correctly, and even got a...


2010: Cavs caught between the figurative rock and hard place?

So fast forward 10 months. Either the Fkers or the Selltiks are defending chumps (yes, chumps). LeBron hasn't been signed. DWade hasn't been signed. All the FA superstars are getting ready for...

Full All Star Reserves list revealed


Looks like yahoo sports leaked this early.


2010: Forget this battle, let's win the war.

So Darius Miles is likely to go back on our books. So the blazers lose flexibility about their options for this summer. So what? We have our RLEC this year, next year we get an untradeable DMEC,...


12/21 JD: Are the Lions really bad or is it just me?

So in the spirit of winter traffic delays, we have an extremely late junk drawer up today. My non-blazers discussion contribution of the day: The Detroit Lions are now 1 game away from "perfect...


Junk Drawer 11/16

First thing, folks. Why is College Football more popular than the NBA? Every day, every hour it's BCS, BCS, BCS on national media. It seems like Notre Dame not sucking as much as normal is bigger...


Blake or Bayless? Take >1,000,000,000

The starting point guard issue has been covered pretty thoroughly in several past fanposts, but I thought there might be one deciding factor that hasn't been discussed as much. Everybody seems to...


Gold Medal Thoughts (K@be haters do not read this)

2 points: First: some love for Rudy I'll be honest, I was really excited when I heard that Calderon was out of the game, because that almost guaranteed that we'd see some combination of...


Olympic Basketball or the NBA?

With Olympic fervor reaching a crescendo in this past week and continuing into next, with more tuneup games in Macao and Beijing, I though I'd devote this fanpost to an interesting poll proposed by...


7/28: Junk goes in this box

No, this is not a reference to the SNL skit. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody knows what happened with the Spain/Argentina game? I've been watching that thread, but it seemed like the comments...


What do I do to watch the Blazers this year?

Here's my problem. I went to 4 games at the Garden last year, and was planning on buying something like the pick 6 this year so that I can get a chance to watch the really hyped games coming up...


Food for thought: Do you want Jerryd to play on USA Select? Ok, I posted this like 4 minutes after the first post about this topic, so I'm changing it. Read the post before...


OT: Spain's Glory Continues...

After watching Roger Federer win 5 consecutive wimbledon titles, it was clear that he was the favorite to win again in England this year. But in a magnificent championship match, Rafael Nadal...


Kevin Pritchard = Chuck Norris?

I was just reading the sactown thread that was a response to our thread "How the other side lives". I had a nice laugh when otis29 suggested that it's about time Chuck Norris jokes are converted to...

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